August 15th, 2007
02:55 PM ET
11 years ago

White House calls Clinton ad 'outrageous,' 'absurd'

The White House responded to Clinton's first campaign ad Tuesday.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - President Bush has repeatedly said he won't weigh in on the presidential race yet, but that didn't stop a White House spokesperson from calling Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton's first campaign ad "outrageous."

The ad, which started running in Iowa Tuesday, shows Clinton at a recent campaign rally saying, "If you're a family that is struggling and you don't have health care, you are invisible to this president. If you're a single mom trying to find affordable child care so you can go to work, you're invisible too."

She is also seen saying the president treats the troops in "Iraq and Afghanistan as though they were invisible as well."

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino sharply fired back to the Clinton's allegations Tuesday in a press conference, saying "This is a president who, first and foremost, has helped millions of seniors across the country have access to prescription drugs at a much lower cost." (Related video: The politics of healthcare)

"As to whether or not our troops are invisible to this president, I think that is absurd and that it is unconscionable that a member of Congress would say such a thing," Perino added.

The Clinton campaign seemed delighted the White House highlighted the ad, immediately flagging Perino's comments on its Web site with the headline, "White House Attacks Hillary's New Ad."

Clinton herself shot back at the Perino's comments while campaigning in Dubuque, Iowa Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.

"Apparently I've struck a nerve, the White House just attacked me a few minutes ago," she said. "Not only have I said it and am saying it, I will keep saying it because I happen to believe it."

- CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney

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  1. Mark,Whittier,CA

    The Democrats control the House and Senate, what have they done except attack the Republicans. They need to do the work they promised and quit making things worse than they are. The doom and gloom won't work on intelligent people!

    August 14, 2007 07:49 pm at 7:49 pm |
  2. Van NY NY

    Joe in DC

    "could it be the national disgrace uncovered by the Washington Post at Walter Reed hospital?"

    (Yeah – it was Bush's fault for the last 20+ years of deterioration at WRH)

    "Could it be the failure to have adequate medical facilities across the country for the grievously-injured returning veterans?"

    (Again – Bush's fault for the build-up and maintanence of these facilities over the last 50 years)

    "Could it be the repeated lengthening of tours of duty for already-exhausted soldiers in the field as the mission keeps changing and the time to complete it keeps getting ever longer? "

    (The Generals have no input on this, right? Bush has been calling every shot on the War.)

    "Could it be the failure to have provided the troops with necessary body armor or armored vehicles"

    (Right – let's not talk about those politicians that have voted to stop funding which would negatively impact pay, munitions, etc)

    Sorry Joe – your effort to tar and feather Bush just doesn't wash. I would rather draw your attention to the Nancy Pelosi's that pulls a jane-fonda going to Syria and repeatedly supports the terrorists when saying the Surge is Failing, and those politicians who keep barking about the failure in Iraq.

    And whom do you suppose the soldiers of our armed forces will overwhelmingly be voting for... Hillary?? Riiiiiiight. That's why Gore (in 2000) wanted to protest the absentee ballots of the armed services from Florida – saying they arrived too late.

    Blasting Bush on the military is akin to saying Al Gore doesn't care about the environment.

    August 14, 2007 07:52 pm at 7:52 pm |
  3. emanuel ray northridge ca

    Hillary will Win , so instead of everyone looking for the bad, try looking for the good, there is a whole bunch of good...Go Hillary 2008

    August 14, 2007 07:53 pm at 7:53 pm |
  4. Who Cares, SC

    The Clintons are a bunch of thugs.

    August 14, 2007 07:58 pm at 7:58 pm |
  5. James Gilson Valley, AL 36854

    Hillary will promise any group anything to get elected. If she is successful at being elected, we can turn out the lights, the party is over.

    August 14, 2007 08:09 pm at 8:09 pm |
  6. Republican

    Hilary Clinton is a self-serving Democratic idiot. She is doing and saying the things that people want to hear; that's called lip-service. Her husband's administration helped cement part of the policy that we as American citizens live in now, so not only is she bashing her own husband and his administration, she's attacking the current administration in a typical "look at me, I can cry foul" way. This country is in serious trouble if this self-service waste of air is elected President.

    August 14, 2007 08:10 pm at 8:10 pm |
  7. Scott, Newport, KY

    Not everyone expects a health care handout paid for by taxpayers. Do we want a single-payer plan administered by the government? No thank you, Mrs. Clinton. I would like you and your husband to be invisible. There has to be a better candidate on the Democratic side.

    August 14, 2007 08:16 pm at 8:16 pm |
  8. Mike Miller, Norfolk VA

    Bush thinks Hilary's ad is "outrageous"??? His entire lying, warmongering, profiteering, spying, stonewalling, corrupt, lawbreaking PRESIDENCY has been outrageous! He and that crooked dirtbag Cheney should both resign in shame.

