January 10th, 2008
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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Thursday, January 10, 2008


Compiled by Jonathan Helman
CNN Washington Bureau

NY Times: Michigan Next, G.O.P. Rivals Turn to the Economy
Senator John McCain and Mitt Romney sped to Michigan on Wednesday and turned their focus to the slowing economy as they headed toward the next showdown in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Washington Post: Pace Quickens in Wide-Open Races
Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain each left New Hampshire elated over their victories in Tuesday's primaries, but neither could look ahead with confidence at a compressed calendar that will culminate in the biggest primary day in history on Feb. 5.

The State: Immigration Reform A Hot-Button Issue
The Republican presidential candidates will descend on South Carolina’s largest tourism market today for a debate that could turn on the topic of immigration. The subject is hot in this city, heavily dependent on seasonal and long-term workers to clean hotel rooms, cook in restaurants and build resorts for an estimated 14 million visitors a year.

LA Times: McCain Faces The Scene Of His Defeat
South Carolina crushed Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s hopes in 2000. This time, he has a new battle plan - and a 'truth squad.’

Detroit News: Dems Push 'Uncommitted' Option
Top Michigan Democrats made another plea Wednesday to coax supporters of presidential candidates Barack Obama and John Edwards to vote "uncommitted" in Tuesday's Michigan primary, rather than staying home or crossing over to vote in the Republican contest.

NY Times: Clinton’s Message, and Moment, Won the Day
Hillary Rodham Clinton’s teary-eyed exchange with a voter and her sharpened argument on experience were among the turning points in New Hampshire.

Washington Post: Obama Draws Throng in Jersey City
In his first campaign rally since his second-place showing in New Hampshire, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) spoke Wednesday afternoon to a boisterous overflow crowd at a college gymnasium in Jersey City, N.J. and said his loss Tuesday was a sober reminder that his message of change will be met by fierce resistance.

Washington Post: Romney Homes In on a Message That Will Stick
Several people close to the campaign traced the current problems to Mitt Romney's inability to settle on a single, coherent message that would define his presidency should he be nominated and then elected. In the last month before Iowa, some advisers worried that the final ads did not tell a compelling narrative.

Washington Post: South Carolina Primary Will Be a 'Turning Point,' Huckabee Says
The Republican race for president largely shifted Wednesday to South Carolina, where in 10 days a divided electorate is likely to crown one candidate the front-runner and cripple the chances of one or more others.

Washington Times: Hillary Win Revives Race, Stirs Donors
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton cashed in on her come-from-behind New Hampshire primary victory, raising more than $1 million in less than a day as her rejuvenated campaign vowed to capture the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

Boston Globe: Clinton, Obama Claim Fund-Raising Edge
Democratic front-runners Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton sparred yesterday over who has the most fund-raising potential for the battle ahead, as Obama suggested that he will soon retaliate against Clinton's sharpened attacks.

Detroit News: Cox May Rue Leaving Mccain
Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox may live to rue the day he bailed out on John McCain when the Arizona senator's presidential campaign was circling down the drain last summer, according to some political observers.

Detroit News: Friendly Reception Marks Romney's Return To 'Deep Roots'
Mitt Romney, who desperately needs a boost from Michigan in next week's Republican primary, told voters in his native state Wednesday that he'll return the favor if he gets to the White House.

AP: Analysis: McCain and Huckabee Now Rivals
John McCain, meet Mike Huckabee. You're now rivals. Until now the two Republican presidential candidates have been convenient allies - the two David's who knocked down Mitt Romney, the financial Goliath. But there's nothing convenient about Michigan and South Carolina, states that could make or break either candidate's hopes for being the next Republican presidential nominee.

AP: Giuliani Speech Delayed by Bomb Threat
Republican Rudy Giuliani's speech on taxes got sidetracked Wednesday after a bomb threat forced organizers to move to another location.

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