October 1st, 2007
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Making News Today…

* Life is often judged in numerical terms. How old are you? What is your salary? How much do you weigh? How tall are you? In what zip code do you live?

In presidential politics, numbers are also a major measurement of a candidate’s strength. How much money has the candidate raised? How many times has the candidate visited Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina? How many offices has the candidate opened in an early primary state? How many endorsements has the candidate received? How many commercials has the candidate aired?

For the next few days, the only “How” the political world will be focusing on is “How much money the candidates have raised over the past three months.” Just hours ago, the third quarter fundraising period closed and we anxiously wait to see what each of the Democratic and Republican candidates will report.

Given the past two historic fundraising quarters, will expectations be high? Or will the media give candidates a pass seeing that the third quarter is historically a terrible time to raise money as families take vacations and then prepare their children for the new school year?

And will any of the candidates abandon their bids for the presidential nomination if they show a poor fundraising quarter? Make sure to bookmark http://www.cnn.com/ticker and check back throughout the day for the latest developments in the 2008 money chase.

* $ 30 million in 3 weeks. On second thought, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Georgia, has decided not to run for president.  Full Story 

* President Bush heads to Fort Myer this morning to attend the farewell ceremony for Gen. Peter Pace and the welcoming of Adm. Michael Mullen as the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. It is the only event on President Bush’s schedule. We expect the president to brandish his veto pen soon on the SCHIP legislation, but it likely won’t be in front of the cameras.

* And check out CNN Producer Peter Hamby’s must read on how the Web will play an important role in the battle for Virginia’s open Senate seat in 2008.  Full Story
Political Hot Topics
(Today's top political stories from news organizations across the country)

'08ERS DODGE SUMMER SLUMP: New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson announced last night he raised about $5.2 million over the past three months for his Democratic presidential bid, an amount his campaign said would keep him within reach of the front-runners for his party's nomination. How close he is to the others, though, remains unclear. Washington Post: Hints of Strong Fundraising Emerge

CHICAGO GROUP KEY TO THE OBAMA FUNDRAISING MACHINE: In 2000, after losing a Congressional race, Barack Obama was looking to revive his political fortunes. And he soon found a springboard — a group of black entrepreneurs also trying to break out. New York Times: Loyal Network Backs Obama After His Help

CLINTON REVES UP THIRD QUARTER CASH WITH TRIP TO CALIFORNIA: Norman Hsu could have been here on Sunday if he weren't otherwise occupied. While the wayward fundraiser was in a jail cell in Redwood City, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the main object of his largesse, was sopping up money from Northern California donors on the final day of the third quarter. LA Times: Bay Area Gives Clinton a Boost

COMMONGROUND FOR BILL CLINTON AND NEWT GINGRICH ON '08 FIELD: Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton couldn't agree on much when one dominated Congress and the other ran the White House. But on Sunday, they handicapped the 2008 presidential race the same way. USA Today: Gingrich, Clinton Agree On Leading Candidates

BILL TAKES ON OBAMA: Bill Clinton leapt to his wife’s defence yesterday after Barack Obama, her leading rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, said that she had the wrong kind of experience to lead America. The Times of London: Bill Clinton Wades in to Defend Hillary's Reputation

GOP USE "BETRAY US" AD IN FUNDRAISING: Capitol Hill Republicans are getting a much-needed fundraising boost from a newspaper advertisement in which the liberal group MoveOn.org accused Iraq war commander Gen. David H. Petraeus of lying, strategists say. Washington Times: MoveOn Ad Raises Cash for GOP

THE FORGOTTEN IOWA: People from all over southwest Iowa converged here recently for the town's 150th birthday festivities and Corning High School's homecoming. There was a parade, a hog roast and a football game…but no candidates showed up. No campaign workers were here distributing brochures, yard signs or buttons. USA Today: Candidates Pass Up Iowa's Littlest County

