April 23rd, 2008
03:50 PM ET
10 years ago

Obama: Nobody's complained more than the Clintons

Obama held a press conference with reporters Wednesday.

Obama held a press conference with reporters Wednesday.

NEW ALBANY, Indiana (CNN) - Facing reporters for the first time since his loss in the Pennsylvania primary, Democrat Barack Obama said he "doesn't really understand" Hillary Clinton's attack line that he "can't stand the heat."

"This is sort of the kitchen sink strategy, and the argument about not being able to stand the heat - that I don't really understand," Obama said, responding to a question on recent attacks aimed at him.

He went on to turn the argument on them.

"Nobody has complained more about the press, about questions at debates, about being mistreated than Sen. Clinton has, or President Clinton," he said.

"We have been pretty tame in terms of taking our shots and just rolling with them."

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  1. john, pa

    A lot of you need to learn some proper grammar and spelling before you post on these comment boards. It certainly makes sense that you are Clinton voters, seeing as how one of her major demographics is voters who have a high school education or less.

    April 23, 2008 06:01 pm at 6:01 pm |
  2. Deb, IN

    Obama you don't stand for change you play the same old politics. What a hypocrite!!!!!!

    You will never have my vote!!!!

    April 23, 2008 06:01 pm at 6:01 pm |
  3. judasgoat

    can't stand the heat ;is another way of saying the race cards [our campaign ] and the G.O.P.'S . dealing "is on the way." she trying to get into your head, thats the heat that their talking about. SEE THEM "KIND" OF PEOPLE use this kind of tactic to see if you'll snap. its like a challenge sublimally to your mind and manhood. they're not only throwing the sink . but their are trying to lure you to the sewer. this is carville and begala way of mind games they think if pushed far enough blacks will snap. this is the reason for the taunts. its there low gutter ball mentality. don't fall for it.

    April 23, 2008 06:02 pm at 6:02 pm |
  4. Oh Please

    If anyone has had the royal treatment by the media and the DNC it is Obama. If anyone steps on his toes he starts to whine. He does not want any more debates because he is afraid of more of his true self coming out for all to see. Hillary does not "whine" mine friends. Obama is the baby.

    The thought of him trying to run our Country scares me to death.

    April 23, 2008 06:02 pm at 6:02 pm |
  5. ED FL

    do not know what you and CNN and MSNBC have doing but it is disgraceful how they are SUCKING UP TO YOU . Russert ,Mathews,Barnicle, Olberman are disgracful in there sucking up to you and trying to rig the election instead of the people voting. Blitzer. Shnieder Cafferty and the females in both networks are so biased and playing favorites for you Obama that they have made the media a shameful group of suck up wimps. there is no more honor and trust in the media what a shame.

    April 23, 2008 06:03 pm at 6:03 pm |
  6. Patricia

    Enough bickering people. Barack Obama has shown that he can stay above the fray. He has intelligence, charisma and integrity. Please stop the slanderous comments on either side.

    Hillary Clinton has intelligence, but she can't seem to quite saying mean-spirited things. She needs to stop!!!!

    I want to see someone with intelligence and integrity in the white house. It can't be McCain. So Stop already!!!!

    April 23, 2008 06:03 pm at 6:03 pm |
  7. Scott Waybright

    I'm glad to see Obama come out and say this. It amazes me how disgusting and illiterate Clinton's supporters are, as evidenced in the comments here. Why are you guys in the Democratic Party?! If you want a two-faced, mud-slinging candidate, why vote for Hillary rather than McCain?? Apparently, you flipped a coin and it landed on tails.

    April 23, 2008 06:03 pm at 6:03 pm |
  8. Shannon

    he's whining when he says that. He is not qualified to be president, he would cry the first time someone looked at him wrong.

    April 23, 2008 06:03 pm at 6:03 pm |
  9. Dori in AZ

    There's no such thing as a true and fair discussion – much less a debate!!! – on the issues with Hillary.

    She isn't capable. If she were, she wouldn't lie, deflect, and stay off topic – then, whine and project that that's what her opponent is doing.

    World leaders will mop the floor with her....

    If she wants to debate, give her a compact mirror and send her off to the ladies' room for a powder! Have her take Chelsea with her.

    Obama 2008!

    April 23, 2008 06:04 pm at 6:04 pm |
  10. Illinois 2

    Barack GET A LIFE!!!!

    April 23, 2008 06:05 pm at 6:05 pm |
  11. Misfit Mike

    Obama is right. Hilary complained about getting the first questions at the debates and asked if they should get Obama a pillow. She lies all the time. Can't stand the heat? Obama never said he couldn't stand the heat. Do we really think the best use of debate time was questioning "Does Reverend Wright love America as much as you do?" Stupidest question ever. Lapel pins? Are you kidding me?
    What about: The Iraq war, The Afganistan war, the economy, gas prices, health care, Iran, education etc. Let's try to focus on what's important instead of Republican talking points.

