July 10th, 2008
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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Thursday, July 10, 2008


Compiled by Mary Grace Lucas

CNN Washington Bureau

CNN: Preston’s Analysis: McCain's camp highlights differences with Bush
John McCain and George Bush have a lot in common, but these two Republicans have also had some high profile differences, and McCain's presidential campaign is more than willing to point them out.

CNNMoney.com: Why pulling out of Iraq won't save money
Both McCain and Obama say a drawdown in Iraq can provide a fiscal boost to help with their economic goals. But it's not as simple or as lucrative as they make it sound.

NY Times: Prospect of Obama at Brandenburg Gate Divides German Politicians
With the pillars of the Brandenburg Gate looming in the background, tens of thousands of adoring Berliners turn out to greet Senator Barack Obama with wild cheering. It may have seemed like the perfect campaign stop on the candidate’s highly anticipated European tour, an ideal way to burnish his foreign policy credentials. Instead, the plan — widely dissected in the German news media but never confirmed by the Obama campaign — has exposed fissures in the German government, with the conservative chancellor, Angela Merkel, strongly criticizing the proposal and the Social-Democratic vice chancellor and foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, speaking out in favor of it.

USA Today: This year, 6 types of voters will decide the presidential election
All voters are not created equal. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama leads Republican John McCain in the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll by only single digits among registered voters, 48%-42%, at the edge of the survey's margin of error.

Bloomberg: McCain's Adviser Salter Writes, Speaks and Fights for Candidate
John McCain has run for president twice, gone through four campaign managers, written five books and delivered hundreds of speeches. The one constant: Mark Salter, the Arizona senator's longtime aide and alter ego.

NY Times: As America Learns About Obama, He Returns the Favor
Senator Barack Obama marveled at the view here in Big Sky Country. He discovered that the gumbo in New Orleans was far tastier than in Chicago. And he was pleasantly surprised that he loved Austin, Tex., and its music — but who doesn’t?

LA Times: Carly Fiorina's fuzzy McCain-speak
Carly Fiorina is one of John McCain's chief surrogates, talking him up particularly to that key target group, women. But Fiorina, ousted as chief of Hewlett-Packard in 2005, is not above rounding the edges on straight talk.

WSJ: Obama Makes Economic Appeal to Women
Barack Obama laid out an economic agenda aimed at working women, his latest effort to attract skeptical voters loyal to former rival Hillary Clinton.

Washington Post: Putting Her Foot Down and Getting the Boot
The ghost of Rummy is proving difficult to exorcise. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has tried to sweep out the symbols of his predecessor's capricious reign, firing acolytes of Donald Rumsfeld and bringing glasnost to the Pentagon. But in one area, Rummy's Rules still pertain: the attempt to hide from public view the returning war dead.

Politico: What about Bob? GOP mum on Barr
If Republicans are worried about the third-party presidential candidacy of former GOP Rep. Bob Barr and the possibility that he could win enough votes to affect the outcome in several states, they aren’t showing it.

CNN: Senate sends no-warrant wiretapping bill to Bush
The Senate Wednesday approved a bill to put new rules in place for intelligence agency eavesdropping on suspected terrorists. The bill also effectively protects telephone companies from being sued for cooperating with a government surveillance program launched in the wake of the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington.

USA Today: Candidates' Senate votes fall by wayside on campaign trail
Barack Obama's vote Wednesday for a controversial warrantless surveillance bill marked a rare event: the 12th day this year that the Illinois Democrat turned up for a roll call vote in the Senate.
His Republican presidential rival, Arizona Sen. John McCain, has an even worse attendance record: six days.

USA Today: House Dems stall spending bills
Sidestepping battles with Republicans over offshore oil drilling and pork barrel projects, Democrats controlling the House have called a halt to efforts to pass the 12 annual bills that fund Cabinet agency budgets.

Washington Post: Obama's Ideology Proving Difficult to Pinpoint
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama put himself on the opposite side of his party's leadership in the Senate yesterday by reversing course to support a compromise intelligence surveillance bill. His vote was the most dramatic in a series of moves toward the middle that have focused new attention on where he stands and where he would take the country.

