November 6th, 2007
02:50 PM ET
6 years ago

Presidential shocker: Paul raises more than $4 million in 24 hours

Monday proved to be a very lucrative day according to the Paul campaign.

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Rep. Ron Paul raised more than $4 million on the Internet Monday from more than 35,000 donors, a spokesman for the Texas Republican’s presidential campaign told CNN.

Online supporters of the Texas congressman organized the fundraising push around Guy Fawkes Day, the November 5 holiday that marks Englishman Guy Fawkes' foiled attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605, subject of the recent film “V for Vendetta.”

The creator of the Web site that pushed the Paul fundraising drive said the message is not violent, but rather a fundraising idea that spread virally on-line. The Texas congressman’s spokesman said the idea did not come from Paul, but he did promote it in recent speeches.

Paul is the only Republican candidate who is calling for the removal of U.S. troops from Iraq. He also advocates for limited government and is anti-abortion rights. While Paul registers in the low single digits in most polls, he raised a very respectable $5 million in the third quarter fundraising period.

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- CNN's Eric Weisbrod, Abbi Tatton, Alexander Mooney, and Katy Byron

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  1. Amy, Austin, TX

    Give Biden a closer look! Like Ron Paul, he's got a much better plan than all the wider known candidates. Demand the media covers all of the candidates, not just Rudy, Hilary, Obama, and Romney.

    November 6, 2007 05:09 pm at 5:09 pm |
  2. Rafi, NY NY

    Okay, a lot of people are claiming that Ron Paul isn't anti-abortion rights, he's just for states' rights.

    Here's a direct quote from his website:

    "In Congress, I have authored legislation that seeks to define life as beginning at conception, HR 1094."

    You can't say he wants states to decide for themselves if he also wants a federal law that would in effect make abortion illegal. (Hint: Killing something legally considered a human person would make it murder in the feds' eyes.) He says himself several times, very cleary, that he's against abortions and wants to do something about it.

    It's scary how many people here are rabid supporters of this man without actually knowing what his stances are.

    November 6, 2007 05:15 pm at 5:15 pm |
  3. Bravo!!!

    I gave 250.00. Ron Paul is the most honest man in Washington according to John McCain. I believe there is still hope for America. I believe in Ron Paul.
    Bravo !!!

    November 6, 2007 05:15 pm at 5:15 pm |
  4. J. Randell, Post Falls, Id

    Maybe now Ron Paul will get the recognition deserved for winning 21 out of 41 straw polls

    November 6, 2007 05:17 pm at 5:17 pm |
  5. Michael Passavant , Obetz, Ohio

    I believe that Dr. Paul isn't getting nearly as much news coverage as what he deserves. Out of anyone, he has the most internet support and if he had more media coverage I guarantee that he would be the primary if not the top 3 of the Republican candidates. No one I have ever personally talked to has had something negative about Ron Paul and I think that that says something about the man's beliefs and his constant way of inspiring the nation.

    November 6, 2007 05:17 pm at 5:17 pm |
  6. Ray, Rochester

    Ron Paul = Howard Dean

    November 6, 2007 05:28 pm at 5:28 pm |
  7. Mike , Panama City ,FL

    Ron Paul I believe is real canditate , the only canditate I would vote for if I voted republican .

    Ron will get all Rudy's votes making the path to the white house much clearer for hillary .

    November 6, 2007 05:30 pm at 5:30 pm |
  8. Johnny Honolulu, HI

    I like many Ron Paul supporters
    agree on many of his issues, while
    disagreeing on some his ideas. The
    key for me is the monetary system
    in America. He understands the scam
    and wants it trashed. On the war, I don't support and immediate withdrawal
    of troops. I also believe he will
    stop any plans for a merger between
    Canada and Mexico, incorporating the
    "Amero" as our trilateral currency.
    Ron Paul respects the constitution
    and the responsibility of Congress
    to grant a declaration of war.
    Ron Paul has my vote!

    November 6, 2007 05:30 pm at 5:30 pm |
  9. John Kaleto, San Diego, CA

    Ah, yes. Ron Paul–the lunatic right's answer to Howard Dean.

