June 24th, 2008
06:10 PM ET
10 years ago

Clinton may run again, Pelosi says

Pelosi says she thinks Clinton may run again.

Pelosi says she thinks Clinton may run again.

(CNN) - Is Hillary Clinton done with presidential politics?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn't appear to think so.

The California Democrat suggested Tuesday that the former Democratic presidential candidate may yet mount another run for the White House.

"I think her candidacy was a just a bright, bright moment for us and she may run again," Pelosi said at a breakfast with reporters organized by the Christian Science Monitor.

Pelosi also appeared hesitant to blame sexism on Clinton's loss to Sen. Barack Obama in the prolonged race for the party's presidential nomination. Clinton, along with several of her supporters, have suggested sexist attitudes among members of the media contributed to the New York senator's eventual loss.

Watch: Pelosi on the Obama effect

“Sen. Clinton has advanced the cause of women in government and her candidacy has been a very positive tonic for the country and had a very wholesome effect on the political process," Pelosi said. "I really don’t know, I haven’t analyzed and the rest, I’m a victim of sexism myself all the time, but I just think it goes with the territory, I don’t sit around to say, ‘but for that."

Pelosi largely stayed on the sidelines during the lengthy Democratic presidential race, though she angered many Clinton supporters earlier in the campaign season after stating the party's superdelegates should not vote against the pledged-delegate winner. Many supporters of the New York senator took those comments to be an implicit endorsement of Obama, given it was clear at the time he would finish ahead in that count.

Several Clinton supporters were also upset with Pelosi after she repeatedly stated Obama and Clinton should not team up on the same ticket.

"I don’t think it’s a good idea,” she told CNN’s Larry King in late April of a joint ticket. “First of all, the candidate, whoever he or she may be, should choose his or her own vice presidential candidate. I think that’s appropriate. That’s where you would see the comfort level, not only how to run but how to govern the country. And there’s plenty of talent to go around to draw upon for a good, strong ticket. I’m not one of those who thinks that that’s a good ticket.”

Watch: Pelosi says no to joint ticket

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  1. To Hillary supportors

    I was a Hillary Supportor who gave more than $1,900.00 to her campaign. As a single parent I don't even bring home $30,000.00 a year. I love her and what she stands for......

    As I campaigned and followed the campaign, I have never seen Obama treat her as bad as she treated him. She was horrible to him in the primaries. What did Mr. Obama do to her to make the Hillary supportors so angry? If you say you perfer Hillary, wouldn't it be smarter to have Obama as president so she can do what she needs to do in the White House.

    If McCain is elected, what will he appoint her to do for his presidency. Please wake up Hillary supportors and show her you love by making her look as if her supportors are stable and educated as oppose to emotional and irrational. You all are embarrising me as a Hillary supportor. Get over it and get behind your party!!!! Your children and mine deserve more than your emotional state determining their future.

    June 24, 2008 04:03 pm at 4:03 pm |
  2. disgusted with te DNC

    Don't worry, Pelosi...

    We were there.

    We saw exactly how you eviscerated Hillary just to force Obama on the democratic party.

    We saw Hillary's light and we watched you snuff it.

    June 24, 2008 04:03 pm at 4:03 pm |
  3. gladshesgone

    If the dems indeed "pushed her out" or "killed her campaign" then GOOD FOR THEM!! The entire reason for existance of a political party is to CONTROL...they knew they couldn't win the White House with HRC, so she's OUT. WHY they even considered her a viable candidate in the first place is beyond me. Some observations:

    "God is watching"
    ...yeah but he doesn't care about Hillary

    "If HRC runs as an independant, she will win in '08"
    ...no independant, regardless of candidate, will win in 08

    "...so you threw Hillary out with the trash"
    Isn't that what you do with trash?

    June 24, 2008 04:03 pm at 4:03 pm |
  4. Kenneth

    Will you Hilliary supporter please step back from the edge
    1) No stole any thing from her the deglates fro FL and Mi were given out they way they should have given outy
    2) Her Campgain was early on ran baddley which she must take most of the blame.
    3) She took for granted that the primary season would be oveer by Super Tuesday she was wrong there.
    4) her vote on the war cost her votes
    5) She went into the gutter to attack Obama and praise McCain this more than anything cost her votes.

    June 24, 2008 04:04 pm at 4:04 pm |
  5. Roger from CA

    Oh, enough! Why is Pelosi discussing Clinton's future presidential ambitions?? Everyone in the Dem party should be uniting behind Obama, and part of that is to stop throwing red meat at these vocal Hillary-or-die types.

    The party line should be that no one's, except Obama's, presidential ambitions are relevant right now, since clearly he will be elected this year and re-elected in 2012.

    June 24, 2008 04:04 pm at 4:04 pm |
  6. Enlightened Voter

    And yet again she will never get my vote unless she completely changes from the lying, conniving, negative, bitter, deceitful woman that she is.

    June 24, 2008 04:04 pm at 4:04 pm |
  7. Shelly in IL

    I hope all of you "operation chaos" people are not able to switch back to the Republican party in November. (Thats what you get).

    June 24, 2008 04:04 pm at 4:04 pm |
  8. Independent in Iowa

    I'll be right there for you when you run again, Hillary. To hell with those that are blinded by your brilliance and commitment to our country.

    June 24, 2008 04:04 pm at 4:04 pm |
  9. Pauline

    Yes, she will run again when Obama lose this election! Especially if he does not choose Hillary as his running mate. And what a stupid comment for Pelosi to make about not knowing whether or not sexism affected Hillary's loss. Didn't she see all the media bias against her?

