October 2nd, 2007
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News Analysis: Romney's 10,000 TV ads

Over the past few days, McCain aired his first TV ad while Romney aired his 10,000th.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Over the past few days, two presidential candidates marked a “first” in their competing bids for the Republican presidential nomination.

For Arizona Sen. John McCain, the weekend marked the first time he took to the airwaves to tout his candidacy with an ad buy in New Hampshire. But it is the milestone former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney just passed that is head shaking.

Romney is the first presidential candidate to run at least 10,000 political ads this election cycle, according to an analysis conducted by TNS Media Intelligence/CMAG, CNN’s consultant on political advertising spending. And there is no White House hopeful in sight to catch up to him anytime soon – unless a candidate immediately opens up the campaign war chest and begins to saturate the airwaves.

“This shows that Romney is a force to be reckoned with, and he clearly is relying on paid advertising and paid media to move his campaign,” said Evan Tracey, chief operating office of the TNSMI/CMAG.

Tracey also noted that this is “probably the quietest 10,000 commercials you will ever see” in a presidential campaign, because the ads have aired almost exclusively in Iowa and New Hampshire with a smaller number of runs in South Carolina and Florida.


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October 2nd, 2007
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South Carolina Tuesday news roundup

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (CNN) - Here's a quick look at what's making political news today in South Carolina:

The CNN Election Express pulls into the Palmetto State today, coinciding with Sen. John McCain's three-day campaign swing through the state. We'll be following McCain and checking in on how the rest of the Republican field is doing in South Carolina.

About that new ARG poll that has former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney leading the pack: Terry Sullivan says not so much.

The State covers Sen. Joe Biden's appearance in Columbia. And CNN was there with the senator in Rock Hill.

The New York Times writes its obituary on Harry Dent.

According to Dan Hoover, former state Democratic Party chairman Joe Erwin is considering running against Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham for Senate next year.

- CNN South Carolina Producer Peter Hamby

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October 2nd, 2007
08:45 AM ET
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Thompson: Saddam Hussein 'clearly' had WMD

Former Sen. Fred Thompson campaigns in Iowa this week.

NEWTON, Iowa (CNN) - Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson blamed inadequate intelligence for not sending a larger U.S. invasion force into Iraq, but said he supported the decision to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

"Clearly we did not go in with enough people, with the right strategy," Thompson told reporters after a campaign event in this rural city in central Iowa. "We did not foresee what was happening there. Part of that has to do with the fact that our intelligence capabilities were not what they should have been."

Thompson said it was imperative to remove Hussein from power.

"Saddam Hussein, today, had we not gone in, would be sitting on this [powder] keg and be in control of the whole thing," Thompson predicted. "He would have been the new dictator of that entire region in my estimation. He is–was–a dangerous irrational man who, by this time, would have been well on his way to having the nuclear capability himself."

In remarks delivered earlier in a café, Thompson said Hussein "clearly" had weapons of mass destruction prior to the beginning of the war.

"We can't forget the fact that although at a particular point in time we never found any WMD down there, he clearly had had WMD," Thompson said. "He clearly had had the beginnings of a nuclear program, and in my estimation his intent never did change."

"By today," Thompson continued, "[Hussein] clearly would have had that rejuvenated; especially looking at what Iran says that it's doing."

Today's event marks the first of a three-day swing through the Hawkeye State for the GOP presidential candidate.

Click here to see CNN's new political portal: CNNPolitics.com

-CNN's Chris Welch and Mark Preston

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October 2nd, 2007
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Romney campaign memo downplays candidate's lead in poll

Romney's state campaign manager said Monday that a new poll might be a bit optimistic.

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (CNN) - The South Carolina campaign manager for former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is downplaying a new state poll from American Research Group that shows Romney leading the competition among likely Republican voters.

"As much as I would love to say that Governor Romney is clearly winning at 26 percent, the fact of the matter is that (as I’ve been saying all summer) polls this early are difficult to rely on," Romney's South Carolina campaign manager Terry Sullivan wrote in a memo sent to supporters Monday.

