August 7th, 2008
09:00 AM ET
10 years ago

Giuliani: A Democrat possible as McCain's VP


Watch Giuliani on American Morning Thursday.

(CNN) – Rudy Giuliani, former presidential candidate turned John McCain supporter, said Thursday that a Democrat could conceivably occupy the number 2 spot on the Republican presidential ticket.

“The reality is either way you might see something like that,” the former New York City mayor told CNN’s Kiran Chetry on American Morning when asked about talk of Sen. Barack Obama choosing a Republican like Sen. Chuck Hagel as his running mate.

Giuliani said he has not spoken with McCain about possibly choosing a Democratic running mate. “But, if you’re asking me is it possible in this day and age that you could have a ticket like that? I think so.”

While he conceded that he could think of “a couple” Democrats who might fit the bill as potential McCain VP’s, Giuliani said the decision was ultimately McCain’s.

Watch: Giuliani on American Morning

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  1. Sue in MI

    This man was all over the new shows this AM, and I turned him off each time. The Republicans are going down, and I say that we should extend that to every SITTING Congressperson of either party running for office-let's vote them ALL out and get some new faces and ideas in Washington. I am doing that in MI. We had a nine-term Congressman running, and I will vote him out. He has been on board with Bush 95% of the time, against Clinton while he was in office, and I am sick of the lack of respect for all his constituents. I'm sure there are many just like him all over the USA-let's get them out. Now is the time for change.

    August 7, 2008 10:35 am at 10:35 am |
  2. Jerry

    Obama's theme is "Change". What better way to support that theme than select Chuck Hagel as a running mate. Mr. Hagel has vast foreign relations experience that Obama needs. I would love to see it.

    August 7, 2008 10:35 am at 10:35 am |
  3. Phil in KC

    You mean someone like Lieberman – his defacto running mate so far? If anyone should be labeled a Judas Iscariot, it should be him.
    As for all the Hillary supporters – I think it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. Hillary is not going to be anyone's running mate this year. She sure as heck isn't going to be on a Republican ticket. No one alienates the Republican base like Hillary. And I don't know why they think Obama has snubbed Hillary; it's been just the other way around. Obama keeps bending over backwards and holding out olive branches only to be ignored.

    August 7, 2008 10:35 am at 10:35 am |
  4. to Praetorian

    You are right. I hope Bob Barr wins a few states now if McCain gets a democrat as a running mate. The conservatives that are not neo-cons will vote for him in droves if this happens.

    August 7, 2008 10:35 am at 10:35 am |
  5. Michaelene

    I would vote for a Dem/Rep ticket. I believe that the partisan politics of the past have caused alot of traffic congestion in the house and the senate.
    With a combined ticket McCain would prove to the citizens of the US that he wants to help Americans regardless of their party affiliation.

    Let Obama run for president of the UN not the USA.

    He is a divisive figure with a proven track record of NOTHING!
    He helps only himself. He is an empty suit and the comparison to Hilton is sooooo true!

    I was once a hard core Dem but because of the DNC compromise, I have been left without a party.

    I will vote for the candidate with HONOR and INTEGRITY!

    God Bless Senator McCain!

    August 7, 2008 10:36 am at 10:36 am |
  6. Saad from NJ

    Guliani just gave Senator McCain's secret away...... so it is McCain/Leiberman... HA!

    August 7, 2008 10:37 am at 10:37 am |
  7. Southerner

    Kerry offered the VP spot to McCain. If McCain returned the favor, I wonder how Kerry would erase his "dangerous" comments?

    Of course, Kerry would be nothing but a liability. The obvious choice is Leiberman. Personally, I think Zell Miller would be an interesting pick, if he really wanted a democrat.

    Really, really unlikely that he'd pick a democrat though.

    August 7, 2008 10:37 am at 10:37 am |
  8. obama 08-12

    guiliani,you are such a looser,stop fooling the voters

    August 7, 2008 10:38 am at 10:38 am |


    August 7, 2008 10:38 am at 10:38 am |
  10. JIM...TX

    If I was Guiliani I'd keep my comments to myself. He didn't do too good a job figuring out what was going on in his own campaign.

    August 7, 2008 10:38 am at 10:38 am |
  11. Mike - Texas

    McCain and Hillary on the same ticket ???


    That would be one way to stop Obama.

    I might have to think about that one.

