January 13th, 2008
11:00 AM ET
5 years ago

Giuliani: Florida victory is 'critical'

(CNN) - Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani said Sunday that victory in the Florida primary is "critical" to his campaign - but he stopped short of saying a loss in that contest would be a death knell to his campaign.

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," the former New York mayor was asked whether he needs to win in Florida to stay in the race.

"It's fair to say that it's a critical state for us, an important state for us. I don't think any candidate would ever say 'have to,' but... it's real important."

Giuliani had once planned to campaign heavily in other early states, but pulled his ads and paid staff.

"The reality is as these primaries played out, certain people were very strong in some, and you had to look for the opportunity where you had the best chance to demonstrate your strength," he said Sunday. "And it turned out that the analysis was that Florida was the best place for us to do it."

Giuliani - once considered a national front-runner - called the Florida contest "kind of a gate opener to the February 5th primaries." On Feb. 5, known as "Super Tuesday," more than 20 states will hold their nominating contests.

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  1. Alan

    "Mr Giuilani, didn't you misuse city resources to protect a tryst you had during your tenure as mayor?"

    "Um, no. But I WAS the Mayor during 9/11!"

    January 13, 2008 09:02 pm at 9:02 pm |
  2. Frank Magno

    Rudy, The Man with Great Mistakes

    Among the presidential candidates in both parties, it is only former New York City Mayor Rudy Giulani have the courage to admit mistakes. Great Ones. In matters, pertaining to Bern Kerik, not knowing his federal charges and disappointment as Homeland Secretary, he admitted that once in a while, your trusted men can commit infraction of the law; and not knowing them, is a great mistake. As to his married life, with his second marriage, it was also a great mistake. While still married, he ws parading his friend-mistress, now his third wife, in public functions in Manhattan.

    The greatest of them is was his first marriage, He was courting the woman for sometime and bringing her to her parents and family affairs. After nine months of living togeher as husband and wife, Rudy reaslized and have come to known that his wife is his first cousin. hed filed for annulment. A great mistake, a debacle in the life of the good Mayor.

    January 13, 2008 09:27 pm at 9:27 pm |
  3. Tony Ducey

    Personally I like Rudy, he seems to me like a good guy who could make a good president, but as someone that is involved in politics, I think that his strategy of avoiding small states is a risky move, I mean if he is elected president, he is going to have to be there for all the states not just the big ones, so this is risky and I think it will prevent him from the Republican nomination which will go to either Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, or John Mccain.

    January 13, 2008 10:58 pm at 10:58 pm |
  4. David

    Guliani is a fraud!...exactly what did he do to prevent 9/11 and make NYC safe from terrorists???All the guy did as mayor of New York was make Gracie Mansion a flop house for his girlfriends...all the while his kids were sleeping in the next rooms!..His idea of public service is earning 10s of millions of dollars as a "consultant" on terrorism on security....oh, and now he wants to be president to ensure the tax breaks for multi-millionaires aren't repealed...

    January 13, 2008 11:12 pm at 11:12 pm |
  5. Dem in Chicago

    I'm so glad Giuliani's 9/11 candidacy isn't working. Before 9/11 he was just a drag-wearing unpopular mayor with no presidential aspirations. What's changed? Some planes crashed into some buildings on his watch. Now he's qualified to be president? gimme a break. I feared for a while that this pitiful electorate would be dumb enough to fall for it, but thankfully they seem to be seeing right through it. I won't say this electorate has its head on straight yet, but considering these morons elected Bush twice, well really just once, this is a step in the right direction.

    January 14, 2008 12:45 am at 12:45 am |
  6. heath

    go Rudy. lower corporate tax rate spurns more business there fore more revenues to tax. meaning stronger economy, more jobs, and more tax revenue.

    I hope that florida and other states realize that they matter. NO more new hampshire and Iowa deciding who our canidates are.

    the media has blown the early primaries way out of proportion. there are 50 states not 2 or three that decide this thing.

    By the way the democrat spending and so called eoncomey stimiluas plans will put us back in the great depreshion in aboug 3 to 6 years. It would spurn more inflation, high unemployment and bankruptcy.