The ARG poll showed Romney surging from 9 percent to 26 percent in the last month, with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani at 23 percent, Sen. John McCain at 15 and former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee at 10 percent. Thirteen percent of the voters were undecided. The margin of error was plus or minus 4 percentage points, putting Romney and Giuliani in a statistical dead heat.


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October 2nd, 2007
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Courting Latino voters

CNN's Rick Sanchez reports on both parties' efforts to court the Latino vote.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - CNN's Rick Sanchez reports on Latino voters and what both major political parties are doing to court this growing group.

Click here to see CNN's new political portal: CNNPolitics.com

October 2nd, 2007
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Ann Romney goes online for Mitt

Watch Abbi Tatton's report about Ann Romney's new Web site.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Ann Romney, who is very active in her husband's presidential campaign, is featured in a new Web site that highlights her experiences on the trail, the Romney family and her ongoing battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

Ann Romney’s husband, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, is seeking the Republican presidential nomination. In a video greeting, Romney said she hopes to give Americans a unique perspective into her family's life and the campaign.

"I hope people from across the country will get to know a little bit more about me, my causes and the importance of family in my life," she said in a statement. "Our campaign is doing so many creative things online, and I'm proud that this site will be a part of that."

- CNN Associate Producer Lauren Kornreich

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October 2nd, 2007
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CNN Political Ticker

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Making News Today…

News Analysis: Romney’s 10,000 TV ads

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Over the past few days, two presidential candidates marked a “first” in their competing bids for the Republican presidential nomination.

For Arizona Sen. John McCain, the weekend marked the first time he took to the airwaves to tout his candidacy with an ad buy in New Hampshire. But it is the milestone former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney just passed that is head shaking.

Romney is the first presidential candidate to run at least 10,000 political ads this election cycle, according to an analysis conducted by TNS Media Intelligence/CMAG, CNN’s consultant on political advertising spending.  Full Story

- CNN Political Editor Mark Preston


Obama marks opposition to Iraq war

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Five years ago, a fairly unknown state senator from Illinois told political supporters that he opposed the Iraq war. Sen. Barack Obama's, D-Illinois, message hasn't changed, but a lot has happened in those few years.

"I don't oppose all wars,” Obama said in 2002. “What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war. A war based not on reason, but on passion. Not on principle, but on politics."

Obama has since been elected to the U.S. Senate and now spends his days in Des Moines diners and Peterborough pastures as a presidential candidate. He marks the fifth anniversary of his opposition to the war with a speech in Chicago, before heading to Iowa to echo his remarks in Des Moines and Coralville.

CNN Senior Political Correspondent Candy Crowley sits down with Obama today to talk about the war and his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination. Tune into The Situation Room at 4 p.m. ET to hear what Obama has to say.

– CNN Associate Producer Lauren Kornreich


Pelosi’s “View”

WASHINGTON (CNN) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, will appear on the popular ABC talk show “The View” at 11 a.m. ET. She is expected to discuss the news of the day including the Iraq war as well as her experience as the first woman to serve as House speaker.

- CNN Political Editor Mark Preston


Numbers keep coming

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Keep a close eye on the http://www.cnn.com/ticker throughout the day for the latest updates on the third quarter presidential fundraising numbers.

Political Hot Topics
(Today's top political stories from news organizations across the country)

Compiled by Lindsey Pope
CNN Washington Bureau

"THIS REVERSAL WOULD EVISCERATE NEW JERSEY'S HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAMS AND RESULT IN THE DENIAL OF COVERAGE TO THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN": New Jersey officials asked a federal judge yesterday to block new Bush administration rules that would make it harder for states to enroll middle-income kids in a popular government-subsidized health insurance program for children. Washington Post: NJ Wants Rules For Health Plan Blocked

NEW POLL SAYS AMERIACANS AT ODDS WITH BUSH POLICIES: Most Americans oppose fully funding President Bush's $190 billion request for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a sizable majority support an expansion of a children's health insurance bill he has promised to veto, putting Bush and many congressional Republicans on the wrong side of public opinion on upcoming foreign and domestic policy battles. Washington Post: Most in Poll Want War Funding Cut

