May 19th, 2008
06:07 AM ET
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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Monday, May 19, 2008


Compiled by Jonathan Helman and Mary Grace Lucas, CNN Washington Bureau

Washington Post: Clinton Quiet About Own Radical Ties
When Hillary Rodham Clinton questioned rival Barack Obama's ties to 1960s radicals, her comments baffled two retired Bay Area lawyers who knew Clinton in the summer of 1971 when she worked as an intern at a left-wing law firm in Oakland, Calif., that defended communists and Black Panthers.

USA Today: GOP departures to cost party millions
The number of Republicans leaving Congress will cost the GOP millions of dollars in party-building funds for the fall congressional elections, campaign-finance records show.

Washington Post: Iran Remains Key Concern as Bush Returns
As he toured the Middle East over the past five days, President Bush tried to shore up support for his strategy of isolating Iran in meetings with the leaders of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian territories. But the one session that did not take place laid bare the problems his administration faces as it tries to persuade its allies to keep the faith.

LA Times: John McCain and Barack Obama Offer Two Visions of the Supreme Court
John McCain and Barack Obama, the two leading presidential candidates, have set out sharply contrasting views on the role of the Supreme Court and the kind of justices they would appoint.

AP: Obama warns seniors on Social Security threats
Democrat Barack Obama told seniors Sunday that Republican John McCain would threaten the Social Security that they and millions like them depend on because he supports privatizing the program.

NY Times: McCain to Rely on Party Money
Pivoting toward the general election, Senator Barack Obama is turning again to his history-making fund-raising machine, which helped to anoint him as a contender against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and then became a potent weapon in their battle for the Democratic nomination. To confront the Obama juggernaut, Senator John McCain, whose fund-raising has badly trailed that of his Democratic counterparts, is leaning on the Republican National Committee.

WSJ: Obama May Find It Hard To Govern as Free Trader
Since at least John F. Kennedy, presidential candidates have campaigned as tough on trade and then governed as free traders. Some business leaders are expecting the same if Barack Obama makes it to the White House. Don't count on it.

Washington Post: Clinton Looks for a Kentucky Triumph
Can Hillary Clinton notch a second colossal blowout in eight days against Barack Obama? Introducing the New York senator recently in Kentucky, Clinton's state chairman Jerry Lundergan – also the former Kentucky Democratic Party chairman – called for a victory that was "bigger than West Virginia."

NY Times: A Shift in Voters, but Oregon Still Embraces the Unconventional
Oregon is well known for the sharp divide between its more liberal and populated west and its rural east. That tension has often made statewide races close. Yet while the farmers who once dominated this part of Oregon still own much of the land, they no longer own most of the vote. Urbanites arrived long ago, promoting preservation of all this beauty, but bringing change, too. Michael Dukakis won Hood River County in 1988 by 18 votes out of 6,968 ballots cast, and Democrats have been gaining ground ever since.

Washington Post: Clinton-Obama Grudges Linger For Some Voters
Lifelong Democrat Kathleen Cowley watches with disdain as huge crowds hang on Sen. Barack Obama's every word. She dismisses Obama's "intolerable logic." She turns the channel on pundits who chalk up Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's primary victories to little more than racism. And she doesn't much care for the notion that while Obama is fresh and inspiring, Clinton is, by implication, old and mean.

WSJ: Obama Looks to Oregon to Seal Win
With the finish line of this historic Democratic primary race clearly in view, Barack Obama is hoping a strong showing in Oregon's Tuesday primary will finally slam the door on Hillary Clinton's bid for the presidential nomination.

NY Times: Gender Issue Lives On as Clinton’s Hopes Dim
With each passing day, it seems a little less likely that the next president of the United States will wear a skirt — or a cheerful, no-nonsense pantsuit.

Washington Post: Obama's Tuesday Iowa Return
Sen. Barack Obama explained today why he will spend election night on Tuesday in Iowa, a state whose caucuses took place in January, and in doing so continued to flirt with a declaration of victory in the presidential nominating process. "We thought it was a terrific way to bring things full circle," he told reporters.

LA Times: Barack Obama Steps Up Attacks On John McCain
Taking aim at his presumed Republican opponent in November even as he faces two more Democratic presidential primaries this week, Barack Obama attacked John McCain on Sunday on Social Security, lobbyists and foreign policy. He said that the Arizona senator would continue what Obama contended were the failed policies of President Bush.

Washington Post: Without Funds, Verb Program Became Past Tense
Its message and look were clever, hyper, even edgy - the perfect appeal to the tweeners who were its target. Yes, tweeners, the 9- to 13-year-olds stuck between young children and true teenagers. A group whose rate of overweight and obesity has almost quadrupled since 1974, not just because of too many french fries but because of too many couch potatoes.

Washington Post: What the Candidates Had to Say About Teen Obesity
The Post asked each presidential candidate - Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama and Republican John McCain - to address the childhood obesity epidemic.

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