October 3rd, 2007
10:19 PM ET
11 years ago

Bush explains veto: 'Poor kids first'

Watch Ed Henry's report on President Bush's veto of a bill that would have expanded a childrens' health insurance program.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - President Bush kept a promise on Wednesday to veto a bill that would have increased the number of children covered by a state-federal health insurance program. The bill enjoyed bipartisan support and Ed Henry reports on why Bush vetoed the bill and what the political consequences of the veto may be for Bush and the Republican Party.

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  1. ronnie - knoxville, tn.

    As well he should have. This program 'expanded' services to those up to age 25 whose families make $82,000 per yr. Sorry but that's not a child and that's not poor and Im not payin' for them..

    October 3, 2007 09:52 pm at 9:52 pm |
  2. jesse maguire, mesa, az.

    The Democratic congress couldn't hope to get a big universal entitlement package passed, so they are trying to socialize medicine piece by piece. Just like they want to instill a 'global warming tax' now, then later get us all hopped up on the global warming idea and just naturally ask for more. Well, it's always more,more,more with this Congress, until we will hand over half or more of our paychecks in a true socialist fashion.

    No to SCHIP. Get your priorities straight people and quit the luxuries and pay for your own d#*m doctor's visits.

    October 3, 2007 09:56 pm at 9:56 pm |
  3. Mark Shrigley, Columbus, Ohio

    This is strange. No Child Left Behind – he backs that but doesn't support the kids health insurance bill. Also, this will only be his fourth veto...but why would he veto that much when the GOP was in control of congress.

    October 3, 2007 10:12 pm at 10:12 pm |
  4. Sue, Midland, MI

    He vetoed the bill because he's never been hungry or without medical care a day in his life. He has no clue what living near the poverty level means...just words to him. Is the bill perfect? Of course not. But to say that we "can't afford" this when he is spending $3000 a second on his war just doesn't wash. And to plead being "fiscally responsible" is another joke, right? When has this man ever been fiscally responsible? With his baseball team? His oil wells? Government? Tell me another tall tale, Mr. President. We're not buying any of it, and we will override this veto.

    October 3, 2007 10:20 pm at 10:20 pm |
  5. Frank Honolulu HI

    There is something seriously wrong with this man. Why does he defend his programs to kill kids (Iraq) and then spends so much time defending his veto for a program that helps kids?
    His agenda is corporate, selfish and insensitive. He's so Republican that the Republicans don't like him.

    October 3, 2007 10:32 pm at 10:32 pm |
  6. Bradley Schaubs, Greeley, CO

    WHAT A MORON! He doesn't deserve to be president of the United States of America!

    October 3, 2007 10:52 pm at 10:52 pm |
  7. IDKmyBFFJill

    Spending responsibly? How is half a trillion dollars in Iraq spending responsibly? Money for War, Money for Oil, let the poor sick kids die.

    October 3, 2007 11:21 pm at 11:21 pm |
  8. theprofitagencycom

    No child left behind?
    Or was that meant to be No Rich Child Left Behind?

    October 3, 2007 11:36 pm at 11:36 pm |
  9. Amy, FL

    Poor children first? Hello dimwit, poor children are covered under Medicaid.

    The middle class family of four that earns $75,000 per year, has a 3-4 bedroom house, 2 baths, one car garage and three kids. Let's see...what is the premium per year to cover husband, wife and 3 kids? Pay the mortgage, car payment, car insurance, electric, phone, cable/DSL (maybe they should cut that out damn spoiled people), water (drill a well , it's only $4k-5k), food, day care, clothing, school activities, maybe a student loan for parents, a credit card or 2 (well they shouldn't have credit cards, even for car rentals, etc. that require them, damn irresponsible people), birthday and Christmas gifts for the kids, tithe to the church...what else...

    The point is, add up these folks annual expenses and see what is left for a $10,000+ insurance premium to cover 3-4 children.

    When is this country going to start caring about its own as much as it cares about everyone elses business?

    If this country were in fact built on "christian" principles, we wouldn't be having this discussion. The government is here to serve the people, especially where they cannot, even after working hard and paying their taxes, year after year.

    I would rather my tax dollars go to children's health care here than to a far away country that doesn't even want us there, and feigns respect because they have to.
    Wake up America. We are allowing shameful, reprehensible policies to go forward at the expense of our own children.

    Democrats, fix this and the war issue....I smell a loss in 2009 and my family is outa here if you blow that election.

    Searching for land on the coast in Nicaragua...or some other coastal country.

    October 3, 2007 11:43 pm at 11:43 pm |
  10. Amy, FL

    Oops, I meant 2008...
    and pleaseee don't let it be Hillary, the conquer and divide will get us creamed (as much as I like her).
    Joe Biden can beat any Repub, hands down.

    October 3, 2007 11:52 pm at 11:52 pm |
  11. Frank Virginia Beach

    Yes, the Dems want adults and everyone under this. They are lying to the people again. Wake up, do the homework.

    October 4, 2007 01:26 am at 1:26 am |
  12. Reggie , Anaheim, Ca.

