November 16th, 2007
06:01 AM ET
9 years ago

A candidate's best friend?

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but don't ask Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York to choose those over pearls.

"I know I'm sometimes accused of not being able to make a choice," Clinton said, laughing. "I want both."

Clinton was asked if she preferred diamonds or pearls during CNN's Democratic debate Thursday night. The first and last questions of the night were directed at her and concerned her ability to make a decision and stick with it.

Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware could be heard in the background saying that he liked diamonds better.

- CNN Associate Producer Lauren Kornreich

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  1. Kevin Griffin, Plymouth, Michigan

    This debate was just appeared to be an attack on Hillary Clinton. I was very disappointed that the first question set the stage for the tone of the debate. Some of the questions posed to the candidates could have been best presented in another venue other than a debate. This includes the first question.

    In my opinion, it was not a debate at all, but it was not a total waste of my time. I know now to avoid any press-sponsored debates. I'll get my information about the candidates via other sources and make decision for whom to vote. I think the press is more interested in entertaining than informing.

    November 16, 2007 08:53 am at 8:53 am |
  2. Tom - Dedham, Mass

    CNN pre-screens these questions and to have eveyone go home happy, throws Hillary a softball and she couldn't even answer it DIRECTLY.

    Maybe she didn't want to anger the diamond or the pearl lobby by choosing one.

    I think I will have "waffles" for breakfast.

    I would have applauded her if she said "I prefer everyone having the ability to buy both diamonds and pearls".

    A college student can't come up with anything more relevent than this?

    Doesn't give you a warm fuzzy for our future does it?

    November 16, 2007 08:59 am at 8:59 am |
  3. Maru Angarita, Bethesda, Maryland

    I usually do not watch political debates, but I watched this one to learn what was going on. I am still fascinated by Senator Biden, but our next President of the United States will be Hillary Clinton. She seems the most charismatic, experienced, and the person we want at The White House. And, I just adored her honesty about admitting that she wants diamonds and pearls!

    November 16, 2007 08:59 am at 8:59 am |
  4. xtina Chicago IL

    Looks to me like it was a planted question, however, Hillary managed to blow it by being unable to decide which one she likes best. I bet she'll make up her mind in two weeks once she runs a few polls.

    November 16, 2007 09:01 am at 9:01 am |
  5. angela, alex, va

    omg people get a life! it was supposed to be a silly question!!!

    November 16, 2007 09:07 am at 9:07 am |
  6. Maryann - Orlando, FL

    I thought the debate was good, and then you had to go and ruin it with the Diamond/Pearls question. What a waste of time, especially since the candidates who are not the front runners (Dennis Kucinich) did not get nearly enough time to make their positions clear.

    Kudos to Joe Biden (another non-front runner that I would have liked to hear more from) for choosing 'diamonds', and making the question the joke it was.

    I guess you'll be asking the Republican men in the next debate if they prefer boxers or briefs? And why was this question not asked of the Democratic men?

    People have been posting that this is the 'Clinton News Network' and I'm starting to think they are right.

    I used to respect CNN, but you lost me last night by allowing that audience question. Shame on you!

    November 16, 2007 09:13 am at 9:13 am |
  7. Ron, New Jersey

    This was supposed to be an undecided voter asking a tough question to the field trying to determine who to vote.

    THAT was her tough question?!

    CNN shouldn't have let that question through...she's obviously not undecided and i HOPE she's not using that question to decide who to vote for!

    November 16, 2007 09:15 am at 9:15 am |
  8. Megha, San Antonio, TX

    So two weeks ago when I brought up the fact that Obama was accusing Hillary of not being able to answer the immigration question but he himself was not taking a stand, people thought it to be almost incredible. Now you see? Wolfe gave him three chances to respond and he still could not give a straight answer. That is the tragedy, the candidate who is accusing politicians playing dirty is doing it himself without even accepting it. So he is different because he says he's different? Seriously, i have not seen him follow anything that he said in his book or any of the principles that he is claiming to run his campaign on. The only thing worse than taking money from special interests is taking money from them and then denying it and accusing others for taking money. And that is Mr. Obama, Ladies and Gentlemen! He is no different just because he claims to be different, people wake up he's just like everyone, only more susceptible to the Republican attack, so if you want a democrat in the WH, Hillary is your best bet. Obama could probably do it in 8 years from now, but definitely not now. Republicans will butcher him.

