January 15th, 2008
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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Compiled by Jonathan Helman
CNN Washington Bureau

Detroit Free Press: All Eyes On Michigan
It was important that on the day before the Michigan presidential primary, the leading Republican candidates all wandered through the North American International Auto Show - the marquee event for the state's marquee industry, a chance to see how Detroit steel and ingenuity can still shine.

Detroit News: In Democrats' Race, It's Clinton Vs. 'Uncommitted'
Sonnie Williams summed up Michigan's marginalized Democratic primary better than any TV pundit could. "That doesn't seem right," said Williams, 36, a Detroit cosmetologist. "I can't vote for the person I want?"

Washington Times: GOP Rivals Reverse Roles
John McCain and Mike Huckabee traded places yesterday in Michigan, with the war-hawk senator preaching Judeo-Christian values and the ordained Southern Baptist minister talking bullets and bombs at an armored-vehicle plant.

NY Times: Clinton and Obama Call for Truce Over Dr. King Dispute
Speaking to black and Hispanic New Yorkers, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton tried on Monday to quell a controversy over race in the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination by praising the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and describing him as a trailblazer for both herself and her rival, Senator Barack Obama.

AP: S.C. Newspaper Endorses McCain
A newspaper in the heart of South Carolina's conservative Upstate region has endorsed John McCain in the Jan. 19 GOP primary. In an editorial published Sunday, The Greenville News cited the Arizona senator's experience with foreign affairs and willingness to work with Democrats to get things.

Las Vegas Sun: Most Republicans: There’s A Nevada Caucus?
The sight of several dozen Ron Paul supporters marching up the Strip on Saturday may be about as exciting as it gets among the Republican presidential campaigns in advance of Saturday’s party caucuses in Nevada.

NY Times: In Obama’s Pursuit of Latinos, Race Plays Role
As the Democratic candidates have moved from courting the overwhelmingly white voters of Iowa and New Hampshire to an expanse of 25 contests facing them in the next few weeks, they confront an electorate that is increasingly Hispanic, in Nevada, California and New York.

NY Times: Michigan at Center Stage in G.O.P. Race
With the plight of the ailing automobile industry at the top of the agenda, the leading Republican presidential candidates set off Monday on a final flurry of campaigning before a Michigan primary that could shake up anew a remarkably fluid field.

NY Times: Obama’s Wife Evokes Dangers of Campaign
When Michelle Obama addressed an audience of African-American political and entertainment heavyweights here on Sunday, she obliquely addressed fears that her husband’s presidential run might put him in danger.

NY Times: In South Carolina, a Bid for Black Women’s Votes
The Democratic presidential primary here, on Jan. 26, will be the first test of the candidates’ strength in a state where blacks are expected to cast more than half the Democratic votes. Significantly, perhaps a third of those voters will be black women.

Washington Post: Feb. 5 Primaries to Pose A Super Test of Strategy
After the trench warfare of Iowa and New Hampshire and the upcoming skirmishes in a handful of states, a very different battle awaits the presidential candidates on Feb. 5: the biggest and most challenging single day in a recent campaign for a party nomination.

Washington Post: Voters' Optimism Drops As Economic Fears Rise
Concern about the economy has jumped to the front of voters' minds as optimism about the nation's direction has dipped to its lowest point in more than a decade, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Washington Post: BET Founder Johnson Defends His Recent Criticisms of Obama
A day after his remarks about Sen. Barack Obama helped fuel a rancorous debate about race in the Democratic presidential contest, an unapologetic Robert L. Johnson described how frustrating it is to be on the other side of a candidate he compared to Teflon.

USA Today: Most Seek Leader Who Will Chart New Course
A demand for change, the issue that drove record-breaking turnout in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary this month, is echoing nationwide.

Washington Times: Hillary Losing Support Of Black
Black voters have been deeply loyal to the Democratic Party and to the Clintons, but they are more devoted to the dream of having a black president for the first time.

Politico: McCain Faces Little Incoming Fire
His opponents aren’t going after him. There isn’t a single third-party group hammering him in broadcast TV or radio ads. Even anti-tax advocate Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, a longtime adversary, is taking it easy on John McCain this time around.

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