October 3rd, 2007
09:01 AM ET
11 years ago

McCain to attack Clinton's 'triangulation' on Iraq

McCain is set to take aim at Clinton Wednesday.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Sen. John McCain is set to take aim at Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton during a speech on Iraq Wednesday, claiming the senator from New York "wants it both ways" when it comes to the war.

"On the one hand, the New York senator voted for the Iraq War. On the other hand, she now opposes it–sort of," McCain will say during a speech at the Camden Military Academy in Camden, South Carolina, according to prepared remarks obtained by CNN. "On the one hand, she wants a firm deadline for retreat. But, on the other hand, she says we cannot abandon the nation to Iran’s designs."

The Arizona Republican also plans to take an indirect swipe at former President Clinton.

“Sen. Clinton, this is not the nineties," the Arizona Republican says in the remarks. "This is the post-September 11 world. The commander-in-chief does not enjoy the luxury to conduct our national security by means of triangulation.”

“Triangulation” refers to a political strategy that Clinton made famous during his presidency in which he adopted positions that split the difference on policy disputes between the two parties in order to appeal to a broader base.

McCain will also go after the Democratic presidential field at large, accusing them of conceding defeat in Iraq and advocating a policy that lead to dire consequences. (Related: Obama on Iraq vote: Congress failed American people)

“To concede defeat - as many leading Democrats now advocate - would strengthen al Qaeda, empower Iran and other hostile powers in the Middle East, unleash a full-scale civil war in Iraq that could quite possibly provoke genocide there, and destabilize the entire region as neighboring powers come to the aid of their favored factions," he is expected to say.

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- CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney

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October 3rd, 2007
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Pelosi gets indecent proposal from Whoopi Goldberg

Watch CNN's John Roberts recap Pelosi's peculiar interview on The View.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has no doubt faced some hard interviews in the past. But her appearance on ABC's the View Tuesday took it to a new level.

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October 3rd, 2007
08:45 AM ET
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Democrats propose war surtax

Would you pay additional taxes to fund the Iraq war? Watch Dana Bash's report.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - "If you don't like the cost, then shut down the war," is how Rep. David Obey, D-Wisconsin, justified his proposal to impose a surtax in order to fund U.S. military operations in Iraq.    CNN's Dana Bash has the story from Capitol Hill.

More: Top Democrats propose war surtax

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October 3rd, 2007
07:33 AM ET
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The money race: Clinton vs. Obama

Watch Bill Schneider's report about the millions of dollars the two leading Democrats have raised so far this year.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - In the second quarter of the money race, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, came out ahead. But, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-New York, has outdone Obama in the third quarter that just ended. Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider takes a look at the fundraising race between the two Democratic frontrunners in the 2008 presidential election.

More: Clinton outpaces Obama in fundraising for third quarter

October 3rd, 2007
07:00 AM ET
11 years ago

JFK speechwriter likens Obama to Kennedy

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, with Ted Sorensen Tuesday

DES MOINES, Iowa (CNN) - Ted Sorensen, a former speechwriter and top adviser to President John F. Kennedy, said Tuesday that Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and the late president share a similar approach to foreign policy.

"Kennedy believed in negotiation and communication," Sorensen said. "And the man I'm going to introduce to you today is the only serious candidate ... who has stated in one of the national debates that he favors a policy of communicating and negotiating with all countries."

Obama and New York Sen. Hillary Clinton engaged in a war of words over Obama's comments in the July CNN/ YouTube debate when he said he would not shy away from meeting with controversial world leaders.

"That's an important difference," said Sorensen, who added, "which characterized John F. Kennedy's approach to foreign policy as president and will characterize Barack Obama's."

Sorensen told the crowd that critics "said Kennedy had lost his chances to be president the day he was baptized like they say Obama lost the day he was born black."

"We don't even need to go into the fact that they said Kennedy was too inexperienced, too young."

Sorensen introduced Obama Tuesday at the senator's speeches in Chicago and Des Moines. He plans to do the same in Iowa City Tuesday evening.

