March 4th, 2008
07:13 PM ET
10 years ago

Schneider: Why Obama won Vermont

(CNN) – Barack Obama is headed for an easy victory in Vermont, fueled by overwhelming victories among voting blocs that have solidly aligned with Hillary Clinton in other states.

Though women voters and seniors are the backbone of Clinton's support, in Vermont more than two-thirds of women, and roughly 60 percent of voters age 65 and higher, went for Obama.

One of the key reasons this groups went for Obama? The Iraq war. While the issue has fallen in importance among voters in several other states, Vermont voters ranked it nearly as important as the economy, and those who said it was the number one issue went for Obama over Clinton by nearly 3 to 1.

Obama often touts the fact he was initially opposed to the Iraq war while Clinton voted to authorize it. He has consistently beaten Clinton among voters concerned about Iraq - and in Vermont, this gap clearly proved decisive.

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- CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider

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  1. CZ

    "Shame on all of you woman who did not vote for Hilliary – for the first time in history we have the opportunity to vote for an intelligent, articulate, dedicated, and experienced woman who would and could sucessfully lead our country."

    Wow, this isn't sexist, right?

    If, as I black person, I posted this about fellow black folks regarding senator Obama, I'd be blasted & called a racist. I'll lay back and see what happens....

    March 4, 2008 08:21 pm at 8:21 pm |
  2. Amy

    Here in Texas, the polls have just closed. We are waiting to caucus. I'm an educator, woman, and my husband is union. We are both huge Obama fans. Hillary has too many "people" in her back pocket!
    Go Obama!

    March 4, 2008 08:21 pm at 8:21 pm |
  3. L G

    As an Australian castinga close eye on American politics i make the ofllowing observations based on our own recent federal elections:

    1. having a plan means nothing if you have no idea how to get it done
    2. slogans, speeches mean nothing – its the back room stuff that makes it happen
    3. people are nowadays more accepting of change – i guess they think changing soemhting will make it better – but that isnt alwyas the case
    4. talk is cheap – its how you walk the walk.
    5. experience isnt just somehting you get ont he campaign trail, its also doingt he cut and thrust, observing the machinations at play etc

    All up every vote counts – and god bless America that it makes the right decision.

    Hillary should get the nomination, but in a strange way i dont think she will

    March 4, 2008 08:22 pm at 8:22 pm |
  4. Michelle in Los Angeles

    Yeah!, Obama momentum still going strong. Hilliarys camp is grasping at straws. First her camp and husband said she had to win Texas and Ohio, now they are trying to say as long as she wins Ohio she is strong. I am so tired of team Hillary changing their minds. What is her message tonight anyway? I am sure it is different from yesterday

    Politics is the only game you can loose 11 in a row, oh 12(Vermont), and still consider yourself a winner. If she was on a job, she'd be fired for failure to accomplish the goals set fourth. This lady has failed running her campaign, had to loan herself money because she did not know she was low, fired 3 or 4 people, and had web page issues. After observing her poor leadership with her campaign, I am scared to have her as my President.,

    March 4, 2008 08:24 pm at 8:24 pm |
  5. Sid

    There was over 2million early votes. When are they added to the count.

    March 4, 2008 08:25 pm at 8:25 pm |
  6. The Horse luver

    I really think hillary deserves to win! I think obama needs to rethink his patriotism!!!!!


    March 4, 2008 08:26 pm at 8:26 pm |
  7. Dave

    As an independent, Vermont voters are smart. If the Dem's elect Obama I am leaning that way. If they elect Hilary I am certain to vote for McCain.

    March 4, 2008 08:30 pm at 8:30 pm |
  8. Michelle in Los Angeles

    It is truly hard to unite when the supporters of Obama, the winner of the last 12 or 13, see Hillary keep making excuses, and draging the race on. This is a skunk. We will unite when Hillary backs out as any respectable person would. Barack as the most votes/delegates, he took Minnesota from Hillary. Chances are he's taken Texas from Clinton. He won Vermont. California was yesterday, she has lost 12 since. Lets live in the Now people. Lets unite behind the winner today- Barack Obama!

    March 4, 2008 08:33 pm at 8:33 pm |
  9. Kevin

    If Obama wins, we will have another Bush-like America. Down, down, down, down, down.... everything goes down from gas to milk. You don't get it? Its a sign of the" FALL OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE!!!!"

    March 4, 2008 08:34 pm at 8:34 pm |
  10. Vote for the best candidate


    It is shameful that you would expect other women to vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. What an insult to all women!! Are you saying that Hillary has nothing to offer other than her gender.

    If you are a true Democrat, you would respect other Democrats' choice to vote the way they choose. This is the premise of a democracy.

    The state of affairs and this election is too important for me to waste my vote based on such a frivolous reason. I WILL NOT VOTE for a candidate BASED ON GENDER OR RACE.

