January 18th, 2008
07:09 AM ET
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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, January 18, 2008


Compiled by Jonathan Helman
CNN Washington Bureau

USA Today: S.C. Primary May Yield GOP Front-Runner, Answers
After three different winners in three major contests, Republicans look south this weekend in search of a presidential front-runner.

USA Today: Democrats Skirmish For Support In Nevada
The three top Democratic presidential candidates have competed full-out to win the Nevada caucuses here Saturday in a tumultuous atmosphere marked by legal challenges and uncertainty about an untested process.

Washington Times: McCain Rallies S.C. Supporters
It was almost as if Sen. John McCain wanted to overwhelm his supporters with firepower: 40 minutes of endorsement speeches here yesterday from the Republican Party's top spending-cuts advocate, a leading tax-cuts advocate and a who's who of South Carolina leaders.

NY Times: Romney Leaves South Carolina to Focus on Nevada Caucus
The next big Republican presidential contest is Saturday in South Carolina. So what did Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, the winner of the Michigan primary this week, do on Thursday morning? He hopped a plane from South Carolina to Nevada, with no plans to return.

NY Times: Southern Blacks Are Split on Clinton vs. Obama
Across the South, a fierce competition is afoot for black voters, who are expected to constitute 20 percent to 50 percent of voters in the South Carolina Democratic primary on Jan. 26 and in the four Southern states with primaries on Feb. 5: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee.

NY Times: Giuliani Had Ties to Company Trying to Sell Border Technology
On the presidential campaign trail, former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani often promotes the installation of electronic monitoring devices at the border to stem illegal immigration, without mentioning that until a few months ago, he was partner in a company trying to market such technology.

Washington Post: Thompson Hopes S.C. Revives His Campaign
Time is running out for former senator Fred D. Thompson of Tennessee to make a statement in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Once billed as the party's next Ronald Reagan, he is just two days from knowing whether his candidacy has a future.

NY Times: Edwards Attacks Obama for View of Reagan
The legacy of Ronald Reagan was invoked in the Democratic nominating race on Thursday when John Edwards attacked Senator Barack Obama for remarks he made to a Nevada newspaper suggesting praise for Reagan.

NY Times: Bill Clinton, Stumping and Simmering
Hillary Rodham Clinton may be the spouse running for office, but it is more Bill Clinton who appears to be feeling the heat.

NY Times: Confederate Flag Takes Center Stage Once Again
The Republican presidential candidates on Thursday moved to appeal to different types of conservative voters before the South Carolina primary, with Mike Huckabee using colorful language to declare the Confederate flag a states’ rights issue and Senator John McCain embracing a supply-side tax cut proposal.

Washington Post: A Newly Confident Clinton Focuses More on Economy Than on Obama
Ten days after she choked up while answering a question from a New Hampshire voter, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton took the pulpit at Citizens of Zion Missionary Baptist Church here on Thursday to cite a Bible verse in support of her main argument against Sen. Barack Obama.

The State: Youth Vote Not A Sure Bet
Young voters could make the difference for the winner of Saturday’s S.C. Republican primary, as they have in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Washington Post: Judge Allows Casino Sites for Nevada Caucuses
A federal judge on Thursday refused to shut down nine casino-based sites for Saturday's Nevada caucuses, delivering a victory to Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) in what has become an increasingly bitter Democratic contest here in Nevada.

Washington Times: Obama Hit Over Labor Union Ads
Sen. Barack Obama's presidential rivals yesterday accused him of hypocrisy because a labor union that backs his candidacy is running attack ads against Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Washington Post: Chris Matthews Backs Off 'Nasty' Remark on Clinton
Under pressure from feminist groups and his own bosses at MSNBC, Chris Matthews apologized yesterday for remarks about Hillary Clinton that he now admits sounded "nasty."

The State: Phone Calls Targeting Candidates
As Republican candidates made a final appeal to voters on issues and image, they also struggled to respond to rival criticism and a flood of deceptive phone calls attacking their records.

Greenville News: Both parties courting college students online
From text messaging to downloadable My Space banners that are the online equivalent of yard signs, presidential primary candidates have launched their campaigns into cyberspace to court the college vote.

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