November 6th, 2007
06:00 PM ET
11 years ago

Edwards on Clinton: 'She's for status quo, I'm for change.'

Edwards says Clinton will maintain status quo.

NEW MARKET, New Hampshire (CNN) –

Sen. John Edwards continued his attacks on Sen. Hillary Clinton Tuesday by saying he would be the candidate of change and that she would maintain the status quo.

"Our government in Washington has become corrupt, it's not operating effectively, it's rigged against the interest of most Americans. And I don't defend the system," the former senator from North Carolina said.

Edwards then called the New York Senator a "defender" of the system because she continued to take money from Washington lobbyists and big interest groups.

"She's entitled to do that but it presents voters in New Hampshire with a very different option. I don't defend the system, she's for status quo, I'm for change," said Edwards.

When asked by reporters if he had contributed to what Clinton has called a "piling on" of attacks against her, Edwards said he would "continue to make voters know what their choices are."

–CNN New Hampshire Producer Sareena Dalla

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  1. Elizabeth, CA

    Edwards and Romney look like matching Ken Dolls and being RICH and RICHER, respectively, will be their downfall. $400.00 haircuts and $20 million of ones own pocket money to buy voters is disgraceful. I'm sorry but come on...don't they look like they were twins separated at birth? All face, no base. Sorry boys, your money and good looks arent going to help you this time.

    November 6, 2007 07:56 pm at 7:56 pm |
  2. Karen,ny

    Doesn,t this boy ever shut up. I can't stand him. If I was Hillary I'd crack him in the mouth. Then he could go around with a $400 hair cut and broken teeth.

    November 6, 2007 08:07 pm at 8:07 pm |
  3. Stanley Ryczek Chicago, Illinois

    The candidates for the 2008 elections to me are all good liars. Everytime I see these candidates on TV or read articles about them I just get sick of them. The presidency is the most coveted position in America and the candidates want it because they would be in the highest position than anyone else and would have unlimited power. The only problem is that once any of these candidates become president, all of there promises are left empty. The Iraq war will continue until America takes all of their oil, health care will more expensive and people will die because they won't be able to afford a physician or won't be able to pay for their cancer medication, fuel will be at it's all time high, the housing market will plummet even more, and people will be out of jobs because companies have moved either to Mexico or to China to save themselves money. If any of these candidates even fulfill one of their promises that they are stating in their debates or in quotes, I'll fall off of my chair and be amazed.

    November 6, 2007 08:36 pm at 8:36 pm |
  4. xtina - chicago IL

    As usual John Edwards is rambling on about things not related to qualifications.

    Two of his leading opponents have experience that show success. Gov. Romney took the financial disaster that was the Olympic organization and did this massive overhaul and fixed it. Mayor Giuliani turned the largest city in America around by reducing crime to a great degree. Think what he'll be able to do to protect us. I believe he will be excellent at military matters and homeland security. Edwards on the other hand, doesn't have much to point to in the way of accomplishments. Being a Senator or Rep. isn't executive leadership .

    November 6, 2007 09:23 pm at 9:23 pm |
  5. butch new orleans

    what weaklings, demodummies

    November 6, 2007 09:40 pm at 9:40 pm |
  6. my911call, North Carolina

    Though change is good, you need a certain amount of power and influence to make change happen.
    As we see, Bush is trying to make changes, but with out influence and some serious backing, he would be dead in the water.
    I am sure John Edwards will try to make the changes required.
    But the fact remains that he is not a power machine like the Clintons.
    With in a month, if congress does not like him, we will have a lame-duck president for another four years.
    I feel we have a better chance for change for with Hillary Clinton.

    November 6, 2007 09:54 pm at 9:54 pm |
  7. Fair,Washington, DC

    When asked by reporters if he had contributed to what Clinton has called a "piling on" of attacks against her, Edwards said he would "continue to make voters know what their choices are."

    The only choices Edwards is showing people is his differences with Hillary Clinton. Do what u want Edwards , but at least call it what it is. What are there like 6 other candidates that you are basically ignoring. On one hand you accuse her of acting like she's already won then you treat her like she's the only one you're running against...hmmm

    November 6, 2007 09:57 pm at 9:57 pm |
  8. A. Thomas, New York, NY

    John Edwards is a bag of wind and a legned in his own mind.

    What is the use of change if it is to the worse? Change can be dangerous given to an inexperienced and unqualified person to design and carry it out.

    To many, including about 50% of the dems who have expressed to vote for her, Hillary does not represent status quo at all. Contrary to the current administration of the republicans, she has proposed to bring the troops home, to bring forth the health care reform, to review immigration policies for the illegals, etc., etc. John Edwards must be blind not to see her proposals.

    In addtion, Edwards likes to blame other candidates for his incompetencies – blaming Hillary for being a woman, and Obama being a black. He should blame himself for using his 2004 campagin proposals to the 2008 campaign, his negative campaigns, his flip flops, his $400 haircuts, etc.

    I can hardly wait to see Edwards gone in two months.

    November 6, 2007 11:04 pm at 11:04 pm |
  9. Reggie , Anaheim, Ca.

    John is on point! The Corporations
    will continue to thrive with Hill
    and the republicans if left in
    charge of our Gov't!

    Go John Go!

    November 6, 2007 11:49 pm at 11:49 pm |
  10. Jeff from Jersey

    Still no answers from Edwards,just the same rhetoric he says he's different from.Just nasty little lap dog!

    November 7, 2007 12:03 am at 12:03 am |
  11. Jake, San Diego CA

    Man first Clinton steals the "change" slogan from Obama and now Edwards is stealing it from Clinton. Can't they come up with their own slogans.

