May 21st, 2008
11:02 AM ET
10 years ago

Clinton slightly narrows pledged delegate gap with Obama

(CNN) - The CNN Delegate Estimate has been updated with complete results from the Kentucky primary and partial results from the Oregon primary. There are also a few additional superdelegate updates.

In Kentucky, Clinton won 37 pledged delegates while Obama won 14. In Oregon, Obama has won at least 29 pledged delegates while Clinton won at least 19. There are 4 pledged delegates in Oregon still to be allocated. Overall, Clinton narrowed the pledged delegate gap with Obama as a result of Tuesday’s primaries. Clinton won at least 56 delegates from Kentucky and Oregon combined, compared to at least 43 for Obama, with 4 Oregon delegates still to be allocated.

In superdelegate news, Clinton picked up two new superdelegate endorsements (one from yesterday just before the primaries and another from today). Obama picked up a superdelegate endorsement today from Rep. Joe Courtney of Connecticut.

Obama leads Clinton by 185 delegates in overall delegates, 158 in pledged delegates, and 27 in superdelegates.

Based on these numbers, Obama is now 64 delegates short of clinching the Democratic nomination while Clinton is 249 delegates short of clinching the nomination. There are 86 pledged delegates up for grabs in the remaining three contests. There are 212 superdelegates remaining.

As a result of last night’s primaries, Obama now has a majority of the 3,253 total pledged delegates, though that has no direct bearing on winning the nomination.

Track the delegate race here.

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  1. Shirley-Ohio

    KEYWORD: Slightly, but no cigar.

    May 21, 2008 01:01 pm at 1:01 pm |
  2. Boston for OBAMA

    Why can't HRC's supporters put their money where their mouth is and pay off her vendors at least. I don't believe the voters should pay HRC back her own money she loaned her campaign.

    May 21, 2008 01:01 pm at 1:01 pm |
  3. stacy

    I agree totally with Joan, DNC and superdelegates take heed.

    May 21, 2008 01:01 pm at 1:01 pm |
  4. Ostriches burying our heads in the sand

    Yay! Barack just needs 64 more delegates to reach the magic number! We are almost there....

    Hillary has run a good fight.....but Barack's got the numbers..after June 3rd the Dem party needs to unite to beat McBush in Nov....

    May 21, 2008 01:01 pm at 1:01 pm |
  5. Jenny, Rio Vista, CA

    Joan - If you want to stay home in November than you can. No-one is going to force you to go out and vote. And if by some reason of total insanity by the American people McCain becomes president and he nominates 3 new supreme judges and Roe vs Wade is overtuned, he bombs Iran, healthcare is no longer provided by employers, gas prices rise to over $7.00, you can sit back and give yourself a big pat on the back.

    But remember this Joan - It will be the generations of the future that will suffer. Maybe a relative of yours will die in Iraq or Iran. Maybe a neighbors soon will come home from the war and commit suicide, maybe you will lose your home as well. But hey.. you didn't vote so it wasn't your fault was it?

    May 21, 2008 01:02 pm at 1:02 pm |
  6. bill from pa


    Like clinton handled the 'sniper fire' lie or the 'I created peace in Ireland' lie. If the clinton supporters want to have a hissy fit and vote McCain, have at it but don't complain when your children or grandchildren continue to die in a war that should never have happened. Grow up already. She lost because of her arrogance and propensity to blatantly lie.

    May 21, 2008 01:02 pm at 1:02 pm |
  7. Rom

    Below is what I just read from the fox news web site (The conservative channel), it's about an online survey

    When should Barack Obama be declared the presumptive Democratic nominee?

    He will not be the nominee (30%)
    When he has the majority of pledged delegates and superdelegates (21%)
    At the Democratic convention in August (21%)
    When he has the majority of pledged delegates (16%)
    When he has the majority of pledged delegates, superdelegates and popular votes (12%)

    Total Voters: 7,389

    The bottom line is even he's now 64 delegates short of clinching the Democratic nomination there are some Republican/conservatives who think he's not going to be the nominee
    I think they're afraid of something

    May 21, 2008 01:02 pm at 1:02 pm |
  8. SN in MN

    Caucuses are bogus. They were designed to allow party insiders to control the process. Axlerod had a stroke of genius by mobilizing naïve, but fad-conscious college kids to flood them and skew the results. Osama the Great will be crushed in the General. Fools!

    May 21, 2008 01:03 pm at 1:03 pm |
  9. Austin - Davenport, IA





    Hypocrisy at its best. Clinton with more votes, yet she doesn't win?

    I love it. The argument Democrats had in 2000 is now their own undoing.

    Since pledged delegates cannot come to a decision, it's only natural, to me, that the super delegates choose the one with the popular vote.

    Obama is the delegate's choice.

    Hillary is the people's choice.

    May 21, 2008 01:03 pm at 1:03 pm |
  10. Jeanie in Oregon has Hope and wants change

    Oregon is still counting because we have until 8pm on election day to drop off our ballots at several drop box locations,
    all counties have to go out and pick up those ballots and take them to their headquarters..
    It takes time
    we don't punch a machine like most states, we fill ours out like you would a SAT test, you know fill in the circles?
    then we seal our envelopes and drop them off, so be patient we'll be done soon...

    May 21, 2008 01:03 pm at 1:03 pm |
  11. Susan for Hillary

    Go Hillary.