    November 6, 2007 05:30 pm at 5:30 pm |
  10. Rachel Farer, Newark, DE

    I am a conservative, but I recently switched to the Republican Party to vote for Ron Paul. The Republican Party is not going to win trying to find the candidate most like Hillary Clinton. Guiliani and Romney are Clinton-Lite. Huckabee is a social conservative, but will bloat our government almost as much as Guiliani and Clinton. Ron Paul is far from perfect, but he is the only real choice for conservatives.

    Concerning our undeclared war, Bush is not supporting our troops enough to win in Afghanistan let alone Iraq. Guiliani and Clinton will be no different. If we are not serious about defeating terrorism abroad, then once again, Ron Paul is the only candidate who will save American lives instead of wasting them.

    Concerning Ron Paul and abortion, he will leave it up to the states. If you live in California, nothing will change. If you are for unrestricted abortion and live in Texas, vote for Clinton/Guiliani. It is your vote.

    November 6, 2007 05:31 pm at 5:31 pm |
  11. John Kaleto, San Diego, CA

    Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich–both unelectable, both CRAZY.

    November 6, 2007 05:34 pm at 5:34 pm |
  12. Chris, Pensacola FL

    I think you are confused Jaik. Ron Paul doesn't believe in abortions and doesn't want government involved in it. He wants to put states up to the task of that. He has never said he wanted to pass laws on abortion or the "other" social conservative issue. In fact, passing laws won't do anything as you've suggested. If women want to kill their child, that is their choice and not the governments. If there are no doctors willing to perform the operation, then she will be as you say "bleeding from hangers". The government should not say either way the womens choice. JUST AS the government should NOT force doctors to perform these operations. Each doctor should decide his morales.

    My main concern are my Christian brothers and sisters who think Paul is pro homosexual and doesn't want to pass laws against that. What they don't understand is that people will do whatever they want. They seem to think that if we pass a law against homosexuals all will stop!? Right. You can pass laws until you're blue in the face, at the end of the day you're going to still have same sex couples. I'm not advocating this nor is Paul, but it is a waste of time and money to pass laws that are meaningless to the populace.

    November 6, 2007 05:34 pm at 5:34 pm |
  13. R.moreira

    go Ron Paul liberty and fredom to america I donated money got some bumper stickers and I am telling evry one about Ron Paul and I don't care if CNN and Fox don't

    November 6, 2007 05:35 pm at 5:35 pm |
  14. Mike, Orlando, Fl.

    Ron Paul is to the point with a clear message and not afraid of losing votes for his beliefs in the new direction (change) the next goverment should take, (unlike other candidate hopefulls). Unlike the front runners with prepared-coached speaches and bureaucratic-jargen answers to questions on important issues that are never addressed in a clear one line sentence for fear of losing a vote,, Ron Paul means business, we the people know he will keep his promises (change), maybe Americans are afraid of change. And no! Ron Paul does not recieve enough media coverage his "message" deserves.

    November 6, 2007 05:36 pm at 5:36 pm |
  15. Matt, Houston, TX

    Ron Paul is not a politician, he is a Statesman. There is a difference, go to Youtube to watch Dr. Paul and see this difference for yourself.

    November 6, 2007 05:37 pm at 5:37 pm |
  16. Dan, Moorhead, Minnesota

    There will always be someone to critizice you, so to everyone who does not like the use of the "Remember, Remember the 5th of November" slogan rest assured you are not alone. I'm not sure if you are in good company, but at least you are not alone. To the rest of us who can rise above the needless bickering about things that don't make a bit of difference in the future, I say Amen. God Speed Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the candidate for President FOR the United States, as opposed to President OF the United States. He brings a breath of fresh air. Learn of his message and you will learn of freedom. Or perhaps you like the direction the mainstream candidates of the last 10 years have us on?

