October 10th, 2007
07:00 AM ET
11 years ago

Today's political hot topics

Click below to see the top political stories making news across the country, compiled by CNN's Lindsey Pope.

THOMPSON: “I’VE ENJOYED WATCHING THESE FELLOWS…I’VE GOT TO ADMIT, IT WAS GETTING A LITTLE BORING WITHOUT ME. BUT I’M GLAD TO BE HERE NOW”: Based on the previews of Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate, it seemed much of the wise-guy set was expecting the newcomer, former Senator Fred D. Thompson, to star in the political equivalent of a Nascar wreck. New York Times: In Debate Review, Thompson Survives

THOMPSON PLAYS IT SAFE, DOESN'T INSPIRE IN DEBATE: I thought that in his first debate Fred Thompson would come across as either bright or dumb. I forgot about dull. Politico: Thompson Dull in Long-Awaited Debut

ROMNEY, GIULIANI SQUARE OFF IN DEARBORN: Republicans presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani went after each other and Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton in a debate here that tested the GOP field on taxes, energy and other economic subjects. USA Today: Romney, Giuliani Steal the Show in Michigan

EX BUSH AID CRITICAL OF GOP WHITE HOUSE HOPEFULS: Dan Bartlett, President Bush’s former counselor, has issued a stinging critique of several candidates seeking the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. New York Times: Ex-Official Rates Field of GOP, Stingingly

ROMNEY, GIULIANI OUTSHINE THOMPSON'S DEBUT: Fred Thompson emerged Tuesday from weeks of preparation for his first presidential debate, but largely watched from the sidelines as rivals Mitt Romney and Rudolph W. Giuliani clashed over who can return the party to its fiscally conservative roots. LA Times: Thompson Upstaged by Giuliani, Romney

WHEN ASKED ABOUT IRAN, ROMNEY DEFERS TO LAWYERS: For a moment today, Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, showed himself to be the business executive that he really is. Chicago Tribune's The Swamp: Romney All Business: We'll Have to Ask the Lawyers

LOG CABIN: "HE'S CHANGED HIS VIEWS SO MANY TIMES IT'S REALLY HARD TO PREDICT WHAT A ROMNEY ADMINISTRATION WOULD BE LIKE": Mitt Romney is portrayed in a new ad by a Republican group as a serial flip-flopper, and a former senior Bush administration official says the description is beginning to stick. Washington Times: Log Cabin Ad Calls Romney Flip-Flopper

NH PRIMARY NO LATER THAN JANUARY 8TH: Secretary of State William Gardner says the withdrawal of four key Democrats from Michigan's presidential primary ballot will have no effect on the date of the New Hampshire first-in-the-nation primary. New Hampshire Union-Leader: Gardner: Michigan Ballot Has No Effect on NH's Date

HILLARY IN THE CROSSHAIRS AT GOP DEBATE: On a day when stock indexes hit record highs, Republican presidential candidates gathered here Tuesday for a group defense of low taxes and free markets and warned that Democrats, particularly Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, pose the greatest danger to the nation's future prosperity. Washington Post: Free Trade and Low Taxes Star in Republican Debate

IN WASHINGTON POST INTERVIEW, CLINTON SAYS SOCIAL SECURITY IS NOT IN CRISIS: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton pushed back against criticism from fellow Democrats that she is too polarizing to unite the country as president, arguing that the political battles she has been through make her uniquely equipped to bring the nation together and build a centrist governing coalition. Washington Post: Clinton Sites Lessons on Partisanship

CLINTON: "TOO MANY FAMILIES ARE STANDING ON THAT TRAP DOOR, JUST ONE HEALTH CRISIS, JUST ONE PINK SLIP, JUST ONE MISSED MORTGAGE PAYMENT AWAY FROM FALLING THROUGH AND LOSING EVERYTHING THEY'VE WORKED FOR": Barnstorming through small-town Iowa yesterday, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton sought to shore up her weakest flanks by making an intense plea for the support of middle-class voters with an increasingly populist message on taxes, trade, and the economy. Boston Globe: Clinton Reaches Out to Middle Class Voters in Iowa

CLINTON CAMPAIGNS WITH HAMBURGER AND FRIES IN IOWA: Perched on a red vinyl bar stool, her elbows on the worn plastic counter of the Maid-Rite luncheonette, Hillary Clinton scooped up French fries with her fingers and hungrily tucked into a ground beef sandwich. The Daily Telegraph: Hillary Clinton Woos Voters With French Fries

RICHARDSON'S WAR PLAN: “MY POSITION IS VERY CLEAR. I WOULD LEAVE NO TROOPS BEHIND. NO RESIDUAL TROOPS”: The Iraq war withdrawal plans of most Democratic presidential candidates are wrong because they would leave peacekeeping troops behind, New Mexico governor Bill Richardson told a crowd here today. Des Moines Register: Richardson: Most Anti-War Plans Are Wrong

OBAMA GOES GREEN IN NH: The issue – the environment – was new yesterday, but the message was the same for Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois. New Hampshire Union-Leader: Obama Talks About Environment, Energy