    November 7, 2007 12:17 am at 12:17 am |
  12. Michael, Massachusetts

    Change for what? Let's evaluate what he really stands for:

    November 7, 2007 12:21 am at 12:21 am |
  13. Ivan, Chicago, Illinois

    If attacking Hillary Clinton is the only reason to vote for you, then you may as well pack your bags and go home. And attacking Mrs. Clinton is all you're doing now.

    November 7, 2007 01:17 am at 1:17 am |
  14. Sophie, Dallas TX

    How could Edwards say that if he lives in a mansion. HE is the status quo.

    November 7, 2007 01:31 am at 1:31 am |
  15. Alan St Louis MO


    but edwards my third choice

    As far as best qualified it be

    Biden then Obama then edwards

    then if those three are not on the democrat ballot then I vote republican.

    November 7, 2007 07:43 am at 7:43 am |
  16. Alice Newman Center Harbor NH

    I have to admit that after 4 years of Bush Sr, 8 years of Clinton (prosperity and budget surplus) 8 years of the Shrub (one disaster after another) that another 4 or 8 years of Clinton makes the word change sound good. Like Ginger Rogers said "I did everything Fred Astair did, just dancing backwards and in high heels." Senator Clinton is capable but she will have to fight every day to succeed. Change: Peace: both have attractions.

    November 7, 2007 07:49 am at 7:49 am |
  17. Ellicott City, Md

    I am kinda tired of Edward keep attacking on Hillary. She must have reasons for saying things. Edward, you need to focus on your plans and goals rather than continue attacking Hillary. It really turns me off.

    November 7, 2007 08:57 am at 8:57 am |
  18. AJ; Montpelier, VT

    Change, HA!! I'd be surprised if Edwards could even change his shirt without help.

    November 7, 2007 09:10 am at 9:10 am |
  19. AT, San Francisco, CA

    Hey John Edwards, you represent a change for the worse. Only fools will beleive you that your proposed changes are good for the country.

    Status quo? You are blind and deaf because you do not see Hillary's proposals on troop withdrawal, health care reform, education reform, energy reform, etc.

    November 7, 2007 09:13 am at 9:13 am |
  20. HC, new york, ny

    News item: Hillary maintains her previous big lead over Hussein Obama and John Edwards after last Tuesday debate.

    PRINCETON, NJ - New USA Today/Gallup polling conducted this past weekend shows few signs that front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton’s standing among Democrats nationally was affected by the recent Democratic candidate debate at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Clinton continues to lead all contenders as Democrats’ first choice for the nomination, with half of the Democratic vote - more than double the support of her nearest challenger, Sen. Barack Obama. Former Sen. John Edwards, the trial lawyer whose forceful approach to Clinton during the debate has become the subject of considerable discussion, saw no change in his position as the Democrats’ third-place candidate.
    Clinton’s 50% of the vote, Obama’s 22%, and Edwards’ 15% are virtually unchanged from Gallup’s Oct. 12-14 poll.

    Clinton continues to have the highest favorable ratings of the three leading candidates.

    November 7, 2007 09:37 am at 9:37 am |
  21. Cathy Stoddart, Pittsburgh, PA

    Edwards position on the war and on healthcare set him apart from every other candidate.

    Ending the war has been on the minds and hearts of the American people, Edwards has layed out specifically how he would bring our brave men and women home.

    Edwards position on health care speaks directly to the issue or CARE. "the first focus in fixing healthcare is ending the nursing crisis in this country." He belives every patient derserves the highest quality of care by having a nurse who is not stretched between too many patients.

    Edwards position is in order to do that "there needs to be nurse to patient ratio's regulatons and an laws that ban mandatory overtime"

    There are enough nurses in this country and they would come back to hospitals if the conditions were made to be changed.

    I am a Registered Nurse and a Patient Advocate. John Edwards is truely the answer nurses have been waiting for!

    November 7, 2007 09:51 am at 9:51 am |
  22. Mike , Panama City , FL

    You say Edwards has very specific plans on bringing the troops back home , I have yet to hear any clear propositions from him for this country .

    He and Obama are all attack and no plans for America

    Trowing the word "change" around all the time and not saying CLEARLY what you intend to do is all a campaign slogan for me

    November 7, 2007 10:56 am at 10:56 am |
  23. jw, canadian,ok

    Poor John, did he acutally think he had a snowball chance to win against Hillary? He should start the sucking up process if the wants a cabinet position in the Clinton adminstration.

    November 7, 2007 11:54 am at 11:54 am |
  24. Jim Topeka, Kansas

    I am not interested in what canidates think Clinton stands for, what I want to know is what you stand for. Want another Republican in the White House, keep attacking the other canidates rather than talking your ideas.

    November 7, 2007 12:25 pm at 12:25 pm |
  25. Randy S. Lawton, OK

    AT in SF: Let's see how much you really know about Hill's proposals.

    Troop withdrawal: Not until 2013 at least.

    Health care reform: Socialized medicine. Next time you talk with a Brit or Canadian, ask them how that's working out.

    Education reform: Haven't heard her say much about that subject at all. Oh I forgot about giving $5000 to every newborn in the country. Now THERE's a good idea. NOT!

    Energy reform: Yeah, let's go bio fuels. Then when you eant to buy a dozen ears of corn for your 4th of July cookout, be prepared to pay $12 for them because most of it is in your fuel tank.

    Just because she has some proposals, doesn't mean they're good ones. If it looks like a socialist, smells like a socialist and talks like a socialist, what do you suppose it is.

    This country can't afford Hillary, especially after what 'W' has already done for us.

    November 7, 2007 12:38 pm at 12:38 pm |
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