April 30th, 2008
03:37 PM ET
10 years ago

Clinton calls Wright comments 'offensive and outrageous'

 Clinton sharply criticized Wright Wednesday.

Clinton sharply criticized Wright Wednesday.

(CNN) - Hillary Clinton said Wednesday she personally took offense to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's recent comments, the New York senator’s harshest assessment yet of Barack Obama's former minister.

"I think it’s offensive and outrageous. I’m going to express my opinion, others can express theirs," Clinton told Fox’s Bill O'Reilly. "It is part of just, you know, an atmosphere we’re in today.”

The comments appear to be a shift in Clinton’s tone on the matter. On Tuesday she criticized Republican presidential nominee John McCain for not doing enough to stop Republican ads running in North Carolina and Mississippi that feature Wright's comments.

"I regret the efforts by the Republicans to politicize this matter," Clinton said of the ad.

Speaking at the National Press Club Monday, Wright did not back down from some of his controversial remarks, including those that seemed to suggest the U.S. government might be responsible for the spread of AIDS among African-Americans, and his equation of U.S. wartime efforts with terrorism.

Wright also said Obama was acting like a politician in denouncing his controversial sermons.

Speaking with reporters Tuesday, Obama said he was outraged with Wright's latest comments.

"What particularly angered me was his suggestion somehow that my previous denunciation of his remarks were somehow political posturing," Obama said, adding that Wright had shown "little regard for me" and seemed more concerned with "taking center stage."

Obama also said Wright's comments were not only "divisive and destructive," but they "end up giving comfort to those who prey on hate."

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  1. Lawrence for barack

    Nice she just playing politics again, people dont care about what you think anymore billary, or sorry hillary

    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  2. DAN

    The Obama nuts are at it again, this really has to be a cult just from reading some of these Hillary hate comments. You have to wonder if all this hatred comes from the influence of Wright to Obama to supporters. Is this what your the influence you get from your leader Obama.Sad.

    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  3. v.ananthan



    HILLARY IS SAYING "I think it’s offensive and outrageous"



    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  4. SN in MN

    By the way, it's Obamabots who don't belong in the Dem party. Please go find something else to do until your short attention spans lead you off into some other la-la land.

    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  5. Ryan

    I fail to see how expressing her opinion (a constitutional right) hurts the country.

    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  6. kl

    I am sick of Hillary make sure we should select a president who can unite the country and make everybody proud…

    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  7. scott

    Hillary is such a hypocrite!
    Obama has done nothing but try and raise the bar of decency in this election, and she. and the media have done whatever they could to stop him.

    If Hillary had a shred of decency left, she would quit right now!

    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  8. Please End This!

    Hillary, really, no one cares what you think about this. I am personally offended by the fact that you lie about sniper fire – and have yet to apologize for it. I'm personally offended by your manipulation and the fact that your supporter arranged the Wright conference. Then, you pretend to be "holier than thou....". We're not stupid, we see thru your tactics and we're tired of them and you. Enough. Take your toys and go home, please.

    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  9. Jim

    You know what stinks?
    Obama will lose the nomination because of this loudmouth bafoon. Sad sad sad sad SAD!!

    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  10. lyn-nj


    Rev. Wright also offended Hillary in one of his sermons. Hillary is FREE to comment when asked by the media. STOP defending OBAMA. Obama could have DENOUNCE rev Wright earlier but he chose not to considering the rev as his faimily member.

    Lyn, NJ

    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  11. James

    Well, then she just agrees with Obama (except she really means it).


    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  12. NYman

    Let's also make sure that Hillary does not get elected from NY next time!!!

    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  13. E. loz Miami

    CNN makes it seems like she went out of her way to say these remarks-WROOONG! She was basically forced to give an opinion about this subject from Bill O'Reily.
    Watch the interview tonight & you'll see. It's CNN putting Hilary in the negative.

    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  14. Tamara 4 Obama

    Hillary is so wishy washy......Get a life! One minute she is criticizing, the next she is lying.

    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  15. Betty


    SHAME ON YOU!!!! Shame on you, Hillary, Shame on you!!!!!!

    B. Young, Pa.

    April 30, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  16. Me

    I find Hillary offensive and outrageous-and that is putting it mildly.

    April 30, 2008 03:55 pm at 3:55 pm |
  17. Angel

    If Hillary wins with the kind of campaign that she has run, John McCain can count on my vote!!!

    April 30, 2008 03:55 pm at 3:55 pm |
  18. Adam from NY

    Bandwagon's gettin' crowded...

    April 30, 2008 03:55 pm at 3:55 pm |
  19. B

    To All the Hillary supporters,
    If she gets the nomination, don't be upset with the large number of African American voter who either stay at home or write Obama's name in in November, causing McCain to be president. I was beginning to like her again yesterday when she scolded the RNC for their nasty ad against Obama now this today. I could never vote for McCain but with all her sly attacks she's definitely lost my vote.

    For future reference, her handlers need to remind her of every comment she makes so she can stop looking like a forgetful crazy person.

    April 30, 2008 03:55 pm at 3:55 pm |
  20. Florida For Obama

    Ok, I've heard enough. I'm not going to bother typing defensive responses on this bolg or calling names. I just decided I'm going to sit back and let my response show itself on November 5.

    April 30, 2008 03:55 pm at 3:55 pm |
  21. Robert

    My hope is that one day we will choose our leaders based on their actual positions on the economy, or their foreign policy cred or their economic cred. What's happened is that the television folks have figured out that those subjects are too complex, so they serve us up this crapola.
    But by the way, if Wright was accused of being anti-American for suggesting that America brought 9/11 on itself, what about Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and John Hagee, who said, guess what, America brought 9/11 on itself by its tolerance of homosexuals and its position on abortion. Is that not equally anti-American? Just wondering.

    April 30, 2008 03:55 pm at 3:55 pm |
  22. cmt

    oh get a grip, Hillary is not the balme for the pastor and Obama, those two are the blame for this disaster, she was asked a question and she answered it. Stop trying to make a big deal out of it when Obama himself said his remarks were off base, but that was okay because Obama said it, right. Let up on this woman she has a right to her opinion if asked a question. We all know anyway you try to twist them that the Rev's remarks are insensitive so let's chill.

    Obama needs to contain his pastor and hopefully he has done so, because this issue is old and tiring.

    April 30, 2008 03:55 pm at 3:55 pm |
  23. the real deal cheryl

    please post this

    hillary and billary who cares what you say. we know what you think so go awy for good
    you are a day late and a dollar short

    April 30, 2008 03:55 pm at 3:55 pm |
  24. Guido in NJ

    Obama waited until this whole thing blew up in his face to denounce "HIS MENTOR". Shame on him!!!!!....She's just answering a question posed to her. How about you just watch tonight and get all your facts straight!!!!!....Just like Wright's been saying "Did you listen to my whole speech?"......

    OBAMA hasn't won anything yet!!!!!!......The tide is turning and there's infighting within the cult.

    Go Hillary!!!!!!

    April 30, 2008 03:55 pm at 3:55 pm |
  25. mitch from ark.

    her and her supporters and mccain and his supporters are the one's who started all this crap,because they want to delve into someone's personal religious life and make it an issue in an election that shouldn't have anything to do with religion.she's just starting to realize the damage she's already done to the democratic party, and attacking rev. wright,so she won't be blamed for starting all this nonsense, in the first place.she must think we're ALL stupid.

    April 30, 2008 03:55 pm at 3:55 pm |
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