January 16th, 2008
05:55 AM ET
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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Compiled Jonathan Helman
CNN Washington Bureau

Detroit News: Romney Blasts GOP Race Wide Open
Mitt Romney's victory Tuesday in the Michigan Republican presidential primary has put the economy on the nation's political map and Romney back into a turbulent fight for the GOP nomination.

Detroit News: Clinton Coasts To Democratic Victory
New York Sen. Hillary Clinton won the Michigan Democratic primary Tuesday, easily outpolling the "uncommitted" vote, but partisans are quarreling over whether she drew enough support to spare embarrassment.

Rothenberg Political Report: Romney Rides the Republican Wave in Michigan GOP Primary.
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, whose father served as Michigan's governor and campaigned as a hometown favorite, won the Michigan Republican primary Tuesday by rolling up clear wins among self-described conservatives and Republicans.

Las Vegas Sun: Democrats Engage In Substantive, Tranquil And Focused Debate
Trying to restore amity to a contest that has seen precious little of it recently, the three leading Democratic presidential candidates used a nationally televised debate in Las Vegas Tuesday night to emphasize their belief that America would be better served by sending any of them, not a Republican, to the White House next January.

NY Times: No G.O.P. Anchor in Sight
The convincing victory by Mitt Romney in the Michigan primary on Tuesday means three very different states — with dissimilar electorates driven by distinctive sets of priorities — have embraced three separate candidates in search of someone who can lead the party into a tough election and beyond President Bush.

Washington Post: Clinton, Obama Distance Selves From Talk of Race
After a week of bitter intra-party disputes over the issue of race, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) extended an olive branch to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) on Tuesday night and declared that she and the other Democratic candidates are "all family" in a nationally televised debate.

Detroit News: Economy, Jobs Concern Voters
With an unemployment rate that leads the nation and the loss of hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs in recent years, Michigan's sluggish economy was uppermost in the minds of voters in Tuesday's balloting.

Detroit News: Early Primary Put Mich. Issues In Spotlight
Ask Democratic National Committeewoman Debbie Dingell whether moving Michigan's primary date was worth the grief and she'll recall a chaotic - but wonderful - moment at the North American International Auto Show.

Detroit News: Little Ballot Fuss Evident At Polls
Voters grumbled that Michigan's new photo ID requirement was unconstitutional, or needlessly snoopy, and some stayed home rather than face the need to choose one party's ballot or negotiate the nuances of a truncated Democratic race.

Detroit News: Romney, Crowd Bask In Glow Of Home Win
Michigan's native son had won, and Mitt Romney, his jet black hair damp and his eyes red and teary, was greeted Tuesday night after his Republican primary victory like a rock star.

Washington Post: 44 Percent Vote Against Clinton
About 44 percent of Michigan Democrats voted against Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) yesterday in the party's primary, with the vast majority of that group marking "uncommitted" on ballots that did not include any other major candidates.

AP: Bill Clinton Paints Obama As 'Establishment' Candidate
Bill Clinton, who carried Nevada in two general elections, urged voters Tuesday to buck labor endorsements for Sen. Barack Obama and support his wife in Saturday's hotly contested presidential caucuses as the only Democratic candidate with the experience necessary to change the country.

Washington Times: ON DEADLINE: Mitt Won, Authenticity Lost
Mitt Romney's victory in Michigan was a defeat for authenticity in politics.

LA Times: Obama Gets Major Labor Endorsement
The head of the politically powerful Los Angeles County Federation of Labor said Tuesday that she is endorsing Barack Obama for president. The endorsement by Maria Elena Durazo is a coup for Obama that could help the Illinois senator in his uphill struggle against Hillary Rodham Clinton to win substantial support among Latino voters in Southern California.

LA Times: Democrats Most Obliging In Their Bid For Nevada
The three leading Democratic candidates for president tussled Tuesday over a proposed nuclear waste dump, energy policy and gun use in a restrained debate that explored issues key to voters who will caucus here Saturday.

Las Vegas Sun: It’s Culinary Vs. Everyone Else In Labor Spat
Long-simmering tensions between Nevada’s largest union, Culinary Workers Local 226, and other state labor organizations have spilled over to presidential politics and are now playing a role in Saturday’s Democratic caucus.

AP: Poll Finds That Roots Made The Difference
Mitt Romney capitalized on his Michigan ties and attracted the most conservative voters yesterday while John McCain found far fewer Republican primary votes among the Democrats and independents who were key to his victory here eight years ago, an exit poll showed.

Boston Globe: Candidates Abandoning Small-Government Ideology
For most of the past year, almost every Republican presidential contender tried to present himself as the real Reagan conservative, without questioning whether Ronald Reagan's antigovernment message was applicable in 2008.

The State: Like It Or Not, ‘Likability’ Rules ’08 Race
As South Carolinians head to the polls Saturday for the Republican primary and Jan. 26 for the Democratic one, many voters will choose the primary to vote in and the candidate to vote for on the basis of something other than voting records, decision-making experience or position papers.

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