    November 16, 2007 09:20 am at 9:20 am |
  9. See the Reality

    SHE WANTS BOTH. That's a safe answer. Then you get the diamond lovers as well as the pearl lovers on your side. Like that's a big deal, but you see they asked this question because they know there are a lot of women in this country who really only care about such issues; the Hollywood people and their groupies the people who look at the appearance of things. That's why she appeals to too many. So she'll have their vote, the illegal aliens vote (when the Democrats figure a way to get them voting rights), the abortion supporters vote, and the vote of the people who don't/won't get their own healthcare if they can have someone else pay for it. Come on America wake up to reality. Hillary will bring the country down further. Terrorists hate all the things the liberals love and Hillary is a true liberal know matter how hard she tries to conceal it.

    November 16, 2007 09:20 am at 9:20 am |
  10. Tommy

    I think her straight answer.... she wants BOTH. Why not? if an average American is asked cheese burger or Fries, I am sure he/she would say BOTH.... I don't see that as non-decisive, rather Hillary is decisive, without a thought, she wants BOTH.... Good for you, girl!!!! Now go make the boys jealous.... 🙂

    November 16, 2007 09:31 am at 9:31 am |
  11. Dave, Evergreen CO

    I used to think the whole ‘Clinton News Network’ joke was a figment of Hillary’s opponent’s imaginations but lately I’ve been seeing that it’s actually true. CNN is to Hillary Clinton as Fox News is to Rudy Guliani.

    The debate format last night and CNN’s execution of it was pathetic. The first 15 minutes were more like an episode of Jerry Springer with Wolf Blitzer playing the role of the host and egging on Obama and Edwards to attack her in front of a crowd that amounted to a Clinton rally. That seemed to open the door for the crowd to start acting like they were at a WWF event. Campbell Brown absolutely gushed as she asked Senator Clinton softball questions. Blitzer was clearly more aggressive trying to pin down and trap all the other candidates. And I would really like to see a breakdown of the number of questions asked each candidate and the amount of time they were each given. Were I part of the Kucinich, Edwards, Dodd, Biden or Richardson campaigns I would be livid.

    After the debate all the analysts came on to say how well she did. What were they watching? And then they post this story to the ticker? Come on CNN.

    Nobody won this debate but CNN was clearly the looser.

    November 16, 2007 09:36 am at 9:36 am |
  12. TC at LV

    Without props and plants in the audience, Hillary Clinton has proven she is not a leader.

    November 16, 2007 09:53 am at 9:53 am |
  13. Tired of Corruption LV

    "A candidates best friend". Obviously for Hillary Clinton, it's CNN.

    November 16, 2007 09:54 am at 9:54 am |
  14. RightyTighty

    Diamonds, pearls, a house, expensive gifts, WH furniture... Hillary is a high maintence gal and you better bring her something home or you'll surely get nothing.

    Is there any doubt this applies to the American people too??

    November 16, 2007 09:59 am at 9:59 am |
  15. pat huntington ny

    Oh my lord! It's not even 10am yet and this article has the most posts! That's pathetic! And everyone who's written a negative post needs to lighten up! It was a fluff question, having nothing to do with politics! And if you ask any woman with power and conviction and career ambition, they would answer the question the same way! Why settle for just diamonds or pearls when you can and want both!

    November 16, 2007 10:01 am at 10:01 am |
  16. Andrew, Baltimore, MD

    Since when does the media get to decide who wins these debates? The minute it was over, the post debate coverage did nothing more than talk about how Hillary fought back following her slip up in Philly. CNN even had a former adviser to President Clinton participate in the post-debate commentary! What ever happened to letting the voters decide for themselves??