    It amazes me how many people, especially women, can't discern sexism when it slaps them right in the face. yet we "walk on eggshells" over racism as the media did in this election. Obviously the patriarchy can expand to let black men in but not women. But Barack Obama proved that even black men can use sexism, misogyny, and male privilege to their advantage. And then he will wonder why white women and Hispanic women won't vote for him. It is time for Black men to examine their own sexism. And Barack Obama admitting that sexism worked to his advantage would be a first step. Maybe then I would respect him.

    June 24, 2008 04:04 pm at 4:04 pm |
  10. Bring Hillary back

    It was a bright moment until you and the DNC decided to meddle and turned it into a dark night of the soul for the democratic party.

    June 24, 2008 04:04 pm at 4:04 pm |
  11. go away!!!!!

    Nancy Pelosi .............Nancy and old man REID need to go to the HOUSE !!!!!!

    June 24, 2008 04:04 pm at 4:04 pm |
  12. Don Fl

    Do you reaiiy thonk Obama cares about you? What a joke. Obama only cares about winning for himself, not the party or the country. He has been running to be the pres. all his adult life. He is a empty suite, Another Bush & Carter. God help us .

    June 24, 2008 04:04 pm at 4:04 pm |
  13. Carol

    I don’t doubt for a minute that Hillary will try again down the road. I still won’t vote for her though.

    June 24, 2008 04:04 pm at 4:04 pm |
  14. independent

    her campaign strategy failed her,not sexism.

    June 24, 2008 04:04 pm at 4:04 pm |
  15. Justin

    Everyone stop trashing Hillary. IF OBAMA DOESNT WIN .........ITS HIS FAULT!!

    Since when is he the messiah and not to blame for anything!

    Hillary 2012

    McCain 2008

    June 24, 2008 04:05 pm at 4:05 pm |
  16. Logic

    You Hillary people DO realize that without Michigan and Florida Obama was WINNING the primary.

    You Hillary people DO realize that the idea that Hillary had the popular vote is only supported if you accept the fact that not one person in the state of Michigan would have voted for Obama IF his name had been on the ballot.

    Again, you DO acknowledge that Obama's name was NOT on the Michigan ballot, AKA you could not vote for him if you wanted to, because he followed the rules.

    Where do you get the idea that Clinton was robbed of the primary? If you look at this CRAZY thing called MATH, she lost fair and square.

    Seriously, you almost sound as stupid as Republicans who said Iraq had WMDS.

    June 24, 2008 04:05 pm at 4:05 pm |
  17. WhoCares?

    Who cares what Pelosi thinks? She is a Washington insider that
    many of us are trying to get rid of. Pelosi, Clintons, Bushes, .....
    Obama's support comes from people that want a CHANGE!!
    We are truly fed up with business as usual. It is not an accident
    that the better educated voters are flocking to Obama. WE are well aware of the root causes of the mess in our country. Take your millions and
    get out of the way, Pelosi. Your performance rating is even lower than the Bush trash.

    CHANGE in 08
    GO Obama!

    June 24, 2008 04:05 pm at 4:05 pm |
  18. Matthew, Houston, TX

    All of you Hillary supporters (or are you really Republicans trying to divide and conquer?) need to take a reality pill. Even if they had counted Florida and Michigan the way your candidate didn't want them to . . . oh wait a minute that was before she needed them and her senior campaign advisor voted to strip them of their votes . . . let me try this again . . . Even if they had counted Florida and Michigan the way your candidate wanted them to, SHE STILL WOULD HAVE LOST!!!!


    June 24, 2008 04:05 pm at 4:05 pm |
  19. Connie Niehus

    Grow up and quit fighting over the primary. You don't seem the least concerned about what our representatives did to us with their vote for the FISA law. We must get rid of the despicible Republicans and the traitorous Democrats who enable them. Pelosi and Reid are at the top of the list. If they split us up, we are the losers.

    June 24, 2008 04:05 pm at 4:05 pm |
  20. you are to blame

    You killed Hillary's chances and turned the bright moment into a dark time for the democrats.

    What savagery. What vitriol.

    Just to knock a Good woman and a great leader down and out?

    Where was party unity then?

    June 24, 2008 04:06 pm at 4:06 pm |
  21. Justin

    If a republican votes for Bob Barr all that will do is put Obama in the White House

    June 24, 2008 04:06 pm at 4:06 pm |
  22. Pat-Pittsburgh

    Madam Speaker:

    SHUT UP! (Yelling), and while you are at it go to Hel* and take your 12% approval rating with you.

    June 24, 2008 04:06 pm at 4:06 pm |
  23. justobserve

    Why did Pelosi talk about Clinton running for president when we are all trying to win this one in 2008? That's weird!

    June 24, 2008 04:06 pm at 4:06 pm |
  24. Dem

    Whats the purpose of bringing this up at this time???
    Could it be that America is seeing Obama for the empty suit he is and she needs to divert attention away from him.
    Pelosi needs to go away and take Barrack with you.
    I am a Hillary supporterwho is not voting for Barrack. not because he 'stole' the nominatoin, not because he is black, it's because he is way to inexperienced to fix America. He's keeps talking about change. The only change I see is him changing his mind and opinion on everything he said while running for the nomination.

    June 24, 2008 04:06 pm at 4:06 pm |
  25. Jack

    The DEMS will NOT win this time. The DNC and party leaders picked the wrong guy – he has ZERO experience and will never be elected by the American people – Hillary is your only hope.

    June 24, 2008 04:06 pm at 4:06 pm |
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