May 1st, 2008
02:25 PM ET
10 years ago

Clinton adviser makes superdelegate pitch

Clinton's campaign says she has 'automatic delegates.'

Clinton's campaign says she has 'automatic delegates.'

(CNN) - Following a surge in the pace of superdelegate endorsements, senior Clinton adviser Harold Ickes released a memo addressed to the Democratic Party’s “automatic delegates” that points to several new polls that suggest Hillary Clinton would be tougher to beat than Barack Obama in a general election bout.

(Ickes refers to superdelegates as “automatic delegates” because he says that term better reflects their status as party leaders and elected officials who are entitled to a vote at the Democratic convention.)

At least dozen superdelegates have publicly weighed in so far this week. Of those, roughly two-thirds have supported Obama, and one-third have backed Clinton.

“A spate of new public polls out this week confirms what we have been arguing for some time: Hillary Clinton is the strongest candidate to beat John McCain in November,” writes Ickes.

He points to results in recent national and swing state surveys testing hypothetical head-to-head matchups with John McCain which show Clinton performing slightly better than Obama. He also notes the New York senator’s showing in “the all important subcategories that serve as bellwethers for a candidate’s overall strength.”

Ickes says relevant results in those categories include Obama’s rising unfavorable ratings, and Clinton’s greater strength among independent voters and seniors – and among young voters, a group that has been a vital part of Obama’s base in many of his previous primary wins.

In the latest AP-Ipsos poll pitting each Democratic candidate against presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, both candidates win a majority – but Clinton fares better, pulling in two-thirds of those voters against McCain, while Obama receives the support of 55 percent in a hypothetical matchup with the Arizona senator.

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  1. Ilona Proud Canadian

    Okay folks, here goes, tell me what you think about these polls? Is there some kind of a trend here or am I missing something.
    First of all sample sizes are different, timing is different (relevant because of certain issues in the media at the time etc) Now I have segregated some of these polls that have all been included in the average of all polls.


    FOX NEWS.................04/28–04/29...........+3%



    You can see clearly from the above that only Fox, Rasmussen, and Gallup........are the Pollsters who favour Clinton, they were taken for shorter time spans etc and two out of three include April 30. Now the Clinton's super delegates are using "Polls" to try to convince super delegates. I am not saying the above is perfect but it sure paints a different picture. If you would like to confirm the above just go to "RCP"

    May 1, 2008 03:45 pm at 3:45 pm |
  2. barry

    the democratic leadership just doesnt get it. they continue to move in the direction of appointing senator obama to the nomination. as recent polls show blue collar and rural white voters will turn to senator mccain. just look at the votes by county in Oh and Pa.

    May 1, 2008 03:45 pm at 3:45 pm |
  3. Montana is Obama Country

    YOU TUBE has the skinny on Hillary.. You need to look at this because the MEDIA won't report this story on behalf of all Americans' getting info of her. CNN really is the Clinton News Network..

    Just put the two titles in the search engin of youtube.

    The Shocking Video Hillary Does NOT Want You To See! (1of2)

    Hillary Clinton Campaign Finance Fraud Part 2.

    Please look and listen...

    May 1, 2008 03:45 pm at 3:45 pm |
  4. Grant

    DESPERATION!!! They know it is over! Reality is setting in,,she needs to win BIG, LANDSLIDE, not 1-2 points...the math is not there and they know it..last ditch attempt

    The numbers are with Obama, he has them in the undeclared and the Clintons know it, he basically has about 65-70% of the remaining Supers in his corner....she needs to win each remaining state by 30 points and get 70% of the remaining supers to make it close, MI and FLA won't even help her. She has to win NC and INDY HUGE!! not be competitive...I also think the DNC has had it with the Clintons...If Harold Ickes is the guy making the plea, you know it is a last ditch attempt as he is the last General

    May 1, 2008 03:45 pm at 3:45 pm |
  5. Rick in Boynton Beach

    Ever notice that when the polls are against Hillary they don't mean anything. But when they are in her favor they mean everything.