-CNN Iowa Producer Chris Welch

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October 3rd, 2007
05:58 AM ET
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CNN Political Ticker AM

Making News Today…

McCain to attack Clinton’s triangulation on Iraq

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Sen. John McCain is set to take aim at Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton during a speech on Iraq Wednesday, claiming the senator from New York "wants it both ways" when it comes to the war. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2007/10/02/mccain-to-attack-clintons-triangulation-on-iraq/

CNN Chief National Correspondent John King is covering McCain in South Carolina, and he sits down with the Arizona senator for an interview to air on “The Situation Room.”

- CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney


Edwards to highlight differences with Clinton on Iraq

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Former Sen. John Edwards will use a speech in New Hampshire Wednesday to highlight his differences with Sen. Hillary Clinton on the Iraq war, as well as promote a new proposal to oversee security contractors working in the war torn country.

“A week ago Sunday, Hillary Clinton said that she would continue to conduct combat missions in Iraq,” Edwards is expected to say, according to advanced excerpts of his remarks provided to CNN. “If you’re not ending combat operations, you’re not ending the war.”

Edwards will later add “The debate I expect to have next fall with Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani or whoever’s the Republican nominee is whether or not to end this war. But the debate Senator Clinton would be in is how big a war you’re going to have. We should leave it to the Republicans to offer America four more years of George W. Bush’s mess of a war in Iraq.”

The former North Carolina senator will also discuss his new oversight plan for security contractors working in Iraq, during this speech to the Seacoast Media Group Forum. Edwards will call for “Establishing Strong Quality Control and Accountability Measures” and “Implementing a Formal Evaluation of the Role of Contractors,” among other things.
He unveils this new plan at the same time Blackwater USA – a private security firm working in Iraq – is being scrutinized for its actions including a September 16 incident in Baghdad in which several civilians were killed.

- CNN’s Mark Preston and Lauren Kornreich


Obama: Clinton blurring distinctions between us

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) — White House hopeful Barack Obama told CNN Tuesday his early opposition to the Iraq war proves he has the judgment to lead the country out of the conflict, and said the reason polls show voters think rival Hillary Clinton would better handle the issue is because the New York Democrat has successfully blurred the distinctions between the two candidates.   Full Story

Watch CNN Senior Political Correspondent Candy Crowley’s interview of Obama.  View Interview


Sen. John Warner hospitalized

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Influential Republican Sen. John Warner of Virginia was hospitalized Tuesday with a heart condition, according to a statement from the senator's office. Doctors at Inova Fairfax Hospital performed a procedure to correct atrial fibrillation, the statement said, and a follow-up, routine procedure is scheduled for Wednesday.  Full Story

Political Hot Topics
(Today's top political stories from news organizations across the country)

Compiled by Lindsey Pope
CNN Washington Bureau

AMID FUNDRAISING SCANDAL, CLINTON EDGES ABOVE OBAMA: A major dynamic behind the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination — fund-raising — shifted yesterday as Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign announced that it had beaten Senator Barack Obama in donations since July, stripping him at least temporarily of a crucial political advantage. New York Times: Clinton Steals Obama's Fund-Raising Thunder

NV TO MOVE CAUCUS DATE?: This isn't widely known yet, but Democratic and Republican officials in Nevada are now looking at moving the state's Jan. 19 caucus up a week to Jan. 12… LA Times' Top of the Ticket: The Nevada Caucuses May Be Closer Than You Think 

IN NEW POLL GIULIANI ON TOP, BUT ONLY "SOMEWHAT": Rudolph W. Giuliani leads the race for the GOP presidential nomination, with Republican voters describing him as the field's strongest leader and most electable candidate in the 2008 general election, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll. Washington Post: Poll Shows Giuliani Atop An Unsettled GOP Race

GIULIANI'S PHONE CALL FROM WIFE STILL SEEN AS "RUDE": Rudy Giuliani's cell phone chat with his wife during the middle of a recent speech to the National Rifle Assn. is duly added to our roster of candidate-gaffes-that-linger. It joins John Edwards' infamous $400 haircut, Mitt Romney's ill-considered comment about none of his five sons having served in the military and virtually any of Bill Richardson's early debate performances. LA Times' Top of the Ticket: The Cell Phone Call That Keeps Echoing