HOUSE REPUBLICANS STAY IN LINE WITH BUSH WHILE SENATE GOP IS DEFIANT: Senate Republicans are largely defying President Bush in what is shaping up as the most confrontational spending battle in more than a decade. The Hill: Republicans in the Senate Defying Bush

OPPOSITES NOT THE ATTRACTION FOR JENNA AND HENRY: The nation's first family tree is about to gain a new branch. The future in-laws, it turns out, are not unlike the Bushes. Washington Post: A Union of Families, Politics and Society

"WE LIVE IN A DANGEROUS WORLD, AND PEOPLE WANT TO HAVE SECURITY CAMERAS": Residents of big cities like New York and London must accept that they are under constant watch by video cameras, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday. USA Today: NYC Mayor: Get Used to Surveillance

GATES MAKES PLEDGE TO WORK WITH CONGRESS ON IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN: Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told a group of U.S. House Democratic lawmakers that the multinational mission in Afghanistan is suffering from a lack of resources, citing the war in Iraq and the reluctance of U.S. allies to contribute more troops, participants at the meeting said. Bloomberg: Gates Tells Lawmakers Iraq War is Hurting Afghanistan Mission

SENATE REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE TIGHT ON FUNDS: With the 2008 Senate battleground increasingly inhospitable for the minority, the National Republican Senatorial Committee is attempting to overcome several built-in disadvantages while moving to maximize its limited opportunities. Roll Call: NRSC Searches for More Targets

REP. MILLER ON HIS SUPPORT ROLE TO PELOSI: “I’M JUST HAMBURGER HELPER”: It is sport on Capitol Hill to speculate as to whether Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.), Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s fellow California Democrat, longtime friend, political enforcer and ideological soul mate, is the true power in the House. The Hill: Rep. George Miller Says He is Just "Hamburger Helper"

MORE THAN $500,000 IN BONUSES PAID TO D.C. COUNCIL MEMBERS: D.C. Council members said yesterday they will further investigate a report on the more than $500,000 in questionable bonuses given last year and should attempt to recoup the money from those who received it in violation of city regulations. Washington Times: Council to Probe Bonuses in D.C.

MORE THAN 40 LAWMAKERS WHO VOTED TO CONDEMN MOVEON, ACCEPTED CONTRIBUTIONS: Forty-four congressional Democrats who voted to condemn MoveOn.org for its ad branding Army Gen. David Petraeus "General Betray Us" have accepted more than $3.9 million in contributions from the influential anti-war group and its members. Politico: Dems Who Condemned MoveOn Took Its Cash

WASHINGTON STATE'S "TOP TWO" PRIMARY SYSTEM GOES BEFORE THE SUPREME COURT: The Supreme Court convened its new term yesterday, and the justices immediately immersed themselves in the first of several election-law challenges the court has agreed to decide in the midst of the 2008 elections. Washington Post: State of Washington Defends Its Primaries Before Supreme Court

GIULIANI LINKED TO CALIFORNIA ELECTORAL COLLEGE REFORM: Democratic Party activists said Monday that they have filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission charging connections between backers of Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani and a GOP-supported ballot measure that could have changed California's winner-take-all electoral college system to benefit Republican candidates. San Francisco Chronicle:  Democrats Want Feds to Investigate Electoral College Ballot Effort

AFTER BACKLASH FROM RELIGIOUS RIGHT, RUDY CLAIMS HE CAN KEEP THE PARTY TOGETHER: Rudy Giuliani insisted yesterday he can unite the Republican Party as its standard-bearer for president, brushing aside threats from Christian right activists to run an independent candidate if the ex-mayor wins the nomination. New York Post: Giuliani Preaches GOP Unity

GIULIANI FINDS A FRIEND IN PHILLY CHEESE STEAK OWNER: It's easy to find cheese steaks in Philadelphia, but former Mayor Rudy Giuliani didn't hit just any sub shop when he reached the City of Brotherly Love yesterday. New York Sun: No Giuliani Beef at Philadelphia Cheese Steak Shop

A "SHIFT" IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY "BRAND": The Republican Party, known since the late 19th century as the party of business, is losing its lock on that title. WSJ: GOP Is Losing Grip on Core Business Vote