    August 7, 2008 10:39 am at 10:39 am |
  12. JnWilderness

    Enough with the Republicans posing as Democrats with the Hillary nonsense. That is played-out already. Go back to "Dash Limburger" to get New Marching orders. By the way, all you "hoopleheads"( that's what Dash's followers are called, right?) should read the article on Dash and his lifestyle, I'm sure that all you "hoopleheads" smoke $35 cigars every evening when you're not speaking into your Gold Microphone. Yeah, you and him have alot in common. The guy is laughing all the way to the bank every day and here's the twist, you're the brunt of the joke.

    August 7, 2008 10:39 am at 10:39 am |
  13. Ryan

    It is interesting how CNN selectively chooses to show all of the crazy comments about how Hillary should be McCain's VP.. we know that it is a very small percentage of Democrats that would actually think that, but CNN moderators think it is appropriate to try and make it seem like more by showing mostly their posts. Great job CNN.

    August 7, 2008 10:40 am at 10:40 am |
  14. James

    Rudy might be hinting about Joe Leiberman.

    Interesting concept. Citizens are completely fed up with the highly partisan gridlock, fueled by the self-serving radio talkshow people (it is in their best interests to keep it a football game, so they can sell team jerseys and hats on their websites!).

    Not sure if it will actually happen, tho. Two big machines will not go quietly.

    August 7, 2008 10:41 am at 10:41 am |
  15. Gary Chandler in Canada

    Just for the sake of journalism, not TABLOIDISM; support the article by naming ONE Democrat who would run as McCain's mate!?
    (Unlike a tabloid, contact the person first for permission.)
    What an unSENSATIONAL, attention grabbing headline.

    August 7, 2008 10:41 am at 10:41 am |
  16. Gary Chandler in Canada

    Ya but did Hillary ever burn her GOP card, or just put it in a drawer when she adopted her man's party!?

    August 7, 2008 10:42 am at 10:42 am |
  17. James from Chicago

    It really dosen't really matter who McCain picks (hopefully Romney)
    he is going to win.
    Did anyone see what Obama did when he did a $500,000
    re vamp on his airplane???
    He took of the American flag off the plane and put his own logo on.
    I never want to hear again Obama is not Anti American. You Obama fools can support this snake, but be advised when he looses don't
    start riots in the streets.

    August 7, 2008 10:44 am at 10:44 am |
  18. miken

    Rudy is demented if he thinks McCain would ever pick a Democrat. What a jerk.

    August 7, 2008 10:44 am at 10:44 am |
  19. Al, NY NY

    There is no way any of the Bible Thumpers and gun nuts that run the party would allow anyone who even considers anything but the standard "ProLife""Gays are evil" "We love guns" mantra on the ticket. McCain is already having problems with them with judges, campaign finance and now his "gaffe" on possible tax increases. That would put a nail is his wooden coffin for good

    August 7, 2008 10:45 am at 10:45 am |
  20. Lisa M

    Here's an idea.

    Take Hillary. Since all of her "supporters" say they are voting for McCain anyway, it can't hurt anything.

    August 7, 2008 10:46 am at 10:46 am |
  21. sonial8

    I have already moved from teetering Obama to McCain, I am an avid fan of Hillary and would love to see justice prevailed!

    McCain and Hillary would be an amazing ticket. She may have promised support but she never promised not to run against him in any shape or form – even as a Republican. McCain is more moderate and Hillary is a moderate Democrat the meetings of the minds can work plus we have screwball Pelosi at the helm in Congress.

    August 7, 2008 10:46 am at 10:46 am |
  22. J.C.

    How about McCain/Ron Paul for 2008?

    They have more different policy ideas than with the Democrats, but they can compromise and work together if they are willing.

    August 7, 2008 10:47 am at 10:47 am |
  23. Travis

    that would be a good choice... only because mccain is like a million years old and in poor health. we'd end up with a democrat president in no time...

    August 7, 2008 10:48 am at 10:48 am |
  24. Vicki

    This better NOT be true. If he does that it will insure an Obama win in November. What an idiot!. How did we end up in this mess??

    August 7, 2008 10:50 am at 10:50 am |
  25. Bill from ALabama

    Rudy is a big plus for McCain's intent to work across both aisles. Rudy is well known,well thought of,and would add even more character to the ticket.

    August 7, 2008 10:50 am at 10:50 am |
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