May 9th, 2008
06:27 AM ET
10 years ago

POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, May 9, 2008


Compiled by Jonathan Helman
CNN Washington Bureau

NY Times: Short of Cash, Clinton Is Forced to Cut Spending
The once-formidable fund-raising machine of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton has begun to sputter at the worst possible moment for Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign, Clinton advisers and donors said Thursday, with spending curtailed on political events and advertising as Mrs. Clinton seeks to compete in the last six nominating contests.

Boston Globe: Infighting Rains On McCain's Party
Senator John McCain is sailing toward his coronation as the Republican presidential nominee while the Democratic candidates battle fiercely. But Republicans also are engaged in some tough infighting that could disrupt the national convention and make it more difficult for him to unite the party in the fall.

USA Today: Obama Takes Superdelegate Fight To The Hill
Democrat Barack Obama took his fight for superdelegates to the House floor Thursday, as his rival Hillary Rodham Clinton rejected calls to abandon her uphill battle for the Democratic presidential nomination.

WSJ: McCain Sets Stage for Fall Run
Sen. McCain received the gift of time to lay the groundwork for his fall campaign, as Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton fought each other for the Democratic nomination. Now that the Democratic fight appears to be nearing an end, the Arizona senator will soon find out how effectively he used the time.

Washington Post: Obama Seeks To Unify Party For November
Sen. Barack Obama began taking the first steps to unify the fractured Democratic Party for a general-election battle against Sen. John McCain, even as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton continued to insist that she has the backing of a broader coalition that could carry the party to victory in November.

Politico: Obama Plans To Declare Victory May 20
Not long after the polls close in the May 20 Kentucky and Oregon primaries, Barack Obama plans to declare victory in his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

AP: Unions Focus Against McCain As Democrats Still Battling
Organized labor is paying more attention to Republican John McCain as Democrat Barack Obama solidifies his status as the front-runner in the Democratic contest against Hillary Rodham Clinton.

WSJ: Superdelegates Still Waiting to Pick Sides
Although Barack Obama appears to hold a prohibitive advantage over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential nomination race, one issue may delay the final coronation: Some Washington lawmakers are hesitating to announce their support for Sen. Obama, fearing a backlash from voters at home.

WSJ: Florida Democrats Push for Seat at Table
Florida's Democratic congressional delegation called on the national party to seat the state's delegation based on its January primary.

Washington Post: McCain Pushed Land Swap That Benefits Backer
Sen. John McCain championed legislation that will let an Arizona rancher trade remote grassland and ponderosa pine forest here for acres of valuable federally owned property that is ready for development, a land swap that now stands to directly benefit one of his top presidential campaign fundraisers.

LA Times: For Hillary Clinton, No 'Clear Path To Victory' - Nor To An Exit
She's darting around the country like a full-fledged presidential candidate, but within Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's circle of advisors and donors, the conversation has turned to how she can make a dignified exit from the race.

Boston Globe: McCain, Obama Trade Jabs Over Hamas
Barack Obama and John McCain have pledged a civil campaign, but a war of words erupted yesterday over McCain's suggestion that the terrorist group Hamas prefers Obama for president.

Washington Post: Republicans Vote Against Moms; No Word Yet on Puppies, Kittens
It was already shaping up to be a difficult year for congressional Republicans. Now, on the cusp of Mother's Day, comes this: A majority of the House GOP has voted against motherhood.

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