FORGET THE PRIMARIES, GIULIANI AIMS FOR THE BIG PICTURE: It is no accident that the Giuliani strategy memo sent to supporters this afternoon spent roughly as much time talking about the former New York mayor’s prospects in the general election as in the primary. New York Times: Giuliani Strategy Memo

RICHARDSON LESS FRUGAL THAN '08 CONTENDERS: The latest campaign advertising tallies show that Bill Richardson, the New Mexico governor turned presidential contender, is also the biggest spender on the Democrats’ side so far. New York Times' The Caucus: Richardson Tops Democrats Ad Dollars

DEMOCRATS RAISING MORE CASH THAN GOP: Since January, the major Democratic presidential candidates have raised more than $200 million for their campaigns, nearly double the total amount expected to be reported by their chief Republican counterparts. Politico: GOP Money Funk Continues

“I HAVE SEEN HER FACE SOME HORRIBLE EXPERIENCES — SOME WHICH WOULD TAKE MANY OF US DOWN…SHE HAS FACED THEM AND COME UP A WOMAN, NOT APOLOGIZING FOR HAVING LIFE HAPPEN TO HER, BUT FACING LIFE”: Poet Maya Angelou said today that she endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton because of the graceful way she has dealt with personal pain. Des Moines Register: Angelou: Clinton's Faced Pain With Grace 

“SEN. OBAMA LIKES TO TALK ABOUT HIS SPEECH ON IRAQ YEARS AGO, BUT THE TRUTH IS HE DID SUPPORT PAST FUNDING REQUESTS THAT ONLY HELPED PROLONG THIS WAR”: Former Sen. John Edwards’s (D-N.C.) campaign widened its sights Tuesday to include Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) and his foreign policy speech commemorating the five-year anniversary of his first speech against the Iraq war. The Hill: Edwards Says Obama Using Stolen Ideas

THOMPSON SPEAKS OUT AGAINST "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND": Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson, who has been critical of the No Child Left Behind education reform law, said Tuesday that his vote for it six years ago was an example of “hope” winning out over “experience.” Quad City Times: Thompson Regrets Vote for No Child Left Behind

FRED ON TAXES: "SOME DAYS I THINK ALMOST ANYTHING WOULD BE BETTER THAN WHAT WE'VE GOT": Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson today declined to recommend a path to simplifying the federal tax system, which he called an "unholy mess." Des Moines Register: Thompson Not Endorsing a Tax Plan 

BILL CLINTON, NEWT GINGRICH PRAISE HUCKABEE: Leaders of the Christian conservative movement who are considering fielding a third-party candidate rather than backing any of the top four contenders for the Republican presidential nomination are overlooking a GOP hopeful who is steadily gaining support in the run-up to the Iowa caucuses, Mike Huckabee. New York Sun: Huckabee Gets Nod of Clinton

GOP BASE TO EXPLOIT "ANTI HILLARY" VOTE: Amid much discussion of the impact Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) could have on down ballot Congressional races next year if she is the Democratic presidential nominee, a much quieter debate has begun among Republicans about the potential pros and cons of their presidential frontrunners when it comes to picking up House and Senate seats. Roll Call: GOP Ticket May Have trickle-Down Effect

MCCAIN SAYS "CHRISTIAN NATION" COMMENTS MISCONSTRUED: A personal missive by Senator McCain has failed to win over critics of his comments asserting that the Constitution established America "as a Christian nation." New York Sun: McCain Fails to Mollify Critics of "Christian Nation" Comments

GOP PROPOSES BILL TO PROTECT CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO: House Republicans are threatening to launch a discharge petition on legislation that would ensure the future prosperity of conservative radio talk-show hosts but is expected to face opposition from Democratic leaders. The Hill: Battle Lines are Drawn Over Conservative Radio

DEMS CALL ON CEO TO CONDEMN LIMBAUGH COMMENT: Clear Channel CEO Mark P. Mays responded to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in a letter hand-delivered to his office this evening. Politico: Clear Channel CEO Responds to Reid

COLUMNIST SAYS MARTINEZ TO STEP DOWN AFTER PRIMARIES: Apparently the revolving door at the Republican National Committee is about to revolve again. LA Times' Top of the Ticket: Another New Chair at RNC?

