May 2nd, 2008
06:58 AM ET
10 years ago

POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, May 2, 2008


Compiled by Jonathan Helman
CNN Washington Bureau

USA Today: Obama Narrows Superdelegate Gap
The Democratic nomination race is murkier than ever. Hillary Rodham Clinton is rising in the polls while Barack Obama is gaining ground among superdelegates who will decide the winner.

WSJ: Democrats Scramble for Indiana
Determining the victor in Tuesday's presidential nominating contest in Indiana could very well be left to that most elusive of Democratic primary voter: the Republican.

Washington Times: McCain Sets Sights On Moderates
Faced with a crumbling Republican Party image, Sen. John McCain is gambling on a general-election strategy that relies on winning over conservative Democrats and independents, breaking with President Bush's 2000 and 2004 game plan of focusing on the party's core voters.

LA Times: Ron Paul Supporters Not Lining Up Behind McCain
As far as John McCain is concerned, the Republican presidential nomination is a done deal and the party is united behind him. But thousands of Republicans - particularly supporters of Texas Rep. Ron Paul - aren't buying that.

Indianapolis Star: Some Refuse To Budge From Candidates' Corners
It's voters that say if their candidate is not chosen as the Democratic candidate they may not vote or may vote Republican - and they're easy to find not only in Indiana but across the nation - that have some Democrats worried that this long primary battle between Obama and Clinton could leave the party divided and defeated this November.

NY Times: Unlikely Allies Campaign for a Gas-Tax Holiday
Senators John McCain and Hillary Rodham Clinton found themselves taking a lonely stand on the campaign trail Thursday, defending the proposed gasoline-tax holiday while critics from both parties lined up against it.

USA Today: Small Donors Increase Impact
Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are increasingly funding their presidential campaigns through donations of $200 or less, a USA TODAY analysis shows, in a break from previous contests dominated by wealthier contributors.

USA Today: McCain Swings Outreach To Right
After courting traditionally Democratic voters, Republican John McCain will tend to his conservative roots for a new round of voter outreach.

Indianapolis Star: 25 Black Ministers Hope To Generate Obama Vote
Gathered where another Democratic presidential primary paused amid tragedy 40 years ago, 25 black ministers from across Indianapolis made it clear Thursday that their voter drive has a clear purpose: helping Barack Obama become the nation's first black president.

WSJ: Democrats Prep Relief Package To Counter Gas Costs
Top congressional Democrats are moving to unveil as early as next week a package of measures intended to mitigate high gas prices and present a sharper contrast to President Bush in the struggle to redefine energy policy.

Charlotte Observer: Some Blacks May Sit Out If Obama Loses Nomination
Some black voters are making it very clear: They're concerned that Barack Obama is going to be denied the Democratic presidential nomination that they see as rightfully his, and if that happens, a lot of them may stay home in November.

NY Times: Clinton May Be Hopeful, but Obama Rolls On
Have Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s chances of winning the Democratic presidential nomination improved as Senator Barack Obama has struggled through his toughest month of this campaign?

WSJ: Hunt for Delegates Reaches Guam
For proof of the intense, leave-no-stone-unturned race for delegates in the Democratic primary, look no further than Guam, where both presidential campaigns are mounting unprecedented efforts.

Boston Globe: Pressure's On Bayh To Snare Indiana For Clinton
In Clinton's most important recent primary victories, she has had a Democratic state boss rallying party regulars to her side: Governor Ted Strickland in Ohio, Governor Ed Rendell in Pennsylvania. It is now Sen. Evan Bayh's turn to play kingmaker in Indiana. And though it is unclear whether he can deliver as successfully, in public and behind the scenes, he has been using his name, his political muscle, and his instantly recognizable face to draw Hoosiers to Clinton's cause.

LA Times: Barack Obama Is The Choice Of Free-Agent Donors
Campaign donors who previously backed also-ran Democratic candidates have adopted Sen. Barack Obama as their second choice, preferring Obama by a ratio of nearly 3 to 1 over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and giving him twice as much money.

WSJ: Will Voters Accept Obama's Gas Plea?
Sen. Barack Obama's argument that a gas-tax holiday makes no sense - a stand that is winning plaudits from editorial boards and economists - isn't always getting through to voters worried about rising gas prices.

Boston Globe: Bill Clinton Trumpets Folksy Message In N.C.
Sporting a well-tailored suit and arriving in a chauffeured black car, Bill Clinton is quietly working to win over small-town crowds with a populist message: Don't diss Wal-Mart shoppers.

Indianapolis Star: Endorsements Chip Away At Bayh Pedestal
It's been a rough few days for Sen. Evan Bayh. After years of holding a near death grip over so much of the state's Democratic Party establishment, the junior senator from Shirkieville has taken a series of very public hits in recent days. From Democrats, no less.

Politico: DNC Coffers Dry Amid Flood Of Dem Cash
In an election year marked by jaw-dropping Democratic fundraising, one key political player isn’t so flush: The Democratic National Committee. Despite record hauls by Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, the DNC has raised less than half the amount taken in by the Republican National Committee.

Charlotte Observer: N.C. Poll: Obama Leads, Clinton Gains
Barack Obama has a 7-point edge over rival Hillary Clinton in the presidential race for Democrats in North Carolina, though she has closed in on his lead, a survey finds.

The Washington Times: Superdelegates Line Up Behind Obama
The Democratic establishment is steadily moving toward ensuring Sen. Barack Obama's nomination for president even as more of the party's voters view him as a damaged candidate.

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