January 24th, 2008
10:45 AM ET
10 years ago

McCain: I am Dems' 'worst nightmare'

McCain says he can best beat a Democrat in a new Web ad.

McCain says he can best beat a Democrat in a new Web ad.

(CNN) – Some unlikely faces make an appearance in a new Web ad from Republican John McCain: Democrats Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama.

In the spot, all of them mention the Arizona senator's name, while the on-screen text asks: "What keeps Democrats up at night?"

It also scrolls through clips of various pundits who say the Democratic Party most fears McCain as the Republican nominee.

The ad comes on the heels of this week’s CNN Democratic in South Carolina debate, where McCain’s name was frequently invoked on stage.

"Democrat Senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards said John McCain's name 15 times during the course of their hour and a half-long debate this week," McCain spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker said in statement. "Why? They fear John McCain most because he's the one candidate who can rally the conservative Reagan Coalition while appealing to independent voters to win in November."

In the most recent CNN poll of hypothetical general election matchups, McCain was the Republican who performed best against any of the major Democratic candidates - in a statistical tie with either of the party’s presidential frontrunners, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

- CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney

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  1. wes

    Today is the day in Florida. I find this campaign more disturbing every time I turn on the TV. MC Cain has lost all respect with anyone that is still a real conservative.... McCain is dis honest and engaged in trying to provoke Romney who was accused of negative campaigns in Iowa when all he did was show his oponets voting records. If they chose to call that negative campaigning then America what else do you need to see? Romney is the only man running on either ticket that can change America. He has friends and a family that loves and supports him. The media even reported a problem early in the campaign that he was too perferct. Soooooo...here we are...Chuck Norris not appreciating the fact that Romney has put so much of his own money into his campaign and won't owe anyone any favors....McCain making up lies about Romney because he is desperate and Huckabee who has nade snide comments this whole time but claims to be the man from God for the nation.
    HAHAHAHAHAH.....I was a Rudy fan but in my heart I know he can not win. I admire him so much and the man he is....but the actions of the Republicans have made me look at things and the men themselves this time around and Romney
    could have saved his money ....the other men pushed me moore towards Romney by unchristianlike conduct...Politics is war too...the Democrats are such hypocrites.....they claim to oppose the war in Iraq and then make complete fools of themselves in this campaign...Dirty!!!
    America....open your eyes like I did....look at the men and what they stand for and
    who is in their corner...Romney can fix this economy...the terrorist have gone after our country from the inside out even through Washington politics. We need a new face in Washington and someone that can fix things that we can trust. Romney is that man. You may not like him...he won't care. He said himself.."He isn't going to Washington to make friends...he is going to fix Washington."
    A vote for Romney is a vote for a better future for America.

    PS I love you Rudy

    January 29, 2008 12:25 pm at 12:25 pm |
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