EX LOBBYIST TO ENTER OBAMA CAMP: Senator Obama of Illinois is blaming Washington lobbyists for stalling a proposed tax hike on private equity firms, but he can look no further than his own campaign team for one of the culprits. New York Sun: Obama Assails Tax Lobbyists- and Hires One

DEMOCRATS MUST RUN "HYBRID" CAMPAIGNS TO COMPETE IN THE SOUTH: The candidate is running to serve his Creator. He is running to restore prayer in schools, bring Jesus into public discourse, force the “money changers” from the state capitol, and move his extensive gun collection into the governor’s mansion. New York Times: In Mississippi, Democrat Runs in GOP Lane

HILLARY SETS LEGISLATIVE SCHEDULE: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) has already set a broad legislative agenda for her first year in the White House, even though the Iowa caucuses are still three months away. The Hill: Clinton's Bills Frame '09 Agenda

TEEN EYES MAYOR RACE: Nicole V. Burlew is a candidate for mayor in Aberdeen who never voted in a city election – she wasn't old enough. Baltimore Sun: Teenager Making Run for Mayor of Aberdeen

DEMS COMPROMISE ON NEW FISA BILL: A new plan by House Democrats to govern the way U.S. intelligence officials eavesdrop on phone calls would require increased oversight of surveillance tactics but permit some warrantless wiretapping of U.S. citizens. DC Examiner: House Dems Propose Middle Way on Wiretapping of U.S. Citizens

LIEBERMAN LEAVES IRAQ INQUIRIES TO OTHER COMMITEES: The day news broke that the Iraqi government was revoking the license of Blackwater USA over a questionable Baghdad shootout that killed 17 civilians, House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) announced plans for hearings to probe the State Department’s reliance on private security contractors. Roll Call: Iraq Probes Not on Lieberman Agenda

PELOSI USES MEDIA TO TOUT HOUSE SUCCESS: Amid polls showing scant public approval for Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is significantly stepping up her public appearances, visiting Sunday talk shows, holding regular press conferences, appearing on ABC’s colorful “The View”-and lunching with reporters Tuesday to boast of the Democrats’ “terrific legislative progress." Chicago Tribune's The Swamp: Pelosi "Proud" of Her House: "We've Drained Swamp"

PELOSI PLAYS DOWN FLORIDA PRIMARY BATTLE: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has let the cat out of the bag and said what everyone has known all along: LA Times' Top of the Ticket: Speaker Pelosi Speaks a Truth About the Florida Flap

PROTESTORS TAKE UP CAMP AT PELOSI'S HOME: One might think it would be great to have Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as a neighbor (imagine the block parties!). But the Speaker apparently is not making herself popular in her high-dollar ’hood, telling reporters on Tuesday that protesters have taken up residence outside her house and are driving the natives wild. Roll Call: There Goes the Neighborhood

NUMEROUS CONGRESS MEMBERS UNDER DOJ INVESTIGATIONS: Federal investigators are hinting that a fresh wave of campaign-related theft and corruption investigations of Members of Congress are moving through the pipeline, signaling that indictments may be on the horizon. Roll Call: Investigations on Members on Rise

THE 12-YEAR-OLD IN THE MIDDLE OF SCHIP BATTLE: There have been moments when the fight between Congressional Democrats and President Bush over the State Children’s Health Insurance Program seemed to devolve into a shouting match about who loves children more. New York Times: Capitol Feud: A 12-Year-Old Is the Fodder

CHENEY, RICE AT ODDS OVER ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE: A sharp debate is under way in the Bush administration about the significance of the Israeli intelligence that led to last month’s Israeli strike inside Syria, according to current and former American government officials. New York Times: As Israeli Strike on Syria Kindles Debate in the U.S.

LAURA BUSH URGES END TO BURMA ASSAULT: It is 2 a.m. in Rangoon, Burma. In the middle of the tropical night, army troops pour into the neighborhood surrounding a peaceful Buddhist monastery. Wall Street Journal: Stop the Terror in Burma by Laura Bush

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  1. TSgt Dennis Houston, TX.

    Ordinarily I would agree whole heartedly with Lou Dobbs on most issues. But on the issue of the Obama lapel pin I must vociferously disagree. First if I could establish my credentials. I am a Retired Air Force Tech Sgt. Veteran of 1 War and several other actions. I would consider my self a Patriot. Patriotism does not come from the wearing or not wearing of a simple pin. True patriotism is in the heart and most importantly in the actions of a person. And to delude ourselves into beleiving that, would leave us open to even more enemy action. For sure our enemies would be more than happy to wear that pin as a cover for their dirty deeds. I gave 20 years of my life in service to my country. I was prepared then and am now still prepared to sacrafice my life in the service to this great nation (My great nation). I do not wear the pin. And in fact am incensed when I see some self serving politician wearing the pin thinking that constitutes patriotism as he has his/her hand in the public cookie jar stealing money they feel an entitlement to. Hey Lou I'm guessing your back. Welcome back. Don't you go and getting sick again. Cause if your gone we as a country are screwed.

    October 10, 2007 11:49 am at 11:49 am |