March 17th, 2008
02:20 PM ET
10 years ago

Blitzer: An ailing economy makes for election year fallout

Democratic White House hopefuls say its current resident has not done enough for the nation’s ailing economy.

Democratic White House hopefuls say its current resident has not done enough for the nation’s ailing economy.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - With the economy issue number one on the minds of American voters, the Democratic presidential candidates are taking the gloves off in going after President Bush and his seven-year record.

“There have been few Administrations so out of touch with the concerns and the struggles of working Americans and so beholden to the lobbyists and special interests who blocked any kind of regulatory oversight of the financial sector,” says Barack Obama.

Underlining his charge of an administration “out of touch” with the deteriorating economic situation, Obama insisted Monday the president’s policies were “so divorced from the reality facing the American people and the American economy that it would be laughable if it weren’t so frightening.”

Hillary Clinton also said Monday that the "fiscal irresponsibility of the Bush administration" was to blame for the country's current economic turmoil and market fears, telling reporters that she would have acted very differently over the past year on fiscal matters than the administration has done. "We are in a very dangerous period in the economy. We need vigilance and we need leadership..." she said.

Many Democrats point to the president’s surprise at a recent news conference when a reporter noted that a gallon of gasoline was approaching $4 a gallon.

The fallout from the ailing economy will be politically significant in both the short and long term. First, Democrats will have to decide whether Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is better suited to handle the economic challenges facing the nation. Later, in the general election, the American public will have a chance to decide whether the eventual Democratic nominee or John McCain can do a better job.

Normally, during times of economic turmoil, the party in power in the White House suffers in an election. That has Republicans deeply worried right now. They are not only concerned about the presidential election but also about losing seats in the House and Senate as well.

–CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer

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  1. DA

    Bush ruined the economy and if folks put another Republican in office ie..Mr. McCain (who don't have a clue about it) we will be no better off in the next four years!!!

    March 17, 2008 05:23 pm at 5:23 pm |
  2. Kris from AZ

    I am not sure that Bush or his administration had anything to do with the economy not doing well. Try years of Republicans doing their part in creating less jobs and miss managing. As for BIllary, they will just try to take advantage of the situation to make them look like she is a great leader. Then again, Any Democratic leadership is better then what we have now.

    March 17, 2008 05:24 pm at 5:24 pm |
  3. Cal Jim 2

    Wolf, it's nice to be on your blog. I Think I may have the perfect answer to the problem. Not Mr. Bush. That problem we are stuck with untill next January. The problem of which candidate to run against Senator McCain as our democratic candidate. Why not run them both? Then we could see for ourselves which candidate does a better job on the issues. Not in a debate forum so much as a one on one, each candidate picking and choosing there own issue to go after Senator McCain with. Maybe Senater McCain will even care to show off his abilities as well. It could prove to be a welcome change for all. Thank you, Jim. from San Diego Ca.

    March 17, 2008 05:31 pm at 5:31 pm |
  4. Proud white woman of 63 for obamaman

    George is stumped?????????????

    Go Obama man. The white vote is still here for you!!!!!!!!! No
    matter what, I am voting for OBama, Pres 2008

    March 17, 2008 05:33 pm at 5:33 pm |
  5. Ed Davis

    So, we are at the end of another Bush Presidency and we are surprised the our economcy is ailing. Americans will never learn. There are only two kinds of people in this world, builders or bleeders guess what comes out of the house of Bush.

    March 17, 2008 05:35 pm at 5:35 pm |
  6. Sandi from Grand Rapids, Michigan

    George W. Bush is the "poster child of'out-of-touch" when it comes to the economy.

    He is so far removed from the regular lives of most Americans, in so many ways. And his policies show no regard for the economic concerns of most Americans:

    1. Gas prices are too high. It's not a controversy – it's common knowledge.

    2. The economy is in a recession. Our income is staying the same (or going down) and our expenses are going way up. And, we are losing money in the few investments that we have. We don't need a financial expert to confirm this. We – and every one around us – feel it every day.

    3. Taxes are not just a percentage of your estate settlement – they pay for our roads, our teachers, our police and our fire departments.

    We need a President who "gets it."

    March 17, 2008 05:36 pm at 5:36 pm |
  7. roger d

    I would like to see Obama as President but I'd be comfortable with Hillary as well. Let's pull together and talk about the "issues at hand" and proposed solutions. Also, how about John Edwards as Attorney General and either Colin Powell or Wesley Clark as Secretary of Defense? That would please me very much.

    March 17, 2008 05:38 pm at 5:38 pm |
  8. Joan Smith

    It is time that we had a change of adminstration. An administration that is concerned less about Iraq and more about the American workers, and America at home. Iraq must decide its own fate, we cannot force democracy on them if they chose to reject it. Bring our troops back home, and be concerned about the welfare of this country. We have supported the entire world while we are paying the price.
    Sheiks and lobbyists have benfited from an adminstration that has been interested in money making money.

