January 24th, 2008
04:00 PM ET
10 years ago

McCain nabs Thompson fundraiser

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Fred Thompson's former top fundraiser has signed on with John McCain, the Arizona senator's presidential campaign announced Thursday.

In a statement released by McCain's campaign, Scooter Clippard, Thompson's former national fundraising chairman, hailed McCain for his "commitment to the conservative principles we hold dear."

"For more than two decades, John McCain has taken on the system in Washington, fought to lower taxes, to defend the traditional values that made our nation strong, and to keep our families safe from the enemies of freedom," said Clippard.

Thompson formally bowed out of the White House race Tuesday, following a poor third-place showing in South Carolina - a state where the former Tennessee senator expected to do well. Though he enjoys a close relationship with McCain, Thompson has not endorsed any remaining Republican candidate.

- CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney

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  1. Scott, Milwaukee, WI

    Republicans love Romney? Have you looked at his negative rating in Republican polls?

    Republicans hate Romney and his money can't buy him love.

    January 24, 2008 09:53 pm at 9:53 pm |
  2. Louis

    I wonder! Mrs. Clinton was willing to turn a blind eye to adultry. If she becomes president of the USA, what else is she willing to turn a blind eye to?
    Just wondering!

    January 25, 2008 08:55 am at 8:55 am |
  3. Independent Thinker, Salem, OR.

    One more thing on the whole illegal issue. McCain was looking for a realistic solution. The Dems who now control Congress are NEVER going to agree to anything that doesn't allow for a path to citizenship and it's not only them. There is a huge business lobby that isn't going to let all that cheap labor go back across the boarder without some hope of replacing it. He was looking to take a step forward. Making the illegals follow a process to gain citizenship isn't amnesty, it's defining an alternate way to become a citizen. Check your history, there have been numerous requirements to get into this country and they have changed often over time. He just suggested a change that has a chance of becoming law. I have actually worked on boarder enforcement and I can tell you that there in absolutely no way to lock up the boarder. If the government starts taking away businesses that hire illegals, outline a process for the workers we need to come here legally, and continue to sure up our boarder security we will get to where we need to be. McCain was trying to find a solution that would work.

    If anyone has a better idea that will WORK; I'd love to hear it. Trust me, the answer is not seal the border because you can't, it's not kick them all out because you can't and there would be ripple effects in our economy. The answer like most things is somewhere in between.

    January 25, 2008 11:31 am at 11:31 am |
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