February 12th, 2008
09:07 PM ET
10 years ago

Clinton's deputy campaign manager resigns

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Hillary Clinton's deputy campaign manager has resigned, her campaign confirmed Tuesday night as the New York senator faced another round of disappointing primary results.

Mike Henry is the second senior staff-level departure from the Clinton team in the past three days. He was hired by Patti Solis Doyle - Clinton's former campaign manager - whose resignation was revealed Sunday.

"As someone who has managed campaigns, I share the unique understanding of the challenges that the campaign will face over the next several weeks," Henry said in a Tuesday e-mail to Clinton staffers.

"Our campaign needs to move quickly to build a new leadership team, support them and their decisions and make the necessary adjustments to achieve the winning outcome for which we have all worked so hard for over a year now."

Howard Wolfson, spokesman for Clinton's campaign, said that Henry had done "an outstanding job for the campaign and his expertise will be missed."

Henry, who helmed the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's independent expenditure program two years ago, was the author of an internal memo last year that suggested Clinton should skip Iowa - a proposal that was quickly dismissed when it became public.

A year earlier, he managed the successful campaign of Virginia's Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine, and was a lead advisor to former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner's campaign.

CNN projects that Clinton's rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, won Tuesday night's Virginia Democratic primary.

- CNN's Candy Crowley, Suzanne Malveaux and Jessica Yellin contributed
to this report.

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  1. Smith

    Well he may be jumping Hillary's boat, but I'm jumping the democrat boat.

    February 12, 2008 09:53 pm at 9:53 pm |
  2. sarah

    McCain is not going anywhere without those conservatives. If he wants to win he has to do some serious sweet talk. OBAMA 08!!! YEAH!

    February 12, 2008 09:53 pm at 9:53 pm |
  3. ARGHH

    Hail Obama...sound familier? A smooth talker who manages to dupe people into loving him?

    February 12, 2008 09:54 pm at 9:54 pm |
  4. Jersey Girl2

    It's not over yet! The Obama Team states that they want to "change" America, but we need a President, not an American Idol winner.

    CNN, be fair and post everyone's messages.

    Hillary Clinton 08

    February 12, 2008 09:54 pm at 9:54 pm |
  5. Anonymous

    Sport Hilary!

    February 12, 2008 09:54 pm at 9:54 pm |
  6. shola

    If only people will tacitly stop putting race in the equation, you will see that hillary would never stand a chance against maccain in the general. obama stands a greater chance of winning and has the potential of being a better CIC, being a much younger candidate.CIC of the united states is a stressful job.

    February 12, 2008 09:55 pm at 9:55 pm |
  7. AL

    I may not be a famous person or a politician; however, I am an individual and I do have an opinion. I will not live in a nation run by a man who has less experience than a 2-term member of congess running this nation. I will take a long vacation to the Great North and be a Canadian for a few years.

    February 12, 2008 09:55 pm at 9:55 pm |
  8. Viv

    Just as Hillary abandoned the black voters, since they chose to vote for Obama, and now she continues to lose them. She is now going to lose her hispanic voters as she abandons her hispanic campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle. She only hired her so she can get the hispanic votes. She did, but now, she is going to be losing most of them. I have no doubt, at some point, we will find out that she was pressured to leave and that it was not her choice to walk away.

    February 12, 2008 09:56 pm at 9:56 pm |
  9. Whitney G

    AND to STEVE the Hilary supporter
    Yeah yeah beautiful speech sweetie but people like YOU are the reason OBAMA is winning and people see through Hilary. People like you are the reason why we need CHANGE. CHANGE is what we want. WHO GIVES A FLYING FLIP about whether hes a fresh face!!!! You sound ridiculous saying some bull like that. All the OLD faces are the reason why this country is the way it is right now. Please come back with a better reason as to why Obama should not be elected. Hes a Senator just like Hilary. Is that not enough? And dont try me like Im like Im an ignorant one if you respond because Ill come back ten times harder with some hardcore facts for u.


    February 12, 2008 09:57 pm at 9:57 pm |
  10. Joe

    I expect Hillary to come out fighting Obama now. Things will get nasty. I would never undersestimate Bill and Hillary Clinton. If Obama cannot Ohio or Texas or Pennsylvania - he is out. The Democrats want a candidate that will compete and win big states with electoral votes – like CA, NY, TX, PA, Ohio and FLA. Obama, unfortuantely would not win those states in a general election. Obama has the momentum, but he cannot win big states as of yet – that is his downfall.

    February 12, 2008 09:57 pm at 9:57 pm |
  11. Jay

    Never count the Clintons out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    February 12, 2008 09:57 pm at 9:57 pm |
  12. anon

    If our country has any hope of emerging successfully from this recession, Obama is NOT the answer. His inexperience and caution will hinder us greatly. As for his promise for hope and change...he has failed to mention what exactly he will change. It's a great message–but he's all talk and no action.

    February 12, 2008 09:57 pm at 9:57 pm |
  13. Gonzalo

    Isn't it kind of impossible for Hillary to win now. There is no way that she can get over 60% in Texas, Ohio, and PA(I doubt she will even win any of them now). Hillary needs to stop before this does divide the party. However, it looks like McCain and Obama will duke it out and Obama winning in November. However, I predict he will be a disappointment. No one can live to as much hype and promises of change he has made, no one. If you think things are bad now, you wait for an America that is disillusioned. Yes you should have hope, but not hope at the point of losing touch with reality.

