June 11th, 2008
08:08 AM ET
10 years ago

Oklahoma Dem won't endorse Obama

Boren said Tuesday he won't be endorsing Obama.

Boren said Tuesday he won't be endorsing Obama.

(CNN) - On the same day Democratic leaders stressed party unity after the drawn out primary fight, one congressional Democrat said Tuesday he will not endorse Barack Obama's bid for the White House.

Rep. Dan Boren, Oklahoma's lone Democrat in Congress, told the Associated Press Obama is "the most liberal senator," and said he has to listen to the wishes of his own constituents.

"We're much more conservative," Boren said of his rural district which stretches across the eastern part of the state and borders Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas.

"I've got to reflect my district. No one means more to me than the people who elected me. I have to listen to them," Boren added. His congressional office confirmed the accuracy of the quotes to CNN.

Boren also said Obama's record "does not reflect working in a bipartisan fashion." But the Oklahoma Democrat said he would vote for Obama at the party's convention in August because of the serious issues the country faces.

"I think this is an important time for our country," he said. "We're facing a terrible economic downturn. We have high gasoline prices. We have problems in our foreign policy. That's why I think it's important."

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Boren's comments come a day after Florida Democratic Rep. Tim Mahoney also said he has no plans to make a formal endorsement. The freshman Democrat, who replaced Republican Rep. Mark Foley following House page scandal, told the Palm Beach Post he plans on remaining an uncommitted superdelegate and may not even attend the convention.

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  1. bnoles

    mr velman i'm from california& w/a last name like velman i'm sure you are the waldo of the latino community which makes you a joke who are you? ask yourself that question& as far as a response don't worry i'll wait

    June 10, 2008 07:18 pm at 7:18 pm |
  2. Catty

    Democrats on this site...

    You once agin prove you are the most animalists, unkind, close-minded cannibalistic group in the country! The guy was elected by his constituents, therefore must represent them...but he is still free to vote as he chooses! But you demand blood from anyone who disagrees with you! Cannibals!

    June 10, 2008 07:19 pm at 7:19 pm |
  3. JOhn

    What he says has some Truth, Obama is a very Liberal Senator, and his district is not gonig to go for him, so that really is not news. As for L. Sanchez being the next Senator From CA, possible, but she will not beat Sen. Boxer ever...and Antonio will never be the Gov. Of CA. If you are progessive you need to look at the issues, not the people a person can never be a movement.

    June 10, 2008 07:19 pm at 7:19 pm |
  4. MLG

    Great Job. McCain 08

    June 10, 2008 07:19 pm at 7:19 pm |
  5. Tim

    Sorry Hannah,

    I'm very much a REAL Democrat and I would vote for a man like John McCain. And he's attracting as many independent voters as Obama or as I like to call him Mr. Present. And people have a right to vote for who they choose.. John McCain is not Bush. Just because they vote differently than you doesn't mean they have less integrity than you. Talk about not having any integrity! Too bad Obama won the nomination by limping over the finish line and too bad people actually get to vote in private in the national election. And too bad for you Hannah when McCain becomes president.

    June 10, 2008 07:19 pm at 7:19 pm |
  6. jane in CA

    While he still represents people as a democrat. Switch to repub now and vote for the same economy which is great now per McCain.

    June 10, 2008 07:19 pm at 7:19 pm |
  7. Wise Owl

    Rep Boren
    THANK YOU for having the guts to stand up for the people who elected you!!!! You were ELECTED and NOT SELECTED. You are an honest man. My hat is off to you!!! Wish we had more SD with the guts to do the right thing. Obama is NOT the person to lead us. I will never vote Democrate again until they clean up their mess and start listening to the people and not their own agendas. What is the point of the government spending money for elections when Dean, Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry, and let's not forget CNN's very own DONNA!! who SELECT who they want over the POPULAR vote of the people.


    June 10, 2008 07:19 pm at 7:19 pm |
  8. Glenn

    What a coward! He might as well be a Republican. I don't think he has much of a political future.

    June 10, 2008 07:19 pm at 7:19 pm |
  9. Angela Frazier, Memphis TN

    And we care about his endorsement because.....

    June 10, 2008 07:20 pm at 7:20 pm |
  10. Dennis

    No matter what McCain brings to the table in November, one thing is certain...if he gets elected this country will continue on its road to ruin.