KUCINICH: "I COME FROM A CORE BELIEF THAT'S UNSHAKABLE, TO GET RIGHT TO THE TRUTH, FOCUS ON IT AND STAND BY IT": On the eve of another grim anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, members of Congress voted on a symbolic resolution to establish an official remembrance…It was the kind of measure on which, surely, everyone could agree. Everyone, that is, except Rep. Dennis Kucinich… Chicago Tribune: The Diminutive Lion of the Left

BIDEN SETS RECORD STRAIGHT: The Bush administration and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki greeted last week's Senate vote on Iraq policy - based on a plan we proposed in 2006 - with misrepresentations and untruths. Washington Post: Federalism, Not Partition by Joseph R. Biden and Leslie H. Gelb

OBEY TO BUSH: “THE PRESIDENT ISN’T GOING TO GET A SUPPLEMENTAL THIS YEAR…THE PRESIDENT SOONER OR LATER IS GOING TO NEED THAT SUPPLEMENTAL”: House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.) said Tuesday that he will hold $190 billion in funding for the Iraq War hostage until President Bush accedes to his demands for an exit strategy, and simultaneously proposed a new $150 billion war surtax. Roll Call: Obey Fires Up Debate on Iraq

IS SARKOZY BUSH'S CLOSEST EUROPEAN ALLY?: The White House no longer views Britain as its most loyal ally in Europe since Gordon Brown took office and is instead increasingly turning towards France and Germany, according to Bush administration sources. The Daily Telegraph: Britain “No Longer Closest Bush Ally”

DOJ LEGAL COUNSEL ON WHITE HOUSE WIRETAPPING PROGRAM: "IT WAS THE BIGGEST LEGAL MESS I HAD EVER ENCOUNTERED": No more than four Justice Department officials had access to details of the Bush administration's warrantless surveillance program when the department deemed portions of it illegal, following a pattern of poor consultation that helped create a "legal mess," a former Justice official told Congress yesterday. Washington Post: White House Secrecy on Wiretaps Described

FORMER PAGE SUES SD LAWMAKER FOR GROPING: A former legislative page sued a state senator Tuesday alleging he fondled him in a motel room they shared last year. AP via USA Today: Ex-page Accuses SD Democrat of Groping

MEGHAN MCCAIN HITS THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Chelsea Clinton and the Romney boys have some new competition in the candidate-kids-with-something-to-say department. DC Examiners Yeas and Nays: Meghan McCain Joins Her Dad's Campaign

On the Political Radar:

Compiled by Lauren Kornreich
CNN Washington Bureau

* Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, continues to talk foreign policy in Iowa Wednesday with a town hall meeting at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, followed by a similar event at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Washington, Iowa.

* Former Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tennessee, campaigns in Iowa with stops scheduled in Nevada and Dubuque. In the evening he holds a fundraiser in Chicago, Illinois.

* Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-New York, Sen. Joe Biden, D-Delaware, and former Sen. Mike Gravel, D-Alaska, participate in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's Presidential Candidates Forum at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

* Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani meets with local residents in Manchester, Derry, Nashua and Salem, New Hampshire. The GOP presidential candidate also delivers remarks at a town hall meeting at Castleton Banquet and Conference Center in Windham, New Hampshire.

* Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards meets with students and teachers at Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, New Hampshire as part of the National Education Association's "From the School House to the White House." He meets and speaks with workers at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine before delivering what is being billed as a major speech on Iraq in Portsmouth, N. H.

* Sen. John McCain travels to South Carolina, where he delivers a morning speech to the Camden Military Academy. After speaking to the South Carolina State University ROTC in Orangeburg, he delivers remarks to the College of Charleston's Bully Pulpit Series on Presidential Communication.

* After addressing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in Washington, D.C, Sen. Joe Biden, D-Delaware, holds a town hall with Jasper County Democrats at Uncle Nancy's Coffee House and Eatery in Newton, Iowa.

* Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is a guest on the nationally syndicated radio program "The Glenn Beck Radio Show" to discuss national news and the growing momentum for the Huckabee Presidential Campaign.

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