    January 14, 2008 12:50 am at 12:50 am |
  7. chris

    Well i guess Florida will have to endure a redundant campaign of the same old 9-11 re-enactments and warnings about terrorists. Sucks to be them. Oh well. At least this weasel doesn't have much of a chance of winning the ticket.

    January 14, 2008 01:27 am at 1:27 am |
  8. Dennis Zaki

    Critical and on life support. With Romney up by 6 points, a flatline should come soon enough.

    January 14, 2008 01:44 am at 1:44 am |
  9. Eric

    If the worst things you can say about someone is that he hired someone questionable (I guess Clinton never had a Wes Hubbel, Bush I a Sunnunu or Reagan an Ed Meese or Ollie North), or that he had some rocky relationships, you aren't saying much at all.

    Thank goodness a Republican is finally running who will take the party back from the hypocrites because America has had enough. And I (voted for Ford, Reagan, Bush, Bush, Dole, Bush and Bush) agree. Take note ye of the shrill choir pulpit. So what if the free world produces leaders like Nicolas Sarkozy, a bright young modernizer who's going to take France out of its silly entrenched ways into the 21st century? Will anyone really care that he's gotten divorced and then engaged to a supermodel within months of his election?

    Giuliani is an incorruptible 100% honest man who speant years putting away some of the most notorious croosk the country has produced. Even when the New York Times tried to impugn his integrity they were forced to publish a retraction. He's tough as nails and knows how to pick his battles.

    I too hope that his penchant for focusing on the big fish (a gamble) will pay off in spades.

    I'm still waiting for my Rudy bumper sticker to arrive in the mail, but let's get past Florida first.

    January 14, 2008 01:55 am at 1:55 am |
  10. William, expat in UK

    As an American living in Europe I see unbias reporting of the election.
    Giuliani comes across as a very bad B actor. Surely after 8 yrs. of Bush/Cheney the U.S. will not again allow another lying, shallow moron to occupy the oval office.
    Come Nov. it won't matter anyway who gets the Republican nomination, Hillary will be the next president.
    Those who disagree may rant & rave all you want, it will all be in vain.
    President Clinton will be elected to clean up the horrific mess the current administration has made.

    January 14, 2008 06:09 am at 6:09 am |
  11. mark wilkes barre pa

    Tim MINN. the whole nation knows this, it played for a month on national news and you remind us every chance you get,, move on man ! Rudy will not be president,,,,,

    January 14, 2008 06:38 am at 6:38 am |
  12. mark wilkes barre pa

    Ron des,,,,,,,, kennedy and clinton cheated on there wives,, kennedy is considered the greatest american president in modern times by many americans,, and every one knows how bill Clinton is loved and endeared,,, just ask any dem/lib ,they will tell you your comment has no legs

    January 14, 2008 06:44 am at 6:44 am |
  13. cory soulier

    I think Guilliani missed the fear mongering boat when it was running in full force in the 2004 elections. Even if Rudy does get the Republican nomination, so long as he continues to instill fear into the American people with his 'vote republican or die' attitude, he will lose. I think–or at least I hope–it is safe to say America is smart enough to read between the lines and not allow fear to dictate who they vote for. As much as I dislike Hillary, it will never come close to my extreme disliking for Rudy. Rudy reminds me of a 21st century Joe McCarthy. He is definately one of the major contributing players in what I like to call our nation's third red scare.

    January 14, 2008 07:36 am at 7:36 am |
  14. Chris, Middletown, CT

    Its funny to read the comments......they talk about "corruption" (without any proof) – they might discuss his divorce and relationship with his children (again...nothing to do with a presidency) – one thing you won't see discussed....the fact that he is a social liberal and fiscal conservative (the only moderate running) he effectively managed a budget larger than Arkansas' budget....70% of the population describe themselves as "moderate" – and Giuliani IS THE ONLY moderate running

    We could elect any of the other Republicans – they are all social conservatives who will remove abortion rights and there will be no gay rights

    We could elect any of the Democrats – where we can "punish the rich" for achieving the American dream...and have huge government programs (know any that are well run?? me either)