    Momentum is starting to shift back and the Hillary people are panicing already. The race was over a while ago folks. The Clinton's just haven't figured it out yet.

    May 1, 2008 03:45 pm at 3:45 pm |
  6. Reality Check

    Every one of you who claim you'll vote for McCain if your preferred candidate doesn't win the Democratic nomination should just shut the hell up. You're all either (1) Republican "concern trolls" trying to make Obama AND Clinton look weaker, (2) you're lying hypocrites who don't actually believe what you say you believe, or (3) you're a freaking idiot.

    No matter which of the three is true for you, just shut up and get off teh internets until 2009 so the grown ups can have an intelligent discussion.

    May 1, 2008 03:45 pm at 3:45 pm |
  7. Tom,des moines

    Hussein Obama is unamerica,unqualify,unprepare and untested to lead this country in the time of crisis.

    Go Hillary!

    May 1, 2008 03:45 pm at 3:45 pm |
  8. manuel

    Obama is the only candidate that speaks to voters in clear and intelligent manner. The other two think that we all are idiots that vote for populist proposal as the tax gas break of $18 cents a gallon. No more Clinton or Bush dynasties, we want Change and democracy, no more old fashion Washington politics.

    Obama, yes, we can!!

    May 1, 2008 03:46 pm at 3:46 pm |
  9. D

    Nice try, losers

    May 1, 2008 03:46 pm at 3:46 pm |
  10. Angel

    It is too late for Obama and his wife to disown their pastor, friend, mentor, uncle of 20 years. They should have done it the day they walked into that church and at the very least in his speech in Philadelphia ("I can no more disown him as I can my white grandmother"). The crazy man we have seen over the last few days is the same crazy man, from 20 years ago, 10 years ago, and even last year. Obama acts like the things Rev. Wright said over the last few days is something new when this has been out for about a year now and most of America has been watching the video tapes of Rev. Wright (GD America and AIDS theory) for months. Obama only gave that press conference for political gain. Funny that he (Obama) disowns him (Rev. Wright) when he "disrespected" Obama but when Rev. Wright disrespected the nation and Obama gave that "eloquent" speech he could not disown him.

    Obama has shown his poor judgment with Rev. Wright, Rezko, Aires, Auchi and the like. I wonder what type of characters Obama will pick for his cabinet members??

    Obama should do what is best for the Democratic Party and drop out now so we are not stuck with a Republican White House again!

    Rev. Wright-gate
    Flag pin-gate
    I don't want to debate-gate
    Not my handwriting-gate
    Typical white person-gate
    Fist time proud of my country-gate
    Canada NAFTA-gate
    Present vote-gate
    Partial birth Abortion-gate
    Gun Control-gate
    No parent permission abortion-gate
    Let sex crime offenders out early-gate

    And many, many more

    May 1, 2008 03:46 pm at 3:46 pm |
  11. rj

    As Clinton has stated many times, she does not listen to the polls. Or will she deny that too.

    May 1, 2008 03:46 pm at 3:46 pm |
  12. tomas

    I would think that an objective and informative mediasource like CNN would want to air out some of "the other" candidate's baggage instead of replaying Wright/bitter/Ayers-i guess not. Even though irrelevant like Mr. Wright, they could sell a few more papers/get a few more web-site hits for you-just a suggestion.

    Webb Hubbell?
    Frank Giustra?
    Mark Rich?
    Hugh Rodham?
    Democrats losing the congressional majority during Clinton terms?
    Paul vs. Clinton?

    You know the primary is almost over and Obama will be the nominee, you should try to capitalize on "newsworthy" stories while you can-just trying to help you out.

    May 1, 2008 03:46 pm at 3:46 pm |
  13. Allan

    To the idiots posting about the 'former Clinton pastor' convicted of child-molestation, and those yelling about the Peter Paul case –

    Go to

    The phrase should be 'former Clinton, NY pastor' – as in the town of CLINTON, NY – named after New York's first governor, George Clinton (not the Funkadelic musician). This pastor is not connected with the Clintons. [This info is also available at].