    Don't delude yourself into thinking that any of the disasterous policies this administration has enacted will change one bit under McCain. He was along for the ride with Bush the whole way, and did nothing to change course; you believe his sudden enlightenment?

    A vote for McCain is a vote for more of the same old BS....

    June 10, 2008 07:20 pm at 7:20 pm |
  11. Sola (atlanta)

    Is this guy an idiot or what?

    June 10, 2008 07:20 pm at 7:20 pm |
  12. Linda K.

    I respect Rep.Boren's position, even though I'm an Obama supporter. He is being true to his constituents. That's his job.

    June 10, 2008 07:21 pm at 7:21 pm |
  13. Steven Perez

    Rep Boren is not TRULY COMMITTED to the Democratic Party. In his constituent NEXT ELECTION he SHOULD LOSE to a REPUBLICAN.

    June 10, 2008 07:21 pm at 7:21 pm |
  14. Carol from CT

    Way to go Mr Boren. It's about time that someone had the guts to stand up and SPEAK for the people who elected them. Never mind the "perks" when you get elected and are out of the voters sight. It's time more Rep's and Congressmen and Senators paid attention. Wake up good ole boys. The clock is ticking. You may have a great pension etc but if we ( the voters of the nation ) are going to hell in a hand basket – GUESS WHAT? YOU ARE GOING WITH US – PERKS OR NO ! ! ! ! !

    June 10, 2008 07:21 pm at 7:21 pm |
  15. White America.

    Who cares!!!!!!!! his jealous

    June 10, 2008 07:21 pm at 7:21 pm |
  16. at this point....

    Why is this news?

    Would he have voted for HRC since she shares most of the same views as Obama? This stuff always happens. You cant appeal to everyone. Why is this 'news' now?

    June 10, 2008 07:21 pm at 7:21 pm |
  17. Jimmy

    I am a lifelong democrat and will never support hyper-liberal Obama. McCain '08! He will win the war and won't make the naive mistake of meeting unilaterally with foreign dictators.

    June 10, 2008 07:21 pm at 7:21 pm |
  18. Michael

    Wow! That takes guts! Just say 'No' to Obama! McCain 08!

    June 10, 2008 07:21 pm at 7:21 pm |
  19. Hoang, UC Berkeley

    Oh no, now Obama supporters are shouting that I am racist because I have given my reasons for deciding to write Hillary in.

    SORRY, THAT LABEL IS NOT GONNA STICK ON ME!!!! YOU SEE, THIS IS BERKELEY; MY CLOSE FRIENDS ARE ACTUALLY FROM ALL OF THE RACES AND ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. I gotta print these comments and show to my friends and see what they think. 😀 hahaha

    Poor Hillary. She was purposedly labeled "racist" by SOME ACTUAL RACIST ONES.

    June 10, 2008 07:22 pm at 7:22 pm |

    GA FOR OBAMA...Couldn't have said it better doesn't make sense not to endorse him because of his constituents but you will vote for him at the convention isn't that vote an endorsement at the convention?

    June 10, 2008 07:22 pm at 7:22 pm |
  21. KMAN

    It appears Rep Boren was anxious to get a little national attention. Okay, you got it Danny ... so now go away!

    Right on Hannah!

    June 10, 2008 07:22 pm at 7:22 pm |
  22. DRC

    He should be an independent, the current 2-party system is completely broken. Neither Dems nor Reps will accomplish a thing.

    June 10, 2008 07:22 pm at 7:22 pm |
  23. Darryl Miller

    I strongly support Senator Obama for President, however my fellow supporter it does not lift up the country for Obama's supporters to be call anyone a racist. That not right.

    Rep. Dan Boren, is a good man he have rights not to endorse Senator Obama,

    Let us remember to pray for the service members in harms way and those who have lost their lives.....

    June 10, 2008 07:22 pm at 7:22 pm |
  24. Richard

    I think the Rep from Oklahoma needs to take a look at what McCain stands for and how the policies of the Bush administration have hurt the people that elected him. At that point If the Rep has the best interest of the people at heart he needs to do some educating of the people in his district !

    That woule be showing somthing called LEADERSHIP!

    June 10, 2008 07:23 pm at 7:23 pm |
  25. Laura in Nevada

    Wow!!! that is a democrat with courage. Now watch what the witch Pelosi would do to scare the heck out of this man to support YObama.

    McCain for me if Hillary is not on the ticket.

    The democratic party are being cooked on their own fat.

    June 10, 2008 07:23 pm at 7:23 pm |
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