    November 16, 2007 10:06 am at 10:06 am |
  17. Tex Mex, NYC, NY

    Blitzer is clearly pro-Clinton and anti-Obama. Both his tone and demeanor when questioning Obama is uncalled for. I though better of CNN.

    November 16, 2007 10:16 am at 10:16 am |
  18. Tex Mex, NYC, NY

    Blitzer is clearly pro-Clinton and anti-Obama. Both his tone and demeanor when questioning Obama is uncalled for.

    November 16, 2007 10:17 am at 10:17 am |
  19. Mary, Beaver, PA

    I do not watch political debates, and I certainly wouldn't watch one sponsored by CNN any more than I would watch one sponsored by Fox. CNN is clearly the Clinton News Network, just as Fox is the shill of neo-conservatism.

    Shame on you, shame on Fox!

    November 16, 2007 10:26 am at 10:26 am |
  20. Matt, Pennsylvania

    I'm so glad that in America we have no choice in our media outlets. We have CNN that panders to the loony left and is bought and paid for by corrupt politicians and mega corporations, and Fox News that is controlled by fear mongering racist homophobes.

    Where is there an impartial news network? And why should something as ridiculous and superficial as this be newsworthy, let alone be asked during such an important debate? This type of question is more in tune for something like a beauty pageant or a high school forum, not a debate between the candidates up for election for President of the United States.

    November 16, 2007 10:28 am at 10:28 am |
  21. J - Texas

    Newsweek gave Clinton favorable results. "Fireproofed–and Firing Away" Great job CLINTON. 08

    November 16, 2007 10:32 am at 10:32 am |
  22. Me, Omaha NE

    The problem was that she didnt have time to run a poll on gemstones during the debate.

    November 16, 2007 11:12 am at 11:12 am |
  23. James, Phoenix AZ


    It was a fitting end to a horribly moderated and seemingly "stacked" crowd. When John Edwards or Barack attempted to articulate the differences between themselves and Hillary – people booed???

    Good lord... they were telling the TRUTH – using FACTS.

    And this last girl... what a ridiculous question. One must genuinely wonder if CNN and/or Hillary planted that young college student.

    Oh wait... Hillary would NEVER do that, right??

    November 16, 2007 11:12 am at 11:12 am |
  24. diane l. machesney park, IL

    What a shameful way for CNN to live up to it's nickname: clinton news network.
    The audience was clearly stacked with clinton's backers and their people.
    and from the softball questions for Hillary to the planted audience questions to having clinton advisors doing the post debate, could you be any more obvious.
    Just like the Opinion Research, own by one of Clinton's biggest backers, doing CNN's polling, last night's debate was set for stopping the bleeding of the clinton campaign.
    The winner of this debate was not only the highly intelligent and non programed Obama but, Tim Russert who was found to be the best moderator after the joke of last night, and MSNBC who will find alot more viewers who are protesting CNN being in the pocket of the clintons.
    The loser was Clinton for her inability to rise to occassion and stuff the audience with sympathizers to make sure no one could challenge her very much.
    And the snake Carville and his croney Gergen who made no attempt for any kind of real analysis.
    And CNN for proving once and for all that the once great network is just a stooge for the Clinton campaign.

    November 16, 2007 11:23 am at 11:23 am |
  25. Blake, Lexington Ky

    Well I can't say that I'm surprised by the coverage of the debate. Corporate news rallies behind corporate Clinton. It is ridiculous that in all the post-debate coverage I did not see any reference to Hillary calling Obama's social security plan a tax on the middle class. His plan would affect the richest 6%. I would think the Democratic nominee should at least know what the middle class is. It looks like CNN will help secure Hillary Clinton the nomination despite her discrepancies (she hardly stands for Democratic values) and its no wonder why. Most American's take away only sound bites from the debate and "expert analysis." Well I found it laughable that James Carville, who owes his career to Bill Clinton, was the "left leaning" analyst. Of course Carville and the other stooges gave the win to Clinton, despite Clinton being the most right wing candidate running for the nomination whose policies hardly reflect the values of Democratic voters.

    November 16, 2007 11:53 am at 11:53 am |
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