NEW IOWA POLL PUTS OBAMA AHEAD OF CLINTON, EDWARDS: Barack Obama's presidential campaign has been telling people not to pay too much attention to the polls lately, but now they're emailing all their supporters with news of the latest survey. Chicago Tribune's The Swamp: Obama Climbs in Iowa Polls 

GRANITE STATE VOTER ON MCCAIN: "YOU GET MORE OF A STRAIGHT ANSWER FROM HIM THAN YOU GET FROM OTHER POLITICIANS": Buoyed by polls showing a slight up tick, as well as fundraising he says is improving, Sen. John McCain set out Sunday to win New Hampshire votes with his trademark blunt talk. Quad City Times: McCain Pressing hard in New Hampshire

MCCAIN: "I JUST HAVE TO SAY IN ALL CANDOR THAT SINCE THIS NATION WAS FOUNDED PRIMARILY ON CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES…I PREFER SOMEONE WHO I KNOW WHO HAS A SOLID GROUNDING IN MY FAITH: Moving swiftly to stamp out a potential political firestorm, the campaign of Senator McCain is trying to clarify the Republican presidential candidate's statements that he would prefer a Christian president… New York Sun: McCain Campaign Clarifies "Christian Nation" Remarks

TANCREDO LINKS PRO-LIFE CAUSE TO IMMIGRATION IN NH DISCUSSION: A Republican Presidential aspirant and surrogates for several others took up the pro-life issue at the annual New Hampshire Right to Life meeting last night at the Manchester Country Club. New Hampshire Union-Leader: Right-to-Life Group Hears from GOP Candidates

CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES UNHAPPY WITH '08 POOL, SEARCH FOR THIRD PARTY PICK: Alarmed at the possibility that the Republican Party might pick Rudolph W. Giuliani as its presidential nominee despite his support for abortion rights, a coalition of influential Christian conservatives is threatening to back a third-party candidate. New York Times: Giuliani Inspires Threat of a Third-Party-Run

PELOSI URGES HOUSE TO MAKE PROGRESS ON IRAQ BILLS: Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) vowed late last week that the House will aggressively pursue legislation related to the Iraq War, regardless of whether such bills stand a chance in the Senate. Roll Call: Pelosi Vows to Push Iraq Bills

DOMESTIC ISSUES BACK ON TOP OF LAWMAKER'S PRIORITIES: Out of a political stalemate over Iraq, domestic policy is surging to prominence on Capitol Hill, with Republicans and Democrats preparing for a time-honored clash over health care, tax policy, the scope of government and its role in America's problems at home. Washington Post: Taxes, Health Lead Hill Agenda

REYES EARMARKS MAY HAVE TIES WITH BROTHER'S PAC: A new political action committee created by the brother of Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas) raised $50,000 this spring almost entirely from staff and clients of powerhouse lobbying shop PMA Group, and within weeks, those same donors reaped millions of dollars in earmarks from Reyes and other Members of Congress closely affiliated with PMA. Roll Call: Reyes PAC Gets PMA Cash

BUDGET CRISIS HALTS MICHIGAN GOVERNMENT: Michigan began to shut down much of its government early Monday after lawmakers failed to resolve a $1.75 billion budget deficit before the new fiscal year started. New York Times: Budget Impasse Forces Shutdown in Michigan

On the Political Radar:

* Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson meets with local residents at several stops in Iowa. He visits Newton, Marshalltown, Iowa Falls and Cedar Falls.

* Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-New York, discusses her urban agenda at Laney Community College in Oakland, California.

* Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani meets with local residents in Ocean View, New Jersey, before delivering a speech at a "Tribute to Heroes" event in Cape May. Later in the day, he heads to Geno's Steaks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

* Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney holds a media availability at the Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield, Missouri.

* Sen. Joe Biden, D-Delaware, gives a speech to York County Democrats in Rock Hill, South Carolina. In the afternoon, he holds a press conference at the South Carolina State House in Columbia.

* Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, will deliver what is being bill today as a “major speech” on the economy at Faneuil Hall in Boston.

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* The House Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

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