    By the way, I am a minority female voter for Obama because of his record and vision for this country.

    March 4, 2008 08:35 pm at 8:35 pm |
  11. Michelle in Los Angeles

    Shame on all the women that voted for Hillary simply because we experienced much success and when her husband was in office. Hillary is not Bill. Many woman would not do have the stuff that their husbands do. Shame on all the women that voted for a women just because she is woman. Step out the box people. The same ole, same ole, is not always the best. Evolution, growth.

    March 4, 2008 08:38 pm at 8:38 pm |
  12. Brian

    CNN is sooooo biased. No pretenses of just reporting the news on this site, CNN is intent on influencing this election by its coverage. Shame on you!

    March 4, 2008 08:39 pm at 8:39 pm |
  13. Vig

    Because Vermont one dimensional

    March 4, 2008 08:44 pm at 8:44 pm |
  14. Mark, NJ

    Obama & CNN -VS- Hilary. And She'll still WIN. Keep going Hilary. You don't have to stop until ALL the delgates are counted. That includes the peoples vote and the SUPER DELAGATES. KEEP GOING PLEASE. CNN You've disappointed me to know end.

    March 4, 2008 08:45 pm at 8:45 pm |
  15. Matthew

    CNN & Wolf Blitzer, You should all be ashamed of how poorly you've conducted yourself during the primary elections. Hilary Clinton is still fighting and trust me the people are listening. I don't know who has more rhetoric CNN or Obama. Hilary is the train that keeps going and she'll win the democratic nomination, with or without the SUPER DELAGATES.

    March 4, 2008 08:48 pm at 8:48 pm |
  16. cathy

    Antonio Obama has been favored in Vermont since before New Hampshire. We in Vermont voted for him because we like his message. Do not denegrate the wonderful people of Vermont.

    March 4, 2008 08:49 pm at 8:49 pm |
  17. Jenny


    March 4, 2008 08:50 pm at 8:50 pm |

    I can't believe the horrible coverage that CNN is giving Hilary. I am tired of hearing there personal views without any details of how Obama is this train that can't be stopped? HILARY IS THE ONE WHO CAN"T BE STOPPED AND SHE'S GONNA WIN... .INCLUDING THE SUPER DELAGATES.

    March 4, 2008 08:51 pm at 8:51 pm |
  19. Walter

    Good for Vermont!! I read Barack Obama's book The Audacity of Hope, and I truly believe that he is the only agent of change. My daughter says that, "Vermont is smart state." They probably studied the issues and didn’t fall for all the negative spin of the media as well as of Senator Clinton. Come on!! A beer in Senator’s Clinton left hand in a blue collar state! Let’s get real! Read Obama’s book. He is a great man who understands all the issues. He is more practical. He is ahead of his time and could become the best president ever. Obama’s book is somewhat prophetic, original, honest, and refreshing. To all of you negative sour apples of the world, Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and to some of you rude political pundits with your own negative agendas who are about to go on a long vacation soon after Obama sends the Clintons home, you need to curl up to a good book and get to know the man, Barack Obama.

    March 4, 2008 08:53 pm at 8:53 pm |
  20. Ken

    Can anyone tell me what time it is?

    I just read that Obama answered the phone at 12:00 noon

    Going with military time, with 3 more states to go today, Obama will answer the phone at 15:00 hrs

    March 4, 2008 08:53 pm at 8:53 pm |

    I can't believe Vermont. I thought they had more sense. What's the message Vermont that you so much love about Obama? What is the message... If that idiot is given the democratic nomination I am voting for McCain.

    March 4, 2008 08:54 pm at 8:54 pm |

    I guess Vermont loved the speech that Obama gave about the skies opening up and we will all be saved. Vermont you've made a big mistake. Hilary is your man.

    March 4, 2008 08:56 pm at 8:56 pm |
  23. issie

    It is appalling that after all of the nasty attacks, the Clintons white house scandals of abuse of power, dirty deals, and lying, how can anyone vote for this woman. Hillary and Bill are power driven and will not do anything but tie up the congress and senate for four years fighting with the Republicans, auditing their tax returns as they did in the past, and not to mention how mysteriously people died in the past administration. That is frighten enough. Barack is not perfect, but at least he is willing to unite all parties to get issues taken care of in Washington. We need fresh eyes, and a new direction. With Hillary it will be politics as usually and not to mention all deals Bill is making behind her back that has to be paid back. This couple is too convoluted with corruption.

    March 4, 2008 08:57 pm at 8:57 pm |
  24. DONALD

    obama....strictly a shadow that mccain will walk through on the way to whitehouse. would be a sad day for our party.

    March 4, 2008 08:59 pm at 8:59 pm |
  25. HD

    Thank you Vermont voters!!!!!

    Go Obama .... 13 in a row

    March 4, 2008 09:00 pm at 9:00 pm |
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