    March 17, 2008 05:40 pm at 5:40 pm |
  9. Terry

    I am sick of this roller coaster of evil, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Clinton. Obama is our only hope.

    March 17, 2008 05:52 pm at 5:52 pm |
  10. Scott in Boston

    Hillary has the strength to get the economy back on track. She's tough, smart and will surround herself with brilliant people. Recent polls show a lot of Americans believe this to be true. Recently among Democrats she beats Obama 47% to 45% and nationally ties McCain 46% to 46%. She will be our Margaret Thatcher.

    March 17, 2008 05:55 pm at 5:55 pm |
  11. Herman

    What a disgusting looking picture from a president who has been in hiding and on vacation for the last eight years. Even thought I am not a Clinton supporter Bill presidency was better than this by far. Bush will go down as the worse president ever.

    March 17, 2008 05:56 pm at 5:56 pm |
  12. Obama or McBush

    Dear She Leads,

    No poll is going to stop me from voting my choice which is Obama, so save your energy. He will be our next president. And if he isn't, expect the next four years to be the same as the last seven years, with President McBush.

    Obama 08

    March 17, 2008 06:01 pm at 6:01 pm |
  13. Chuck

    If Obama slept through 20 years of racist sermons at church, what do you think he's going to do about the economy for 4 years as president?

    March 17, 2008 06:19 pm at 6:19 pm |
  14. kim portland, oregon

    so with so many americans unhappy, to say the least, with the current administration, who the heck is gonna vote for mccain? we keep hearing that it will be a close race, but how?

    i want obama and have lost a lot of respect for hillary during this awful campaign, but i would vote for hillary over mccain ANY day.

    are there that many men threatened by a female president? sheesh, if PAKISTAN can do it, america surely can! if it's not that, what is it?

    March 17, 2008 06:20 pm at 6:20 pm |
  15. Bob B.

    Clinton had a budget surplus... a war that ended... gas was a buck a gallon... Bush blew it all... no pun intended.

    March 17, 2008 06:22 pm at 6:22 pm |
  16. kim portland, oregon

    that's funny, Bob B. thaks for the laugh this afternoon. as they say: no one died when clinton lied!

    March 17, 2008 06:25 pm at 6:25 pm |
  17. Steph

    Chuck, I couldn't agree with you more. Furthermore, there are too many risks and complications with America's economic and international scene to allow for on-the-job training. Just wait another 4 years Obama.

    March 17, 2008 06:26 pm at 6:26 pm |
  18. Abraham Lincoln

    James Buchanan was our 15th president, and was elected just before Abraham Lincoln. How ironic that the man at the top of the worst president's list, came just before one of the greatest the American presidents of all time.

    Lincoln took a country that was split apart, and put it back together, which cost him his life. We became one America, again.

    March 17, 2008 06:27 pm at 6:27 pm |
  19. My Gas Tank Is Half-Full

    Thanks GW, my gas tank is half-full.

    Trust me, there are a lot of Republicans out there who will vote for McCain. So don't stay home, vote.

    I quite frankly think the Republicans should vote the Democratic ticket, since they gave us the worst president in modern times. I think about that when I'm filling my gas tank half-way because I can't afford to fill it up.

    March 17, 2008 06:31 pm at 6:31 pm |
  20. Frank, San Diego

    I suppose that the one advantage McCain has in the general election is that he has already admitted that he doesn't know much about the economy.

    So there's no way he can really disappoint our expectations of him. We already expect him to be a third term of George W. Bush.

    March 17, 2008 06:31 pm at 6:31 pm |
  21. Karen

    And Obama is right again!

    March 17, 2008 06:41 pm at 6:41 pm |
  22. Larry T

    President Bush was shocked that Gas was climbing to $4.00 a gallon, he did not hear that lol!! When was the last time GW bought Gas, now how much are the oil companies paying Bush? He is by far the most corrupt President ever and he should be impeached.

    March 17, 2008 06:42 pm at 6:42 pm |
  23. Grif

    The Economy, and! Iraq are also on the same...... Ticket.

    The last train out, has gone...............

    March 17, 2008 06:45 pm at 6:45 pm |
  24. kevin from alaska

    McCain and his neo-Con cronies will be the true downfall of America for continuing the obviously backwards policies of George W. Bush's administration.

    March 17, 2008 06:46 pm at 6:46 pm |
  25. KCBob

    I tell you what, If Hillary vowed to bring the Bush administration to justice for its violation of the constitution and investigate the entire administration I would drop my support for Obama and vote for her.

    It makes me sick that my tax dollars are going to be used to protect this idiot for the rest of his life.

    March 17, 2008 06:58 pm at 6:58 pm |
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