    August 14, 2007 08:16 pm at 8:16 pm |
  9. James, Mountain View, CA

    Of course Hillary has to issue strongly worded attacks on the President. How else is she supposed to get press attention? Look at the mid-tier candidates: they generally say reasonable, level-headed things and get no attention from the media whatsoever. It takes a daring or bold statement to get any media play these days.

    Is anybody really surprised about this situation? Horserace journalism and racy soundbites dominate in the media because they're interesting, flashy, and much easier for Americans to digest than commentary on policy. When was the last time anybody in the mainstream media did any real investigation or reporting into strategies to reduce the national deficit or similarly complicated issues? It's the biggest reason why I think Barack Obama's candidacy is doomed- his focus on actually solving policy issues is just too smart for most Americans, and it goes right over the media's head as well.

    August 14, 2007 08:16 pm at 8:16 pm |
  10. Lee Cooke

    Clinton's comment are typical politics especially about the President's support for our brave troops in Iraq.
    Terrible ad...

    August 14, 2007 08:20 pm at 8:20 pm |
  11. VanReuter NY NY

    Posted By Van NY NY : August 14, 2007 7:52 pm

    Who is this Right Wing Chucklehead?
    It isn't VanReuter, because that's ME.
    and the person appropriating my screen name should be restricted from doing so.


    August 14, 2007 08:21 pm at 8:21 pm |
  12. Wynter, Loudon, NH

    I happen to concur with Sen. Clinton's political ad. At no point in Bush's administration spanning six years has he accomplished anything to support the people in this country that really need help. He has given tax breaks to the richest 1%. Protected the same oil companies that are currently charging us $3 a gallon for gas while maintaining a record profit level for the past year. And his so called Drug Benefit for Seniors is a BIG giveaway to the Drug Companies, not the Seniors. They no longer have the same collective bargaining position they had before he changed the rules. His Drug plan took that away from them.

    All in all, this president has dragged us into high deficits, a ruined economy now turning into a moderate recession while personnel salaries remain stagnant for the entire six years. Enough is enough. We need change in a positive direction and this president hasn't done one thing that hasn't been focused on big business and the rich.

    Telling it like I see it,

    August 14, 2007 08:22 pm at 8:22 pm |
  13. Terry, El Paso, TX

    More Bush-bashing from the radical-communist-socialist-vegetarian left. More typical left-winger pointy-headed nonsense about Bush not caring.

    Look at how much he has done for the struggling pharmaceutical companies! They no longer have to dicker prices with Social Security; they just announce a price and Uncle Sugar has to pony up.

    Look at how well Halliburton is doing! When the Army finds a few hundred million dollars in fraudulent billings, Halliburton executives just write the federales a check out of petty cash ... talk about prosperous!

    And the charge that our soldiers are invisible to Bush is practically treasonous. Bush, an experienced and hardened military veteran, knows what it is like to be in uniform. He did, after all, put his uniform on for a couple of photos. Has Hillary ever been in uniform? Let the libs answer that one! Ha!

    August 14, 2007 08:24 pm at 8:24 pm |
  14. Daniel SLC UT


    August 14, 2007 08:24 pm at 8:24 pm |
  15. John, Seattle WA

    At best, I am indifferent to Hillary. But I find the response from the White House curious.

    Rather than addressing the charge that those without health care and single mothers are invisible, they respond with the non sequitur of how they have helped senior citizens get cheaper meds. How that correlates to Hillary's charge is beyond me.

    In regards to the invisibility of soldiers... well, it may be 'absurd' for a member of congress to criticize, but which administration sent them in to harm's way with inadequate protection? And that was just the start of the debacle.

    Perhaps 'invisible' wasn't the right word. 'Expendable' might be better.

    August 14, 2007 08:29 pm at 8:29 pm |
  16. Ray, Rochester, NY

    Hillary can laugh all she wants. She has no chance in hell of getting elected. Republicans are praying the Dems are stupid enough to nominate her.

    August 14, 2007 08:34 pm at 8:34 pm |
  17. Ray, Rochester, NY

    I live in upstate NY. When Hillary ran in 2000 for her first term, she gave speech after speech telling us upstaters that she would deliver 200,000 new jobs to upstate NY in her first term!

    The Rochester area alone has LOST over 25,000 jobs since 2000...25,000!!

    Nice job Hillary...why don't you run an ad talking about how invisible we upstaters are to you now.

    Terrible senator and would be a disaster as a president. Thank god she has no chance in hell of getting elected. Too many smart citizens can't stand her.

    August 14, 2007 08:39 pm at 8:39 pm |
  18. Patrick Peavy Plano, TX

    Hillary Clinton is so unelectable that Newt Gingrich feels that he may need to get into the Presidential race. She is so unelectable that in most national polls almost half of her party want her as their nominee. She is so unelectable that she is the first relevant female candidate for President. Hillary is so unelectable that people are running and screaming at the mere thought of her getting elected. Hillary is also so unelectable because most Republicans pay attention to her than their own candidates.

