August 14th, 2006
09:53 AM ET
7 years ago

Trivia: Think Some More!

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Last week, we told you the tale of one Kenneth McKellar, the 35-year U.S. Senate veteran from Tennessee who, despite his clever "Thinking Feller? Vote McKellar" campaign slogan, lost his state's 1952 Democratic primary to a candidate with an even more clever slogan. We asked Grind readers the world over to name that winning slogan in exchange for a fabulous, that is to say, "available," prize.

As many of you pointed out, some with the help of the good folks at Wikipedia, the winning candidate in that primary was Rep. Albert Gore, Sr., whose slogan "Think Some More – Vote for Gore," helped propel him to the Senate, and probably indirectly boosted the political fortunes of his son, future vice president Al Gore, Jr.


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