    April 23, 2008 06:05 pm at 6:05 pm |
  12. Patricia

    I agree with Mike's blog. Poor old Bill got called out for starting the race card- but if memory serves – it was Obama. Just think what would happen if Hillary's White preacher said – he was not fit to serve and called him all sort of names?? She did not say a Word that I recall, probably afraid she would be called a racist. What is fair for one group is fair for another group. I have a biracial grandchild – I want her to be fair to all groups – including her white family – not expecting a handout or special circumstances all the time and constantly, constantly calling out the race card. Heard on tv last night- he lost Pennsylvania because of race??? Maybe inexperience??? The way he has played the race card? For knocking the best president we have had this decade?

    April 23, 2008 06:06 pm at 6:06 pm |
  13. Lisa

    Clinton's started the Race talk. Not Obama ! Get your facts straight!

    April 23, 2008 06:06 pm at 6:06 pm |
  14. Anthony 02

    Anybody who votes for hillary is a fool.

    April 23, 2008 06:06 pm at 6:06 pm |
  15. Gerry

    I can not understand why people vote for Hillary because she is a woman. First of all she is extremely arrogant and is a very cold person. During the election she is sweet and wonderful, but wait until the election (if she is nominated). She will go through cabinet members like there was no tomorrow. People say that Obama lacks the knowledge to run this county. Has any thought for a minute that this is probably a good thing, because those people in power from the President to the Senate, haven't done a very good job. Maybe, just maybe a new person could bring in new ideas. We have had the Bush's and Clinton's in office for quiote some time, lets get some new blood in office and get some new ideas.

    April 23, 2008 06:07 pm at 6:07 pm |
  16. Scott C

    Clinton complained DURING a debate that she was being mistreated, she has taken numerous opportunities to complain that the media is being unfair...

    She has complained more than anyone, then they try and act like Obama is a whiner... WOW...

    Clinton complains and literally CRIES.

    April 23, 2008 06:07 pm at 6:07 pm |
  17. stephanie

    We know she can handle the heat because the press keeps it cranked up all the time. Even after the PA win, this morning Pat Buchanon and Chris Matthews threw some punches. The media are constantly on her, even independent studies have been conducted that reveal the she receives extraordinary negative press compared to Obama and McCain. However, it hasn't really deterred her voters. Think what she could do if the media were with us.

    Dems, let's kiss and make up! Clinton/Obama 2008-2012

    April 23, 2008 06:08 pm at 6:08 pm |
  18. Texican

    She and Bill can complain all they want, this is America, the home of the whiners and complainers. Then there are a few of us that are quite happy with what we have and are trying to hold on to it.

    So stop complaining and get to work in the Senate instead of out here trying to fool the people with your words of change.

    April 23, 2008 06:08 pm at 6:08 pm |
  19. MW Los Angeles

    Mike – Please learn how to spell before attempting to throw stones!!! I HOPE the info below will help you out for future comments. Please see below a few corrections below.

    mike – April 23rd, 2008 5:44 pm

    hipocracy hypocrisy
    electede elected
    can not cannot
    sme same
    Pynn Penn
    retoric rhetoric
    loose lose

    Next time please take time to look up your words!! Now I see why you're voting for Clinton. I guess what they say is true. You know about her supporters. lol

    As for Ms. Linda – You really need to take a step back, look in the mirror and ask why?


    April 23, 2008 06:08 pm at 6:08 pm |
  20. Mandy, California

    She will complain until the general election is over.

    April 23, 2008 06:08 pm at 6:08 pm |
  21. Deborah

    We want Obama

    Obama we are wtih you.

    We do not want that liar Hillary Rotten Clinton

    April 23, 2008 06:09 pm at 6:09 pm |
  22. Grace

    How many times does Clinton have to lie to some people before they "get it" that she's a liar? Personally, I can't believe that anyone is supporting her and can't see through her smarmy ways.

    I wanted Edwards, will accept Obama and will NEVER vote for Clinton.

    April 23, 2008 06:10 pm at 6:10 pm |
  23. Joy, Louisiana

    Is there a poll that only counts voters that are actully tax paying people?

    April 23, 2008 06:10 pm at 6:10 pm |
  24. Degreed_Elite

    Go Obama! Clinton started the race divide. Clinton started all the negativity (through surrogates...pathetic little game). Obama fought back but she drew first blood.

    I've noticed lately that CNN is now overly supportive of Hillary over Obama now. It is terrible that they are considering handing this election to the losing candidate. Yes I say "THEY" to include CNN. Like it or not, the news agencies are part of the election process.

    A new question arises: Who controls the news?

    April 23, 2008 06:11 pm at 6:11 pm |
  25. christi

    Obama is STEADY FREDDY. He is such a refreshing change in politics, I'm not suprised people don't think he is the real deal.

    He has kept his integrity by not getting in the gutter with her, and that takes a lot more strength than slinging mud.

    Think about it, he could have brought up Whitewater, Lewinsky, Somalia and a whole lot of other stuff to try and distract people from the ideas and policies of Hillary – which I point out are not that much different than his.

    April 23, 2008 06:12 pm at 6:12 pm |
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