    February 12, 2008 09:59 pm at 9:59 pm |
  14. paul

    Obama whined when Bill Clinton took a few swipes at him, how is he going to handle the Republican machine?

    February 12, 2008 10:01 pm at 10:01 pm |
  15. AD in CA

    Reading some of these blogs, especially about the "drinking of the kool-aid" just displays ignorance to the "nth degree". What makes us think that Obama can do what he claims??? What makes you think he can't? Get over your negativity and start looking ahead. When you relaize that it takes ALL of us to work together to get out if the mess this country is in, I'm certain you will see things differently.

    Point blank.... I'm tired of being "sick and tired!"

    Go Obama!

    February 12, 2008 10:02 pm at 10:02 pm |
  16. Richard

    YES, us Republicans, I am a lifetime member. We will either vote OBAMA, but not his Mama (Clinton person) what is her name? In the general election...However McCain is the shame of the party...He alone has the job to "sell" his right to be President to the party..AND the party will either hold the nose and vote for him or, LIKE ME pay him back and deal with the Dems and make a deal like he has so many times with the Dems and vote with the Dems. LIfelong Replubican will vote for any one BUT McCain in every election. McCain look up three the ARMY VALUE BOOKS at what LOYALTY is...you think it is vote any way you want on guns and life issues then run for President like a man...you are a independant so run with your party. SSG – OIF III VET.

    February 12, 2008 10:02 pm at 10:02 pm |
  17. Chad

    This post will be so far down that no one will read it. But anyhow, I think we Obama supporters should be cautiously optimistic. The Clinton machine is still formidable and quite capable of pulling off big state wins like Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, etc. Plus, there is the super delegate issue and not to mention the Florida and Michigan issue that COULD surface at the convention. As far as the Obama v. McCain issue – it is way to early to tell. After all, Clinton was way ahead in most polls a few months ago. Things happen, things change. Be excited – I am. But do not get arrogant and hubristic. There is a long long way to go and it will not be easy.
    OBAMA 08!

    February 12, 2008 10:03 pm at 10:03 pm |
  18. Jonathan C.

    I have friends in the several different campaigns, and apparently this guy was already planning to leave to spend time with his family. I congratulate Obama on his wins from the past couple contests, but let's remember Texas and Ohio are still deep in Hillary territory so let's not get too overconfident about the Obama campaign.

    February 12, 2008 10:03 pm at 10:03 pm |
  19. Meg

    Sure, Barack Obama can talk the talk, but how can he walk the walk with such little experience? Only two years in the Senate is not nearly enough experience to run one of the most powerful countries in the world. HILLARY '08 - Someone with real political experience!

    February 12, 2008 10:03 pm at 10:03 pm |
  20. Alex

    I'll never vote for Obama. I'll happily see McCain beat him in November.

    February 12, 2008 10:04 pm at 10:04 pm |
  21. hank

    The president does not run the USA...big money interests run it..........when Clinton left the Presidency OIL was $17 per barrel........Bush's BIG MONEY people got us into this OIL war and now they are making the money...OBAMA will not be able to change much..BIG MONEY will still RULE..........Did Nancy Peloshi get us out of IRAQ??
    Not much will change whomever gets in as President........Read Solomon......It's all for naught..
    Hank, been der done dat........as Bush said "IT'S ALL ABOUT BIDNESS." lol

    February 12, 2008 10:04 pm at 10:04 pm |
  22. Dustin

    You are all a bunch of morons, especially those who think McCain will win against Hillary or Obama...I'll take either over Mr. Send More People to Die in Iraq McCain.

    February 12, 2008 10:04 pm at 10:04 pm |
  23. Shawn

    People who say that Obama is all "talk and fluff" REALLY need to go check out his plans and how he stands on the issues on his WEBSITE!..He has an IMMENSE amount of information on there so check it out before you start blabbering away on the comment boards...thats what the "educated" obama supporters do lol....we look up the FACTS!!! OBAMA '08!!!!

    February 12, 2008 10:04 pm at 10:04 pm |
  24. Eric

    The Clanton's, I'm sorry the clinton's truly represent a corporate America mindset. This type of mindset promotes people who claim to have experience even when their so called "experience" produces no results. The clinton campaign staff devolution is representative of the poor leadership skills of Capital Hillary and the poor decision making demonstrated by her husband Capital Bill. Change is needed and its needed now. Obama represents that change. If you want the same old same old, and the stale rhetoric of the past vote clinton.

    Vote Obama! In your heart you know he's right.

    February 12, 2008 10:05 pm at 10:05 pm |
  25. newyear36

    i'm happy for my boy obama. he is showing this country that it's time for a real connection. my only problem with clinton is she seems to be counting the bid states and skipping the others. even in the states obama lost he campaigned, not forget every vote counts. the dnc decided to skip forida and mich because they moved ahead of super tues. no delegates are awarded to dem, so stop that talk. clinton didn't realize this was going to be a real fight and not a coast to the nomination. i wish her luck , but my vote is with obama.


    February 12, 2008 10:06 pm at 10:06 pm |
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