June 21st, 2007
10:54 AM ET
7 years ago

Edwards to bring back 'Two Americas' on the stump

Edwards will speak at Cooper Union College Thursday night.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Reprising a major theme from his 2004 presidential campaign, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards will lay out a middle class economic plan Thursday designed to merge "Two Americas" into "One."

"I have learned something in the last four years," Edwards will tell an audience at Cooper Union College in New York City. "It's not enough to talk about the Two Americas. We also need to talk about what we need to do to build One America - and to do that, I believe we have to build One American Economy."

According to the Edwards campaign, the former vice presidential nominee will detail his plan to stop "abusive lenders," reduce consumer debt, and create "a new Family Savings and Credit Commission" to assist those "who are investing and borrowing."

"It's time we did more than say ‘buyer beware’ while millions of families go broke every year,” Edwards will say, according to speech excerpts provided to the Ticker. "We should put in place the same consumer protections for financial products that we have for everything else Americans can buy. And when I'm president, I'll do just that."

Economic equality and poverty are two main elements of Edwards' campaign theme and platform. In 2004, Edwards' stump speech included a lengthy refrain on "Two Americas" which he said illustrated the large gap between the "haves" and "have-nots" in the country.

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- CNN Senior Political Producer Sasha Johnson

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  1. James, Atlanta, GA

    Don't you just love how he throws around the phrase "two Americas" and how he is going to make into "One America." No wonder politics in this country are so devisive. Even those who say that they are going mend fences resort to using class warfare as explanation for all of the ills in the country. I just wonder if Edward's "One America" is one where the wealthy are taxed so much that their actual income is the same as everyone else. Wait, that sounds like communism, but maybe those beliefs are both one and the same.

    June 21, 2007 11:25 am at 11:25 am |
  2. Thatliberal, tampa

    Two Americas did not get him the nomination in 2004, why is he using old tricks again. Edwards has been a bit of a hypocrite lately, talking about poverty but doing so much that makes himself look rich and helping the rich.

    June 21, 2007 11:50 am at 11:50 am |
  3. Rich, Los Angeles, CA

    The only candidates for President that are NOT bought and paid for are Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.

    Wake up America! If you vote for any other candidate, our troops will never come home.


    June 21, 2007 12:00 pm at 12:00 pm |
  4. Vinny, Boston, MA

    John Edwards may live in the rich America, but he wasn't born into it. He earned his money and has a right to spend it. Having money doesn’t preclude someone from caring about those less fortunate, and it certainly doesn't make Edwards a hypocrite. Edwards is not some out of touch patrician; he is the only candidate that has consistently addressed poverty issues in America, and not just during the short-lived post-Katrina ‘outrage’ period when it was fashionable to do so.

    Think about Bobby Kennedy: he spent a great deal of his time as Senator battling poverty in the New York neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant. At night, he went home to his lush Manhattan apartment. No one can rightfully claim that Bobby Kennedy didn’t care about poverty in America.

    June 21, 2007 01:58 pm at 1:58 pm |
  5. Trey Atlanta GA

    This guy needs to get a clue. Two Americas? Who gives a flip about class and economic problems of people who can't manage their own money when we can't secure this country in a reasonable fashion.

    Is he referring to the Two Americas the Legal and the Illegal then I might listen. We have some serious issues to tackle to ensure the safety and soverignty of our country. Worrying about people who fail finacially usually by their own doing is no concern of mine. I am concerned about radical muslims in this country. I am concerned that we have not improved our immigration situation since the last amnesty failure in 1986. I am worried that our representatives of this government no longer care about representing their constituents.

    There are much bigger issues to worry about and I don't think the Dems have a clue. They talk about the approval ratings of the president when congressional ratings are lower in the polls than his. All the other things will seem a lot less important the first time your neighborhood food court gets a visit from a suicide bomber.

    June 21, 2007 03:46 pm at 3:46 pm |
  6. Dan (Baltimore, MD)

    If there are two Americas, I wonder where Mr. Edwards thinks he lives? If he took the fortune he stole from the health care industry as an ambulance chaser and put 75% of it into trying to battle poverty, I think he might finally start stepping out of the role of hypocrite. Before that I'd recommend that he stop embarrassing himself by talking like he has any credibility on where our money should go.

    June 21, 2007 03:47 pm at 3:47 pm |
  7. Mike

    I am so SICK of this ambulance chaser BS!! First of all, his career was not hauling doctors in to court for the heck of it. He took cases of serious victims of misdeeds. Why is it that all of a sudden it's a bad thing to hold people accountable for life-changing mistakes? His biggest case ever was against a company who knowingly continued producing a dangerous product that led to a little girl being disemboweled. That company NEEDED to be held accountable. How is this taking money from the Healthcare industry again??

    As a presidential candidate, he's in another league when it comes to substance compared to all other candidates. Hit his website and you find his PLANS for addressing Iraq, Security, Healthcare, the Environment, and yes POVERTY.

    Fixing Poverty is something that should be important to every American. Raising up the impoverished fixes MANY of the problems facing our nation long-term. John Edwards gets this where no one else seems to. There's a cycle in lower class America that must be broken. Leading those in poverty to prosperity is in the best interests of everyone, it impacts crime, the economy, and simply our American community in general. All for the better.

    June 21, 2007 05:49 pm at 5:49 pm |
  8. Travis, Lehi, Utah

    Here are two Americas, those who believe in personal responsibility and those who believe in a free ride. Welfare isn't the answer. Strong families, strong volunteer and/or church communities, and strong personal responsibility are the answer.

    June 21, 2007 06:20 pm at 6:20 pm |
  9. Tom W - Dedham, Mass

    Edwards in between $400 haircuts loves to spew this socialist garbage, where the people who get up every morning for years to get an education, work their tails off to provide for their families should have to share their wealth with the Oprah watching, do nothings that expect the government to pacify their needs.

    Last time I checked pretty boy, this is a capitalistic nation, not a socialist one.

    June 21, 2007 08:48 pm at 8:48 pm |
  10. Mark, Lavallette NJ

    There are two Americas. There is an America for those who make tons of money by working for hedge funds that only make the rich richer, and then there is an America for the rest of us.

    June 21, 2007 08:57 pm at 8:57 pm |
  11. M. Palm (Arizona)

    Just what are the "two Americas"? I can only sit here and shake my head at what a dumb campaign. What, does he mean the illegal and legal? The rich and poor? What is this grand plan? Equal tax breaks for all? What a joker.

    June 21, 2007 11:47 pm at 11:47 pm |