September 10th, 2007
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Making News Today…

* All eyes are on Capitol Hill this week as top military leaders and administration officials release their report on Iraq.

Today, Gen. David Petraeus and Amb. Ryan Crocker testify at a 12:30 pm ET joint hearing of the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees about progress in Iraq and decisions about troop levels.

Petraeus spent part of Sunday at the Pentagon completing a final run through before his testimony, a source said. Full story

* Sen. Chuck Hagel won't run for president in 2008 and will leave the Senate when his term ends in early 2009, a source close to the Nebraska Republican told CNN.

He announces his future plans at a 11 am ET news conference at the Omaha Press Club in Nebraska. Full story

Political Hot Topics

(Today's top political stories from news organizations across the country)

SPOTLIGHT ON PETRAEUS: What lawmakers will hear from Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq, has been the subject of frenzied speculation for months. Washington Post: The Iraq Report's Other Voice 

"MAJORITY CALLS THE INVASION A MISTAKE" IN NEW POLL: A USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken Friday and Saturday finds that a White House push to spotlight progress in Iraq, including President Bush's surprise stop in Anbar province last week, hasn't fundamentally changed attitudes toward the war. USA Today: Most Want Iraq Pullout Date 

POLL: MILITARY TRUSTED MORE THAN THE PRESIDENT TO END WAR: Americans trust military commanders far more than the Bush administration or Congress to bring the war in Iraq to a successful end, and while most favor a withdrawal of American troops beginning next year, they suggested they were open to doing so at a measured pace, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll. New York Times: Americans Feel Military is Best at Ending War 

BIN LADEN "VIRTUALLY IMPOTENT" SAYS WH NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: "This is a man on the run in a cave who is virtually impotent other than his ability to get these messages out," Frances Townsend said Sunday on CNN's "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer." Bin Laden is 'virtually impotent,' national security adviser says 

BUSH AG PICK EXPECTED "THIS WEEK": White House aides have narrowed the possibilities to five finalists… Michael Mukasey, Theodore B. (Ted) Olson, Laurence H. Silberman, George J. Terwilliger and Larry D. Thompson. The Politico: A.G. list narrowed to five

OLSON IS "FRONTRUNNER," BUT DON'T EXPECT A "SPEEDY CONFIRMATION": Sources in both parties said that even if Bush nominates an otherwise noncontroversial attorney general, they don't expect a speedy confirmation. Roll Call: AG Pick May Face Delay 

HAGEL ANNOUNCEMENT WILL BREAK "POLITICAL LOGJAM" IN NEBRASKA: Democrat Bob Kerrey, Republican Mike Johanns and others likely will begin unveiling their plans for the 2008 race in the coming weeks or, possibly, days. Omaha World-Herald: Hagel's potential successors expected to fall in line quickly 

UPHILL BATTLE TO TAKE BACK SENATE: First John Warner. Now Chuck Hagel. Two moves by two Republican Senators that they're going to retire after next year rather than run for re-election makes the GOP's tough task of trying to take back the Senate in the 2008 election even tougher. The Ticker: Tough fight getting tougher 

POLITICIANS USE 9/11 ANNIVERSARY FOR "GRANDSTANDING": Brushing aside the city's famous unity during the tragedy, accusations have flown that some politicians – namely Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Rudolph Giuliani, his predecessor – are using the terrorist attack for presidential grandstanding. The Daily Telegraph: New Yorkers Squabble Over 9/11 Tributes

BRAIN WIRING MAY DETERMINE POLITICAL BELIEFS: The differences between liberals and conservatives may run deeper than how they feel about welfare reform or the progress of the Iraq war: Researchers reported Sunday that their brains may actually work differently. Chicago Tribune: Political attitudes may be all in head 

DEMS COURT HISPANIC VOTE AT UNIVISION DEBATE: The first presidential debate conducted in Spanish and English marked a history-making moment in American politics Sunday night, though the candidates aimed more at embracing the nation's fastest-growing minority group than in breaking new ground on the issues. Miami Herald: Democrats try to speak to Hispanics 

RICHARDSON: "I WAS UNDER THE IMPRESSION" THAT "SPANISH WOULD BE PERMITTED": [NM Gov. Bill Richardson] Sunday criticized a historic Spanish language debate as "English only" because all candidates were required to respond to questions in English. The Hill: Richardson criticizes 'English only" Univision debate 

REFUSAL OF GOP CANDIDATES TO PARTICIPATE "SPEAKS VOLUMES," SAYS DEAN: On the evening the Democratic presidential candidates appeared in a candidate forum on a Spanish language network, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean blasted the GOP candidates for not doing the same. The Ticker: Dean blasts GOP candidates for skipping forum 

OPRAH FETE NETS $3 MILLION FOR OBAMA: Saturday, it was Barack Obama's turn to enjoy billionaire chat diva Oprah Winfrey's favor, as a stunning cross section of the country's entertainment and sports elite gathered in "the meadow" of her sprawling Montecito estate to raise money for the junior Illinois senator. Los Angeles Times: Obama finds lots of green in Oprah's meadow

INSIDE OPRAH'S "GREAT GATSBY SCENE": The most important VIPs got to drive right up to the mansion, with most of the estimated 1,500 attendees who either gave or raised $2,300 shuttled by bus to Winfrey's from the Earl Warren Showgrounds eight miles away in Santa Barbara. Chicago Sun-Times: 'It's unbelievable' 

FBI INVESTIGATING HSU INVESTMENT POOL: The FBI has begun examining a murky business venture run by disgraced Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu that paid out hefty profits over the last several years to investors, some of whom were pressed to make contributions to Hillary Rodham Clinton and other political candidates. Los Angeles Times: FBI looks into disgraced donor's business 

GRANITE STATERS FEEL SNUBBED BY FRED: If New Hampshire can offer Fred Thompson some advice, it's that he'd better start spending some time with New Hampshire. Washington Post: Welcome to the State Fred, What Kept You? 

ON THE "BUMPY ROAD" WITH THOMPSON: He was just minutes into his maiden event as an official candidate in Des Moines when Thompson told his first white lie, typical of the D.C. politicians he skewers. "This is a wonderful turnout," he said with a forced grin, looking out over the thin crowd of Iowans who filled half the small convention room. New York Post: HIGHLIGHT REEL FOR STAR FRED 

On the Political Radar:

* DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff and FBI Director Robert Mueller testify before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs at a 9:30 am ET hearing, "Confronting the Terrorist Threat to the Homeland: Six Years After 9/11."

* Newt Gingrich delivers 10 am ET remarks on a strategy to win the war on terror at AEI in Washington. His remarks are titled, "What If? An Alternative History of the War Since 9/11."

* Fred Thompson heads to South Carolina to hold a town hall meeting at the Marriott in Greenville (9:30am ET) and meets with Columbia residents at Doc's Barbeque and Southern Buffet (1:30pm ET).

* Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) attends a 4 pm ET discussion about the senior agenda at Century Village West in Boca Raton, FL.

* John Edwards holds a "Small Change for Big Change" grassroots fundraiser at the American Serb Memorial Hall in Milwaukee, WI (7:30pm ET).

* The Senate Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

* The House Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

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