    At least look beyond the rhetoric and see that Giuliani lost likely represents what you are looking for (unless you are the 30% minority)

    January 14, 2008 07:57 am at 7:57 am |
  15. william walsh col ohio

    rudy you are so far out there and weak i cant even believe your even still here, he thinks just because he was a mayor that he is able to be a president? the guy has fear written all over him in just an election,what would he do in real situation, 911,so what, i mean come on,thats his platform that hes riding on? that he took care of new york at that time? so i guess that means the mayor of new orleans should run too? give me a break, this guy is not leader material, go home rudy, for gods sake let someone who is capable run, maby become a majistrate somewhere, decide traffic tickets and the like, but your no where near a presidential leader,and whoever said you were are as dilusional as you are,

    January 14, 2008 08:01 am at 8:01 am |
  16. Ed Mease

    I resent the slander . . . and I'm still in control here!

    January 14, 2008 08:30 am at 8:30 am |
  17. Sensible Cape Coral Fl

    Dear Eric,

    What the hell planet are you from? Do you have the right to vote on Planet Earth?
    God. I hope not!

    January 14, 2008 08:55 am at 8:55 am |
  18. prince

    well, this guy has clearly lost it, just recently he was viewed as the front runner, but who talks of him today, little or no mention, his years of experience seem to be nothing but just that.. years of experience

    January 14, 2008 09:22 am at 9:22 am |
  19. Eric-Houston, TX

    To Sensible and the other phoney balonies: admit that you're all Ron Paul supporters. Ron Paul "won" the Fox debate? Give me a break! You all voted 100 times a piece. Losers.

    January 14, 2008 09:26 am at 9:26 am |
  20. livefromnyc

    Giuliani is best in saying one sentence, which has one 3 words – a noun, a verb and 9/11. What a bunch of neocon ganglords are running for '08!!!

    January 14, 2008 10:12 am at 10:12 am |
  21. MinRaza

    What is the mess you mean? Has president Bush to beg your Islamic terrorists who are trained to kill cow as encouragement for killing human, or Amadenajad?
    Or Praise 911 as World's peace events?
    I susprise Americans, they complaint water boarding as torture, but you should know whom they conducted this techniques, worst criminals who they are willing to blow up your America, willing to behead your citizens.
    You should elect these terrorists or their advocates as president rather than Bush in USA.
    It will show that America is more prosperous and champion of human right when you elect your president from Guantanamo terrorists or elect Osama as eternal president of America.
    Whole Terror religious society and their advocates will cheer you and America.
    You still have not realize what terror means, I like to see you can say mess when they behead you.
    If you are American, shame on you.

    January 14, 2008 10:22 am at 10:22 am |
  22. Petre

    you forgot one Candidate...Ron Paul, who will not back the war like policies of all the other candidates...

    January 14, 2008 10:27 am at 10:27 am |
  23. S.B. Stein E.B. NJ

    Does it really make any sense for Rudy to run primarily on his September 2001 record? No it doesn't because there were many problems leading up to it. There were many problems after that as well. There were, as others have mentioned, ethical issues (Kerik and cheating on spouses). I don't think that Rudy really should be running. I wonder really how well he will deal with other world leaders not to mention Congress when problems happen.

    January 14, 2008 10:31 am at 10:31 am |
  24. Tony

    He will never win the nomination. It is very obvious now. Go home Rudy to your tacky wife

    January 14, 2008 10:41 am at 10:41 am |
  25. Richard von Zerneck

    As all New Yorkers already know, Rudy is a totally dishonest, immoral phony. Several earlier comments noted that he had "even cheated" on one of his 3 wives. People should go back and re-read the comments of his then second wife after he publically informed her that he was devorcing her to marry his mistriss. Donna Hanover alluded to his earlier affair with a member of his administration. New Yorkers knew that to be Christine Latigana, then his PR honcho. "Honest" Rudy soon appointed her as head of the citiy"s tourism office, a very well paid job (just perhaps to shut her up?). Yes, an honest, moral leader, that Rudy 9/11!!!!

    January 14, 2008 10:49 am at 10:49 am |
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