    You'll see that Peter Paul has 4 fraud convictions, and, while he did help organize a Hollywood fundraiser for Hillary's Senatorial race, and also for the DNC [which is how he knows her and Bill] – he lied to the FEC about how much the fundraiser cost.

    All of his previous attempts at suing the Clintons and Stan Lee, along with others have been thrown out of court, or have gone against him, and been upheld by the Supreme Court when he appealed.

    This latest 'case' is his claim that Bill Clinton wooed away a Chinese investor, who was going to invest in Stan Lee Media for Peter Paul. Supposedly, Bill told the investor to go to another person. The investor had about $5 million to invest.

    Peter was trying to get some real big investors to bolster up Stan Lee Media, because he had been buying millions of dollars worth of Stan Lee Media stock, by borrowing against the margins on stock he owned, and used phony names to do the buys. This inflated the value of the stock, enabling larger loans.

    He failed to cover the margin loans, and Stan Lee Media collapsed. (Stan Lee got royally screwed by Peter Paul).

    [By the way, Peter organized the fundraiser for Hillary so that he could try to get Bill to give him a pardon for his past crimes, and so he could 'hire' Bill to front his companies – especially Stan Lee Media. Bill wasn't interested].

    All of the other people proclaiming Hillary's and Bill's guilt on Peter's video are LONG TIME CLINTON ATTACKERS – one of them worked with Ken Starr.

    Apparently, Peter Paul believes that the Clintons somehow knew that he was going to sue them over the non-hiring of Bill, so they convinced the George W. Bush administration to arrest Peter Paul, 18 days before his lawsuit – and, because he was in Brazil, they got the Brazilian government to hold him (Peter Paul) in prison there for over 2 years. (Bear in mind that Mr. Paul was fighting extradition at the time).

    All of Peter Paul's allegations about Hillary, Bill, and members of the DNC fundraising group have been examined and dismissed as false (except for a fine [$35,000] against the DNC fundraising group, for under-reporting the costs of the fundraiser [whereas Peter Paul OVER-REPORTED it by 300%].

    May 1, 2008 03:47 pm at 3:47 pm |
  14. Karen, TN

    Right, cause these polls matter but the months and months of previous polls favoring Obama didn't matter. People waffle a little bit, but people will ultimately go for Obama when he is the nominee. Obama is the consistent winner in the polls. Remember a lot of Republicans saying they would never go for McCain, but now they are supporting him???

    May 1, 2008 03:47 pm at 3:47 pm |
  15. Mike

    In his ecxellent book titled, Free Lunch, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter David Cay Johnston describes the sale of the Manequench Company to China, " Complaints about the sale of Magnequench were made to the US government because if the military application of the neodymium rare earth magnets. Stiil, the Clinton administration, an ardent proponent of Globalization, approved the sale. It did impose one condition: that the new owners keep magnet production and technology in the United States. Soon the new owners of Mangequench were busiy buying up other magnet factories in the United States, including GA Powders, an Idaho firm that had used taxpayer money to develop the powerful new magnets. Once the new owners has a monopoloy on production of these powerful magnets in the United States, they began shutting down facilities and moving manufacturing to China. By 2003, the original Magnequench factory in Indiana was the last Americam production line for the powerful magnets. Once it closed and its equipment was hauled off, the United States became dependent on China for these magnets, including the strategically vital ones needed for smart bombs.............more

    May 1, 2008 03:47 pm at 3:47 pm |
  16. voice of reason, NC

    I suppose it's alright for Obama to pitch to the super delegates and not for Hilary. That is the logic of Obama supporters.
    If anyone is sounding afraid and desparate – it is you Obama folks.