    The king moron has spoken! Disregard the majority of americans again needing the Government to step in and do the right thing for all Americans. No the king has to prove that Government doesn't work For the People , By the People, I'm the "decider"! Impeachment should be right around the corner, but
    No the maddness continues! Myanmar, America are under seige!

    October 4, 2007 01:54 am at 1:54 am |
  13. my911call, Wilmington, NC

    SCHIP for children or another war plane ... you choose!

    October 4, 2007 03:32 am at 3:32 am |
  14. Sam, IA

    Leave it to the blueblood childking to assume that a family above the poverty level can afford to buy healthcare. He doesn't realize that many at that level are working 60, 70 hour weeks by both parents or working 2 jobs to survive.
    This is a perfect example of why the republican party is becoming nothing more than a group of insignificant whiners. No wonder the republican senators are dropping out of the 2008 race.

    October 4, 2007 05:08 am at 5:08 am |
  15. ME, NY, NY

    A vote for Hillary is a VOTE FOR BILL and don't forget it folks. Do you REALLY want BILL back in the White House??
    Wake up America.
    I'll take The Bush's any day.
    Keep BILL Clinton OUT!
    unless you people WANT our country to again be the laughing stock of planet Earth!

    October 4, 2007 05:12 am at 5:12 am |
  16. ThirstyJon, Freedomville, IL

    I am so grateful that we have a president willing to stand up against yet another government intrusion.

    I am still a believer in "the government is not the solution to the problem, the government is the problem."

    How about a deeper tax-cut that people can use to fund their children's healthcare if they so choose?


    October 4, 2007 05:59 am at 5:59 am |
  17. Alice Newman Center Harbor NH

    a shout out to Frank in Virginia Beach. You sound like someone wealthy enough to never be concerned with health costs or insurance. Good for you!

    Just like the President, born with a silver foot in his mouth and never a care where his next colonoscopy was coming from.

    Let's get the kids covered now. Then you can worry about who else might need help.

    Private insurance means paying for a 13 month wheelchair rental for a child who will need a wheelchair for the rest of his life. His parents are small business owners who thought they were covered.

    I don't have the pointer but did you read the obscene profits insurance companies make?

    Bush lies, children die.

    October 4, 2007 06:00 am at 6:00 am |
  18. Patrick Geraghty

    most everything republicans exhort favors big business,even when it comes to Americas health and well being.anyone who has even passingly been paying attention realizes this fact.very sad.

    October 4, 2007 06:32 am at 6:32 am |
  19. laurinda,ny

    I say if your an average American family why would you want a Republican in office? They are only for people with money. They don't care about if you are just making ends meet. Wake up, please.

    October 4, 2007 07:49 am at 7:49 am |
  20. Andre' J. Perrin, Richardson, TX

    Let us not be to hard on Boy George. If you recall when George senior was running for President the late Governor of Texas, Ann Richards, made the quote at the Democratic convention that George Senior was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and didn't have a clue to what was going on.

    What is the old saying, "Like father, like son."

    October 4, 2007 07:51 am at 7:51 am |
  21. Mike, Corpus Christi TX

    Well said Reggie, the madness does indeed continue. He will now ask Congress for more money to support the Iraq war right after this disgrace to children at poverty level. How in God's name can the Congress continue to give him what he needs for "His War!?"

    October 4, 2007 08:13 am at 8:13 am |
  22. jo, atl

    To Frank in Virginia Beach. St

    op listen to your radio talk show host. Read the bill for yourself. The health care program has being in existence for a long time.

    They are called Peach Care in GA, Florida Kid Care in FL and a host of other names. They are run by the state gov and not Federal Government. The Fed only contribute to the fund. So If you can read for yourself, you will see it does not expand the gov like Rush or Hennedy is telling you.

    The increase is not funded by tax payers either as they make you believe.

    I thought they had intelligent people in the GOP. The veto was for the cigarette manufacturers.

    October 4, 2007 08:18 am at 8:18 am |
  23. Bubba, Swainsboro GA

    . . . I'm in favor of saving money, but not at the cost of children's health. Put off building some office or something and spend money on people.

    NO, not Iraqi people, George.

    October 4, 2007 08:45 am at 8:45 am |
  24. Jim, White City, KS

    The SCHIP Legislation is a bill drafted by a bipartisan Congress.

    It is primarily authored by Republicans and contains everything the President claimed to have wanted in the bill. Whose playing games now.

    The bill has overwhelming support of the public.

    So lets see we have a bill that was rewritten by members of the Republican Party, a bill that contains basically everything the President asked for, a bill supportted by a majority of the citizens of the United States and by a majority of Congress. This could be the first piece of bipartisan legislation passed by Congress in years, and Bush VETOs it.

    Its time to over turn he VETO and show him that he had better start working with Congress and listening to the American people.

    October 4, 2007 08:47 am at 8:47 am |
  25. Pete, T.S. FL

    I receive “socialized” medicine, compliments of the DOD. It is some of the best care money can buy. I wish every American could have the same.

    "W" and Dick get it every time they are seen at Walter Reed, so if it is good for the troops and good for the President why is it not good for America?

    October 4, 2007 08:54 am at 8:54 am |
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