LA Times: Democrats take Obama shift in stride
As Barack Obama moves to broaden his appeal beyond loyal Democrats, a chorus of anger and disappointment has arisen from the left. But those voices are a distinct minority because the party has a more pressing concern: winning in November.

CNN: Republicans to head to ANWR
As congressional Republicans step up criticism of Democrats for not allowing votes on legislation that would open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil exploration, House GOP Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, is expected to announce Thursday that he’s leading a group of 10 House Republican freshmen on a trip to ANWR next week, a senior Republican aide told CNN.

Politico: McCain adviser tells House GOPers they won't flip on ANWR
A top adviser to John McCain's campaign told a private gathering of House Republicans today that the GOP nominee would press Barack Obama on energy but wouldn't retreat from his opposition to drilling in ANWR.

NY Times: Obama Urges Backers to Address Clinton Debt
Senator Barack Obama asked a roomful of his loyal donors in New York on Wednesday night to help his primary foe Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton pay off part of the $23 million in debt she ran up trying to beat him.

CNNMoney.com: Congress vs. oil prices – round 2
Deadlock in Washington over oil drilling and tighter rules for speculators may end soon as voters make clear that high gas prices are their top concern.

Washington Post: Just Goes to Show: No One Can Party All the Time
Here's the latest eye-popping item in the Only-in-Downtown- Washington Department: Karen Hughes, the onetime indispensable communications aide to President Bush, has been hired by Mark J. Penn, the onetime indispensable aide to President Bill Clinton and, more recently, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.).

Washington Post: Mukasey Vows Smooth Transition At Justice for Next Administration
Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey yesterday pledged to use the final six months of his tenure to guard against political interference in Justice Department operations and ensure a smooth transition to the next administration.

NY Times: General Misled Lawmakers on KBR Work, Senator Says
A top Democratic senator on Wednesday accused an Army general of misleading Congress about problems with a major defense contractor in Iraq, and said he had asked Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates to investigate.

CNN: Gates: Iran's test shows missile defense needed in Europe
Iran's test of a long-range missile shows the need for the United States to expand its missile defense system into Europe, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday.

NY Times: A More Confident Iraq Becomes a Tougher Negotiating Partner for the U.S.
The Bush administration’s quest for a deal with Iraq that would formally authorize an unlimited American troop presence there well beyond President Bush’s tenure appears to be unraveling. The irony is that it may be a victim of the administration’s successes in the war.

Washington Post: Findings on Katrina Trailers Went Undisclosed, Maker Says
A leading U.S. trailer manufacturer failed to disclose to Hurricane Katrina evacuees or the government its internal findings that formaldehyde in some units exceeded a federal health standard by as much as 45 times in 2006, its chairman acknowledged to Congress yesterday.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Delta, other airlines urge fliers to lobby Congress about oil
Delta, AirTran and other airlines on Wednesday began sending letters to frequent fliers encouraging them to pressure Congress to regulate oil speculation, which the airlines say is behind the huge spike in jet fuel prices.

Times Online: Thousands of jobs threatened as US reneges on £18bn defence deal
More than 11,000 British jobs were under threat last night after the Pentagon tore up the world’s biggest defence contract to allow an American company to rebid.

AP: U.S. unites with Europe, Australia on drug inspections
Faced with the globalization of drug production, the United States is joining with Europe and Australia to inspect factories in countries such as China and India that make an increasing share of the active ingredients in medications.

Washington Post: A Vision of Washington With Unfettered Views
Imagine the drab fortress of the FBI building gone, the freeways and ramps around the Kennedy Center covered by parks and boulevards, and a Metro stop near the Jefferson Memorial.

LA Times: San Francisco group wants 'sewage' associated with 'Bush'
For many residents of this liberal bastion, President Bush's name is mud. Now activists here want to make that moniker stick. A group calling itself the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco this week submitted a proposal to rename a sewage treatment plant after the outgoing chief executive in recognition of the political and environmental "mess" they say will be his legacy.

NY Times: Senate Panel Close to Deal on Donations of Artwork
Responding to pleas from museums, members of the Senate Finance Committee have agreed in principle to loosen stringent limits on “partial gifts,” in which collectors claim tax deductions for donating artwork in increments to museums even though the art may remain in their living rooms.

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