    August 14, 2007 08:42 pm at 8:42 pm |
  19. Venus Smith, Winter Springs of Florida

    All I can say is that the 1st admendment of the Bill of Rights gives us the freedom of expression...if I am wrong then I will research my U.S.A. Library of Congress to get my documentational evidence correctly, but I am most certain that the freedom of expression is what the forefathers (washington, jefferson, madison, franklin, burr, hamilton) meant when they formed the brotherhood of the fledging United States of America from out of the page of the Declaration of Independence to a political movement against a monarchy an Atlantic Ocean away...(months of days at sea back then). I guess, she did stick a nerve. My question is the brotherhood of Washington D.C. nervous about the emerging sisterhood in the popular consciousness of the United States of America? Okey dokey, I, personally, don't mind actually. At least there is a woman getting national attention that has a brain, education, husband and child, not to mention a JOB in the US Congress, that is more popular than Sanjaya of American Idol or Brittany, Paris or Lindsay....for all the fathers out there, I would like to think that they would be proud of a woman that didn't divorce her husband over an extra marital affair. Maybe the institution of marriage would be a stronger institution if more women had the strength of this woman. Bravo, You Go Girl!

    August 14, 2007 08:43 pm at 8:43 pm |
  20. Shawnie - Grants Pass, OR

    I am so sick of her! She's caustic and totally hypocritical. All rhetoric and no resume of sucess.

    August 14, 2007 08:43 pm at 8:43 pm |
  21. Jeff S., Centerville, OH

    Well it appears as though White House spokeswoman Dana Perino simply, as the saying goes "can't handle the truth!"

    August 14, 2007 08:47 pm at 8:47 pm |
  22. sf, ca

    I think the bigger problem is that Hillary seems to think she is running
    against George Bush and she isn't. She must be confused. I dont support Bush at all but she clearly has voted to support George Bush's position on many things. She voted for the war, has funded it for several yrs. She voted for Amnesty last year and this year which is the same position as Bush. She voted for removal of writ of Habeas Corpus which is the basis of our Judical System. She supports Fisa and the Patriot Act. She also voted for the Military Industrial Commmissions act too. Seems to me she is just like George Bush as they vote THE SAME. She should be campaigning as a neocon cause she aint no Democrat or
    Republican and to CNN If I can finds these facts. How come you aren't reporting them. How about you start talking about Hillary's actual votes
    instead of this stuff. Americans search these MSM candidates records of voting or you will surly get more of the same. Because the old media is trying to control who will be President. That is not the actions of a FREE SOCIETY.

    Posted By Rich : August 14, 2007 7:42 pm

    Rich if you can find these facts, why didn't you find that Obama and most democrats (except Kucinich) have voted the same?

    Hillary's point is Bush's utter lack of respect for common people's woes, like wages, healthcare, benefits, etc. The so-called facts you are pointing out are policy decision to protect America. You are either a Repulican scared of Hillary or selectively informed independent.

    Democrats stay together because Republicans are getting scared of Hillary.

    August 14, 2007 08:49 pm at 8:49 pm |
  23. R Pyle Roxboro NC

    Van NY NY

    Isn't it also true that Bush allows, without any effort to remedy, the appalling conditions for the men and women of the armed services?

    August 14, 2007 08:51 pm at 8:51 pm |
  24. Wynter, Loudon, NH

    Hey James from Phoenix (probably at the RNC) –

    So you seem to think there is something that came of that very expensive witch hunt Ken Starr reigned over? Nada.

    "Oh don't you worry – the RNC plans on giving Hillary PLENTY of free advertising – reminding the American people about Rose Law Firm, White Water, Vince Foster, Monica, Paula, Kathleen, Jaunita, FBI Files, Travel-gate, Failed Health-scare, voting FOR Iraq, Voting For funding the war then being against the war (Kerry-esque)."

    Let's break it down.
    Rose Law Firm – came up empty
    White Water – came up empty
    Vince Foster – suicide duh
    Monica, Paula, Kathleen, Jaunita- personal marital issues, if they are even true. (want to put your personal issues out there?)
    FBI Files – unproven conspiracy theories, want to see what Cheney is looking at?
    Travel-gate – Sheesh. Another dead end.
    Failed Healthcare – killed by GOP led Congress
    voting FOR Iraq/funding – can you say Bush Lied? I knew you could.

    All this inept GOP led witch hunt cost the taxpayers approximately $60 Million dollars and who knows how many months of lost productivity in Congress.

    Today we are looking for change, not the same old lies from the administration.

    Telling it like I see it,

    August 14, 2007 08:51 pm at 8:51 pm |
  25. Chelsea A. Garen, Vista, California

    Senator Hillary is doing right. We are working class, and right now the living standard is degraded everyday, it is a serious problem !

    We are calling for help, and she stood up for us !

    August 14, 2007 08:53 pm at 8:53 pm |
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