    November 6, 2007 05:37 pm at 5:37 pm |
  17. Jonathan, Birmingham AL

    CNN Lies:

    1) Headline read "Ron Paul Claims..." What claim? This implies it could be a false claim.
    2) "Presidential Shocker" What shocker? That you actually were forced to report it?
    3) "subject of the recent film 'V for Vendetta'" Wrong. This film is not about Guy Fawkes or that event and is a blatant attempt to connect this peaceful doctor with any kind of violence.
    4) "anti-abortion rights" Clearly false and misleading. I can't believe they can get away with this!
    5) "Paul registers in the low single digits in most polls." This should obviously read "some polls", specifically the ones that leave RP out and rely on landline-phone-wielding registered Republicans, considering he dominates every other Internet or texting poll by an undebatable margin.

    CNN Smears:

    1) Repeated use of the words "Internet", "viral", "online". Yawn.
    2) Introducing the idea that the concept of the fundraiser itself may or may not be potentially violent (though the creator says it isn't), and that Paul promoted the concept in recent speeches (that may or may not be violent according to some people). Why don't you just go ahead and say he may or may not be supporting terrorism?
    3) Horrible picture: low-angle, angry-faced, against black with hard shadows. Pay attention and you'll notice the media always portraying the "bad guys" like this. The "good guys" will be against blue, red, white, or all three (with stars).
    4) Deliberate omission of "Dr." when referring to him. What else is new?

    CNN, you also forgot to mention he ran on the Libertarian ticket and has a lot of young supporters. Maybe when you issue your full-page retraction for the lies you've spread, you can clear that up.

    November 6, 2007 05:39 pm at 5:39 pm |
  18. Chris, McLean, VA

    This article is more important than it gets credit for, hidden away on the ticker. Get some guts CNN.

    November 6, 2007 05:41 pm at 5:41 pm |
  19. Katia B., Orlando, FL

    Media controls who to vote for...Ron Paul most definitely deserves more media coverage to spread his message.

    November 6, 2007 05:44 pm at 5:44 pm |
  20. Margaret Dale, Oakland, CA

    Did anyone actually watch "V for Vendetta"? The theme of the movie was a popular uprising to overthrow a corrupt dictatorship that was stifling society in an attempt to protect people from themselves. The parallels to the current administration are obvious, and the popular support for Ron Paul is because of his stances on small government and personal freedom. How anyone overlooked this and when straight to a theme of violence is beyond me.

    November 6, 2007 05:47 pm at 5:47 pm |
  21. Sophie Banfield, Dallas

    Ron Paul has raised $7,381,809.44 as of 11/6/2007 4:48 PM ET.

    Maybe now the GOP will be forced to acknowledge Ron Paul... the only true Republican in the race.

    November 6, 2007 05:55 pm at 5:55 pm |
  22. Brandon Walker, Darien CT

    I guess these 'spam bots' have money

    November 6, 2007 05:55 pm at 5:55 pm |
  23. Nick Q, New Brighton MN

    "...Only trants can take a nation to war without the consent of the people. The planned war against Iraq without a Declaration of War is illegal. It is unwise because of many unforeseen consequences that are likely to result..."

    Rep. Ron Paul March 1 2002

    November 6, 2007 06:06 pm at 6:06 pm |
  24. Janos Vajda, Denver, CO

    Ron Paul is truly the last, best, and only hope that we have in this country for a return to a Constitutionally limited Republic.

    In the past elections, we've had a choice of the 'lesser of two evils.'

    Well now, America, you have a real choice to vote for a real American Patriot.

    Even if you do not agree with 100% of his views, you at least know that they are truly HIS views and know where you stand with him.

    Have the courage to make the difference and elect a REAL President for once America. You won't be sorry you did.

    November 6, 2007 06:09 pm at 6:09 pm |
  25. Josh, Beaverton OR

    Glad to see some more good reporting on Dr. Paul. I think he gets a bad rap in the media thinking that his support isn't wide spread. For me personally, it all comes down to that he's the only candidate, republican or democrat, that really has a grasp on our financial problems and how to solve them. I've been a fiscal consverative all my life and have been ashamed on what the bush administration, who I voted for in 2000 have done to the republicans being "fiscally conservative."

    November 6, 2007 06:10 pm at 6:10 pm |
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