April 23rd, 2008
03:50 PM ET
10 years ago

Obama: Nobody's complained more than the Clintons

Obama held a press conference with reporters Wednesday.

Obama held a press conference with reporters Wednesday.

NEW ALBANY, Indiana (CNN) - Facing reporters for the first time since his loss in the Pennsylvania primary, Democrat Barack Obama said he "doesn't really understand" Hillary Clinton's attack line that he "can't stand the heat."

"This is sort of the kitchen sink strategy, and the argument about not being able to stand the heat - that I don't really understand," Obama said, responding to a question on recent attacks aimed at him.

He went on to turn the argument on them.

"Nobody has complained more about the press, about questions at debates, about being mistreated than Sen. Clinton has, or President Clinton," he said.

"We have been pretty tame in terms of taking our shots and just rolling with them."

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  1. Alonzo Demetrius

    WHO did you say has complained most????

    April 23, 2008 04:32 pm at 4:32 pm |
  2. Lisa

    This is true !

    The Clinton's are pure whiners.

    April 23, 2008 04:32 pm at 4:32 pm |
  3. Pat

    Obama is absolutely right- the Clintons are the ones who complain all the time, and they often use the gender card (to no avail).

    Remember after one debate last year they said the "boys" were "piling on"?

    Then they complain about the caucus system AFTER she loses them- even though caucuses have been around for decades and the Clintons never used their years of power to do anything to stop them.

    The Clintons are very bitter, desperate and unpleasant people. Mr. Clinton even swore during a public radio interview this week. They are not good role models for our children.

    April 23, 2008 04:33 pm at 4:33 pm |
  4. Angus McDugan

    Queen Hillary is steaming because Obama is standing in the way of her coronation. She believe this is her election and it was to be handed to her on a sliver platter by her minions.

    April 23, 2008 04:33 pm at 4:33 pm |
  5. J T

    absolutely no doubt about that

    April 23, 2008 04:34 pm at 4:34 pm |
  6. Dale Wise

    The same type of honest, straightforward, clear answer that Obama has had in response to all the nonsense this entire race. And it will probably be twisted and spun by the media as usual. Hopefully, people will continue to see through the media's lies as they have been throughout the race.

    April 23, 2008 04:35 pm at 4:35 pm |
  7. Kris in PA


    April 23, 2008 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
  8. v.ananthan

    Why was Obama hiding from reporters for some days???

    April 23, 2008 04:37 pm at 4:37 pm |
  9. Bukky


    I am all for a woman in power but NO you cant cry

    April 23, 2008 04:38 pm at 4:38 pm |
  10. momma obama

    that is true, but the media is so biased that they will not dare to say anything about the clintons,

    look they already buried what bill said the night before .including his out of context words
    they forgot Bosnia
    they forgot 'the girl without helathcare, "
    all the corruption going on still to this day
    their funding sources including Osama BIn Laden's country and relatives..

    oh boy CNN is in love infatuated with billary and so is ABC< FOX< and all the networks. it is so pathetic..................

    April 23, 2008 04:38 pm at 4:38 pm |
  11. Sick of This

    Who is he trying to kid?!? He's been whinning from day one!

    April 23, 2008 04:39 pm at 4:39 pm |
  12. Denis

    Except you Obama ! Da. And of course you never funded negative advertisements did you ??? Of course not - liar!

    April 23, 2008 04:39 pm at 4:39 pm |
  13. Makeshift


    Shes a liar and a hypocrite. You should just come out and say it plain like that Obama.

    April 23, 2008 04:39 pm at 4:39 pm |
  14. rough neck

    maybe too tamed. let's rough it up now.

    April 23, 2008 04:40 pm at 4:40 pm |
  15. A. Harrison

    Give me a break. You complained and it's on record mind you the day after the ABC debate. You can't take the heat. STOP Pulling the Clintons into your issues. This strategy is what you've been doing all along, blaming your issues or painting your issues on Hillary but it won't last any longer.

    A true competitor and one who is really ready for the Whitehouse would be able to withstand the "attacks". Take heed to what Hillary has said about being in the White House for 8 years. Good times, bad times, are you really ready?

    April 23, 2008 04:40 pm at 4:40 pm |
  16. The Truth

    Finally he says the truth. Clinton complained about the media for months, and when Obama says the questions could have been more substantive, all of a sudden he whines and can't take the heat?

    Just because he wanted real questions with real solutions to be asked instead of useless questions about slime tactics on the internet doesn't mean he all of a sudden can't take the heat.

    Real Solutions for Real Americans (Not lobbyists and PACS) '08

    April 23, 2008 04:40 pm at 4:40 pm |
  17. Illinois

    Uh, oh. Here he goes again. Spin, spin, spin. It's like being in a laundry machine. He still doesn't get it. As much as he and his supporters complain that Hillary can't "see the writing on the wall and should drop out", he can't seem to see the writing on the wall that just because he won a bunch of caucas states doesn't mean he's qualified to be the nominee. He can't even win a single big state, no matter how much money he throws into it. I mean, really, does anyone here think that Georgia or Wyoming is going to go blue in November???? Obama people are stupid.