    Obama supporters..........Hillary will make a good president. She is a very strong person who cares about our country.

    Hillary 08

    May 21, 2008 01:03 pm at 1:03 pm |
  12. Beverly, NYC

    Dear Democrat/Hillary supporter for McCain: ( I corrected your spelling)

    Not everything is conspiracy! Oregon's polls closed at 11pm last night. Since you are willing to throw your vote away, I hope your life is perfect because you will be in for more of the same. I guess you don't mind that though as long as the President is the right shade of white. I guessHillary was right when she said her core voters are white, hard working and uneducated. Good luck with that.

    Marty: I like your free concert analogy, sounds like Hillary to me, felling entitled to be in front. And even with the votes gained last night she is still behind inthe popular vote, even if you count FL.

    May 21, 2008 01:03 pm at 1:03 pm |
  13. November can't come soon enough

    Well, if all of you decide to stay home on Election day, maybe I will be able to get in and out of the voting booth. Thank you for staying home! And one more thing, here's our opportunity to get a Republican out of the White House, but instead of doing this, we decide not to vote for a Democratic. What a selfish, disdain world (U.S.A) we live in! One more thing, thank you all for electing George Bush to 8 years of Presidency! We all know who did this!

    May 21, 2008 01:04 pm at 1:04 pm |
  14. Eric in Lincolnton, NC

    I agree with you Joan. The DNC need to pay attention to Hillarys support now. I think the problem is their afraid of racist issues and they are afraid to back Hillary even though she has the MOST popular vote. Obama won seven caucus states, Thats why he won more states. People are afraid to stand up and they let theirselves be talk into something with a speech. STUPID!!!

    May 21, 2008 01:04 pm at 1:04 pm |
  15. jfs Memhis, Tn

    Congrat's Hillary.......lord knows you've done everything in the world to get them. Hope that they are not racists. We do not want that message being sent out to the country or world .

    May 21, 2008 01:04 pm at 1:04 pm |
  16. Gayle

    I will write in Hillary Clinton for the presidential election. I am tired of the media spin and the sexist attitudes out there. Hillary is winning this election despite the constant propoganda of the media and the huge outlay of cash by Obama.

    May 21, 2008 01:04 pm at 1:04 pm |
  17. Garth

    I now believe that every "I'd rather vote McCain, if Hillary doesn't get it" is really just a Republican posting.

    They probably crossed over to vote for Hillary and will vote for McCain in the Fall anyway.

    In the end, Clinton's Supporters, those who understand what Senator Clinton stands for, will support Senator Obama. The thought of four years of another Bush scares me.

    May 21, 2008 01:04 pm at 1:04 pm |
  18. Paul

    Judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin..........NObama has no character and the only reason he's received any votes at all is because he is a black man. The black people are coming out of the wood work to give him 5 or 10 dollars to put him in office thinking their lot in life will be better. The only CHANGE they are going to get is for the worse.

    GO HILLARY!!!!!! '08!!!!!!!!

    May 21, 2008 01:04 pm at 1:04 pm |
  19. Beatriz Perez-Sanchez

    If Senator Obama is elected President with Hillary as V.P., he should hire official food tasters.

    May 21, 2008 01:04 pm at 1:04 pm |
  20. johnny d

    Who is more racist than balack Americans 90/10 for Obama. they are looking for welfare to return. That is what cost our gas price to be so high. Lazy people in America.

    May 21, 2008 01:05 pm at 1:05 pm |
  21. Proud1of 26% in WV

    Let's see a monster win in Ky and she finished the night with a net gain of 13 delegates,she is behind by 185 ,so that is just 14 monster wins behind.Wait there are only 3 contests left.I'm sure that she will try to figure out how and where to have all these extra contests.Maybe borrow some from future elections after all she borrows money from herself.This is going to get interesting on June 3.

    May 21, 2008 01:05 pm at 1:05 pm |
  22. Accountant Guy

    Only a little way to go Barack, keep up the good work!

    Obama '08

    May 21, 2008 01:05 pm at 1:05 pm |
  23. Sue

    CNN, your Hilary bais is still showing...why not add the headline "OBAMA needs only 62 delegates to win the nomination" ...

    You can keep beating the dead horse, but no mojo ...!!!

    May 21, 2008 01:05 pm at 1:05 pm |
  24. bp

    What is really funny is that Hillary still believes that she has a chance. She is in debt, some of the supporters of her strong bas are now flocking to Obama. Sure Hillary can stay in the race and she will be even more financially strapped and thoroughly embarrased at the end. All of the individuals that support Hillary and say that they will vote for McCain when Obama is the nominee are not Democrats. Ok. I understand that she is a woman and women everywhere beleive that she can win an shouldn't give up. The fact is, she has lost and in order to save face, she is trying to stay in the race. All Hillary is making herself look bad. You can lie to people, but you can't lie to yourself. Hillary give it up!

    May 21, 2008 01:05 pm at 1:05 pm |
  25. Florida democrat

    Joan and other "Clinton or McCain" folks

    You are all idiots and are not even listening to the words of your preferred candidate....Clinton has repeatedly stated her supporters should absolutely come out strong for Obama in November.

    Are you people that stupid?? Wow, look what this education system has done to this country. Stupid people voting against the person that is most likely going to make their lives better.

    well, may you continue to suffer!!

    May 21, 2008 01:06 pm at 1:06 pm |
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