INDEPENDENTS VEERE TO THE LEFT IN THE GRANITE STATE: Dr. Sally Garhart Eneguess voted for Senator John McCain in 2000…In January, Dr. Eneguess said, she intends to vote for Senator Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential primary. Eneguess…is an independent voter, allowed under New Hampshire election law to choose which primary she would like to vote in, a decision she does not have to make until she walks into the voting booth. New York Times: Independents May Be Crucial in New Hampshire

OBAMA TO UNVEIL PLAN TO RID WORLD OF NUKES: Senator Barack Obama will propose on Tuesday setting a goal of eliminating all nuclear weapons in the world, saying the United States should greatly reduce its stockpiles to lower the threat of nuclear terrorism, aides say. New York Times: Obama to Urge Elimination of World's Nuclear Weapons

DESPITE RAISING SERIOUS CASH, OBAMA STILL LAGS BEHIND CLINTON IN NATIONAL POLLS: He is the phenom of the 2008 campaign, the most viable African-American contender for president in history and the most prodigious fundraiser of any candidate in either party this year. USA Today: Obama, With Money on His Side, Still Seeks Traction

FRED SAYS CONSERVATIVES CAN SUPPORT HIS STAND ON GAY-MARRIAGE: Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson said he's met frequently with influential social conservatives who are willing to accept his position on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage even though it doesn't go quite as far as they would like. AP via USA Today: Thompson Defends Gay-Marriage Stand

THOMPSON: “WE CAN’T FORGET THE FACT THAT ALTHOUGH AT A PARTICULAR POINT IN TIME WE NEVER FOUND ANY WMD DOWN THERE, HE CLEARLY HAD HAD WMD. HE CLEARLY HAD HAD THE BEGINNINGS OF A NUCLEAR PROGRAM”: Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson said Monday he was certain former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction prior to the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, a point of contention in the 41/2years since the war began. Des Moines Register: Thompson: Iraq Has WMDs Before US Invaded

HILLARY GRABS ANOTHER CALIFORNIA ENDORSEMENT: Hillary Clinton's endorsement bandwagon took on another passenger this afternoon–Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums. LA Times' Top of the Ticket: Another California Mayor Goes With Clinton

OBAMA STRATEGIST: "THE ROADSIDES OF IOWA AND NEW HAMPSHIRE ARE STREWN WITH THE SPENT POLITICAL CARCASSES OF SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER FRONT-RUNNERS": Pundits and politicos, right up to the president of the United States himself, have lately begun to promote the notion of Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York as the presumptive Democratic nominee for the White House next year. Chicago Tribune: Front-Runner Label Offers No Guarantee

CLINTON OFFERS APPOLOGY, AND EXPRESSES IMPORTANCE OF DEMS MAJORITY AT RALLY: Former president Bill Clinton said there was meaning in the fact that he arrived two hours late last night to support Niki Tsongas's tightening battle to keep her husband's old Congressional seat from Republican control. Boston Globe: Clinton Woos Supporters for Tsongas

MCCAIN AFTER THE SOPRANO'S VOTE: COULD Sen. John McCain pull "The Sopranos" vote? James Gandolfini and his girlfriend, Deborah Lin, were recently spotted at the Asiate restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental at Columbus Circle with the Republican presidential candidate, his wife, Cindy, and p.r. guru Laurance Gay, who set up the meeting. New York Post: McCain, "Tony" Break Bread ===============================================================

On the Political Radar:

Compiled by Lauren Kornreich
CNN Washington Bureau

* To mark the fifth anniversary of his speech opposing the Iraq war, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, delivers a major foreign policy speech at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois before traveling to Des Moines and Coralville, Iowa to echo his remarks about the war.

* Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson campaigns in Iowa, starting his day with a meet and greet at the Webster County Republican Party Headquarters in Fort Dodge. He then heads to Clinton for coffee at Sweetheart Bakery and another meet and greet in Coralville.

* Sen. John McCain delivers a speech to the Blue Ridge Electric Co-Op PAC Appreciation Dinner in Westminster, South Carolina.

* Gov. Bill Richardson, D-New Mexico, holds a meet and greet at the Historic Boulder Dam Hotel in Boulder, Nevada.

* The Senate Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

* The House Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

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