    Facts are facts. She won the states that she won. She's leading McCain in the crucial states while Obama is barely competitive.
    The last thing you Obama peeps want is to piss the other half off. In case by technicality he clinch the nomination, all it takes for McCain is a fraction of the other half (that's us) of the democratic supporters.

    So enough of the immaturity, wisen up. Don't tick us all off in the same way you ticked off Florida and Michigan.

    By the way, has he had the time to think about offering a solution to the gas price hike?!

    Now please post a fair comment CNN.

    May 1, 2008 03:47 pm at 3:47 pm |
  17. David from Canada

    If Hillary was elected the nominee the negative attacks from the republicans would start, they haven't yet as she is there preferred opponent.
    Also, polls at this time are irrelevant as supporters of both candidates are playing politics by saying that they would vote for the republicans rather than the other nominee simply to bolster their candidates argument to the superdeligates.

    May 1, 2008 03:48 pm at 3:48 pm |
  18. J.S.

    Hillary Clinton's tactics aren’t working anymore because it looks like it could be over for her. It seems like she has been defeated. The rest of the campaign before the convention looks to be merely a formality – or maybe she is merely laying the groundwork for what she hopes and prays to be her “I told you so” campaign of 2012? At this point in the present race, does she believe that she has accomplished her true goal in creating enough damage to the Obama campaign to make that possible? If so, then who is the real ‘Judas’?

    Is America ready for a woman president? Many people in the United States and around the world would rejoice at this prospect. There have been many strong powerful women leaders throughout history, yet none in their struggles and their victories have ever conducted themselves and acted the way that Hillary Clinton has during this campaign. No doubt this great nation is ready for a woman president. Count me in! But is it ready for this one?

    May 1, 2008 03:48 pm at 3:48 pm |
  19. Ethan-Denver

    We knew that sooner or later Obama was going to peak. Hillary peaked in 2000 after her husband left office and there is nothing new you can dig up on her. In the past 3 weeks the dirt on Obama has been so messy that folks are thinking if they had known this before they would have not voted for him. With Hillary I know what I'm getting – a balanced budget, a trade surplus, a universal health-care plan and a husband who likes hot sexy interns. I'd take that over racism, bigotry, push-me-under-the-bus, and unpatriotic doctrines any day.

    PS. Obama knew exactly what his pastor was preaching for 20 yrs. He did go to church for crying out loud!!!

    May 1, 2008 03:48 pm at 3:48 pm |
  20. tracy adams

    Its about time the major news media starts reporting ALL of the facts about Hilliary Clinton. When the public starts to realize all of the underhanded things she and her campaign have been doing, and also realize that those stories have been stifled by the media, those so important TV ratings just might plummet!

    May 1, 2008 03:48 pm at 3:48 pm |
  21. Claire

    It is amazing to see how much she will go through to destroy her own party. She should have bowed out gracefully. Instead, she has made her and her opponent unelectable. And John McCain gets a free ride to the White House.

    May 1, 2008 03:48 pm at 3:48 pm |
  22. Bryan

    Obama is fighting a 2-front war and still has huge support, enough to win the general election. Once the party is united behind one candidate, his support will swell again to a very large constituency. How can she claim she is the most electable?

    May 1, 2008 03:48 pm at 3:48 pm |
  23. NickNas

    And his pitch is...................................OUTSIDE! BALL FOUR!! GAME over GO HOME!!

    May 1, 2008 03:49 pm at 3:49 pm |
  24. Larry~

    Aksing how one will vote in Nov on May 1st is a joke. Once Barack is the actual nominee vs McSame the numbers change!

    HRC ias behind in popular votes, states won, pleged delegates and soon super delegates.....get over it...she has lost!!!!!!!!

    Notice the Repub are laready targeting Barack...they know he has won already.

    Watch out for sniper fire Hrc as you leave the race...hahahahaha

    May 1, 2008 03:49 pm at 3:49 pm |
  25. LLOYD from BanksVille





    May 1, 2008 03:49 pm at 3:49 pm |
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