April 1st, 2008
06:32 AM ET
10 years ago

POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Compiled by Jonathan Helman
CNN Washington Bureau

Washington Post: Tricky Votes Loom For 3 Candidates
With Congress returning today after a two-week break, leaders from both parties are preparing legislative agendas - on issues including the economy, Iraq and immigration - designed to present the three remaining White House candidates with dangerous political choices.

LA Times: Obama, Mccain Bicker On Iraq
In one of their sharpest exchanges of the presidential campaign, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama clashed over the Iraq war on Monday, with each challenging the other's credentials on national security.
NY Times: Democrats Hit the Campaign Trail in Pennsylvania
The Democratic campaign took on the feel of the early voting states on Monday, back when the candidates’ buses would crisscross paths in a single state. Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama were both in eastern Pennsylvania courting voters, on a day in which Mr. Obama gained a superdelegate.

Washington Post: As Rivals Battle, McCain Builds November Machine
As his Democratic presidential rivals squabble, Sen. John McCain has moved to transform his ragtag primary campaign into a general-election operation by boosting fundraising, establishing control over the Republican National Committee, and beginning a conversation with voters who live in states where he has not campaigned.

WSJ: Clinton Slipping on Trust
In the weeks before the Pennsylvania primary, Sen. Hillary Clinton not only lags Sen. Barack Obama in the race for delegates, she also is losing ground in her effort to convince voters that she is trustworthy.

Washington Post: With the Internet Comes a New Political 'Clickocracy'
Just as MySpace and Facebook change the way we communicate, just as YouTube alters the way we entertain ourselves, just as eBay and iTunes modify the way we shop, the Internet is transforming the way we engage with this never-ending presidential campaign. Like it or not, we now belong to a clickocracy - one nation under Google, with video and e-mail for all.

Chicago Tribune: Clinton Campaign Working To Erase Debts
In a new Internet video, Hillary Clinton acknowledged to potential contributors Monday that "running for president is an arduous undertaking." In the extended battle for the Democratic presidential nomination, it's also an expensive one.

Boston Globe: Superdelegates Buoy Obama In Rough Month
Senator Barack Obama is increasingly benefitting from institutional support – bolstering his campaign during a rough month when he lost two key primaries and faced questions about his spiritual mentor.

Politico: Clinton's Convention Strategy In Doubt
If the fight over whether to count the results in Florida and Michigan makes it to the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton will not have enough pledged votes on the 169-member Credentials Committee to deliver a majority decision in her favor, according to an analysis conducted for Politico.

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