    As far as Hillary complaining about the press, she should. She has certainly earned that right,, considering how awful the press and the Obama campaign has been to her. The press has done nothing but try to completely undermine and sabotage her campaign for the presidency ever since she decided to run for the office. Obama was finally cross examined during ONE single debate and people lost their minds, calling/emailing ABC telling them they were "unfair" and racist and god knows what else because they had the audacity to challenge Barack on pertinent issues. Who's the one who's actually doing the complaining????

    April 23, 2008 04:41 pm at 4:41 pm |
  18. Grif

    This Blog is You're's, ???? What would you call this???

    April 23, 2008 04:41 pm at 4:41 pm |
  19. Zoe

    Hilliary needs the heat, because she has no diplomatic skills and little integrity. She seems to think becoming vicious and dishonorable, is taking the heat....when they are the tactics of someone who has nothing else in their personal arsenal.

    I want more from my President thank you very much....its time for a statesmen and one that has world experience beyond photo ops
    for her husband. Bill and Hilliary are both disingenuous at best.


    April 23, 2008 04:41 pm at 4:41 pm |
  20. Sugar ~n~ Spice

    WOW!!! talk about bitter!! Seems like Obama holds on to finger pointing when he is bitter about loosing. You Obama have done some whining yourself so please SHUT UP!!!!

    April 23, 2008 04:42 pm at 4:42 pm |
  21. Gorbashov, Long Beach, Ca.

    Clinton is a Washington insider who talks in Washington doublespeak!

    Senator Clinton you CAN'T win! Please, stop tearing my party apart and drop out!

    April 23, 2008 04:42 pm at 4:42 pm |
  22. JT

    When she lost, the Cried for sympathy.

    When she was grilled in debates, she complained about bias.

    She points fingers all day...

    How is she going to run this country when she ran a failing campaign "on day one"?

    April 23, 2008 04:43 pm at 4:43 pm |
  23. MJB - Decatur, GA

    Exactly. Barack steady. The country is with you!!!!!

    April 23, 2008 04:44 pm at 4:44 pm |
  24. Garlin Vidal of Memphis, TN

    You are so right Mr. Obama...

    I don't quite understand how people equate Hillary as being more experienced than Obama. So, in so many words Bill only worked on scandals while Hillary took care of the PEOPLE's day-to-day business. What does she actually have experience in other than lying like most politicians do? I like Barack because I believe he is for ALL PEOPLE and not just some or those of SPECIAL INTEREST.

    And those that question his readiness and ability to lead this GREAT COUNTRY are those I consider to be BAND WAGON riders. If he won the presidency and was in his second year in office and brought forth the things and issues in which he campaigned for and produced where he said he would produce... I really wonder how many Clinton supporters would lie like the one they supported and say they really voted for Obama after they saw his works? I do believe there would be PLENTY... and to that notion how would you know what Sen. Obama could or could not do if you don't give him the chance to prove the simple minded wrong?

    And also, what has any PRESIDENT in our NATION's history done for the PEOPLE (white, blacks, asians, latinos and any other nationality that makes up this country) on the same level of EQUALITY? NOTHING! A lot of people still sing the praises of certain presidents but let the truth be told they only worked for a few... sprinkled out across the nation. This Presidential candidate (Barack Obama) plans and WILL work for a better TOMORROW for all humanity.

    EQUALITY? A simple solution for today's tomorrow!

    PEACE/LOVE '08


    April 23, 2008 04:46 pm at 4:46 pm |

    Hillary simply cannot tell the truth. Here’s her scorecard:
    Admitted Lies
    • Chelsea was jogging around the Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. (She was in bed watching it on TV.)
    • Hillary was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. (She admitted she was wrong. He climbed Mt. Everest five years after her birth.)
    • She was under sniper fire in Bosnia. (A girl presented her with flowers at the foot of the ramp.)
    • She learned in The Wall Street Journal how to make a killing in the futures market. (It didn’t cover the market back then.)
    Whoppers She Won’t Confess To
    • She didn’t know about the FALN pardons.
    • She didn’t know that her brothers were being paid to get pardons that Clinton granted.
    • Taking the White House gifts was a clerical error.
    • She didn’t know that her staff would fire the travel office staff after she told them to do so.
    • She didn’t know that the Peter Paul fundraiser in Hollywood in 2000 cost $700,000 more than she reported it had.
    • She opposed NAFTA at the time.
    • She was instrumental in the Irish peace process.
    • She urged Bill to intervene in Rwanda.
    • She played a role in the ’90s economic recovery.
    • The billing records showed up on their own.
    • She thought Bill was innocent when the Monica scandal broke.
    • She was always a Yankees fan.
    • She had nothing to do with the New Square Hasidic pardons (after they voted for her 1,400-12 and she attended a meeting at the White House about the pardons).
    • She negotiated for the release of refugees in Macedonia (who were released the day before she got there).
    With a record like that, is it any wonder that we suspect her of being less than honest and straightforward?

    April 23, 2008 04:47 pm at 4:47 pm |
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