August 16th, 2008
09:19 PM ET
10 years ago

Schneider: McCain again circles back to the personal

(CNN) - John McCain again relates a very dramatic and very personal story of his captivity - again emphasizing his personal sacrifice and experience, the basis of his appeal.

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  1. get a life

    Got a short memory. Can't even remember the questions. Living in another time warp.

    August 16, 2008 09:22 pm at 9:22 pm |
  2. Paul

    That's all McCain has to run on, so I'm not surprised.

    August 16, 2008 09:22 pm at 9:22 pm |
  3. TheTruthHurts

    Country First – Haven't you seen the commercials.

    August 16, 2008 09:22 pm at 9:22 pm |
  4. phillychuck

    This is getting quite tiresome. Stories from 30-40 years ago.

    August 16, 2008 09:23 pm at 9:23 pm |
  5. Republican for Obama

    John McCain lives in the past because he has no future. He can only talk abou the past.

    The USA has so much to deal with- with the future of us, our children and grandchildren.

    August 16, 2008 09:24 pm at 9:24 pm |
  6. Anonymous

    McCain always answers the questions with "my friends."

    August 16, 2008 09:24 pm at 9:24 pm |
  7. women for obama


    August 16, 2008 09:24 pm at 9:24 pm |
  8. Tremaine

    I truly respect his sevice for this country but is this experience the only thing he can bear reference to? Out of his 72 years of life in this country there has to be something else. He didn't serve 72 yrs in the military.

    August 16, 2008 09:25 pm at 9:25 pm |
  9. Nancy

    I'm sick of McCain's shallow shallow shallow comments. There is no substance, beyond what he did while he was a VietNam captive. We need to get on to the present and into the real world. He is dishonest and pandering. Shame on McShame.

    August 16, 2008 09:26 pm at 9:26 pm |
  10. CMB

    McCain wants to win the election on being a prisoner of war alone. The guy has nothing to offer people. No health care, no end to war, no energy policy (worth anything) – all he has is that he was a prisoner of war and he is MILKING that for every thing its worth!

    August 16, 2008 09:28 pm at 9:28 pm |
  11. Linda Carpenter, Phoenix, Arizona

    The only think MCCain has to talk about is what happened to him 40 years ago and its not hard to just look at the headlines here on CNN to see that you are rooting for MCCain! Every headline mentions McCain
    Sorry, but the American people have their own minds and can see intelligence, good judgement, thoughtfulness and authenticity in Barack Obama, and the same old 'talking points' for John McCain. Being shot down when you are dropping chemical poison on your enemies, which is what McCain did , dropped agent orange on innocent people, to me does not a hero make.
    America does not need any more war mongering, war profiteering, people who have a foreign policy aide who is a LOBBYIST for Georgia! No wonder he is bad mouthing Russia- you cannot trust this guy anymore that you can trust Dick Cheney. They are the same cloth.

    August 16, 2008 09:31 pm at 9:31 pm |
  12. Ben Burkland

    This is another John McCain stump speech pandering to his expected audience. I had expected more from Rick Warren and both politicians.
    Oh well, back to the olympics.

    August 16, 2008 09:33 pm at 9:33 pm |
  13. Victoria Brown

    McCain is using his experience in Vietnam as much as he can. Yes, he's a war hero but that isn't what tonight was supposed to be about. He's giving speeches and the Rev. ?? is letting him get away with it.

    August 16, 2008 09:37 pm at 9:37 pm |
  14. Mike U

    McCain is maybe popular with the Crown on hand, but it's the American people watching that is hearing nothing New. I could repeat every answer that he Didn't answer. HE keeps telling stories and goes on and on, boring. He is not following the program.

    August 16, 2008 09:40 pm at 9:40 pm |
  15. JP

    Not sure if I believe this guy. His stories keep changing every time he tells them. For example, the story about being tied up while a prisoner and one of his guards loosening up the ropes, he just changed the ending completely. I heard him before explain that the guard came back later (at the end of his shift) and tightened up the ropes and with his foot drew a cross on the ground and then wiped it off. Today he explained that during xmas the same guard came and stood by him and with his fingers drew a cross on the ground and the wiped it off. How could the ending be so different if he is telling the truth?

    August 16, 2008 09:41 pm at 9:41 pm |
  16. RyanD.

    Cute, McCain can give a stump speech.

    He got through all the questions and more in 40 minutes.

    Way to give "in-depth" answers, Mr. Soundbite.

    Obama 08'

    August 16, 2008 09:42 pm at 9:42 pm |
  17. Karen

    Yes,McCain does talk alot about his time in the service. The stories are touching, but I also felt he told one too many. After a while I kinda feel like people are going to get tierd of hearing them.

    August 16, 2008 09:56 pm at 9:56 pm |
  18. Lawrence Cade

    I almost throughup when McCain was asked about taxes and the definition of rich. To here him speak about folks out there loosing their jobs, houses, etc "I want to be president so I can inspire them, show them there is better days ahead. I can do that when I am president". My question to him is how will inspiring them pay their rent , purchase them food, get them a job, etc. The guy is totally out of touch with the working people in America, which he demonstrated by his definition of the rich as $5,000,000.00. and in the same breath identifying the audience as the ones (rich) that he did not want to raise taxes on. To elect this guy will certainly be one step closer to pushing this nation over the edge.Obama has it right, we have to pay our debts to the world and the only way to accomplish this is to tax the rich. Yes, let us take McCain's definition of the rich ($5m+) and let them pay their fair share. In a country this rich we should healthcare and education as a born right, and of course jobs, shelter and food. We can do it and we only have to ask. Most super rich understand and agree that we need a new tax code among other changes.

    August 16, 2008 09:59 pm at 9:59 pm |
  19. Justin in CA

    What does JMs time in a POW camp 30 years ago have to do with the issues we are dealing with today. Nice thing to do when you want to dodge the issues.

    August 16, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  20. Sam Hays

    It is wonderful that a Christian minister who receives over a $100,000 a year tax exempt housing allowance is leading a presidential interview on character! What hypocrisy! Get religion out of politics!

    August 16, 2008 10:01 pm at 10:01 pm |
  21. Foreign Observer

    Let's hope McCain's compulsion to answer every question with either "did I mention I was a prisoner of war" or "let's drill here and let's drill now" will work as well for him as the 9/11 compulsion worked for old Rudy G.

    August 16, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  22. robert

    Manipulative banter without end. Cry me a river, John. Your captivity in Vietnam and your warped sense of self-importance does not qualify you to be a strong leader. I think McCain's insistence on playing the sympathy card repeatedly put a realllllly bad taste in my mouth.

    John McCain, I respect your service, but I despise your using your military service and captivity as a way to manipulate American voters in this election. Frankly it is irrelevant when it comes to your ability to lead.

    August 16, 2008 10:09 pm at 10:09 pm |
  23. pam Eugene OR

    OK we all know he was a POW but how many years does he get to define himself as a victim. We was also a traitor who signed an statement that America wrong to be there. I see him as a braggart and a coward. It does not take any special talent to be shot down.
    My hat is off to the great pilots who completed their missions and saved lives. It was supreme cowardice to seal the records of that time so he could hide his own shame and not allow others to learn what happened to their loved ones.
    This was over 40 years ago and he is still singing bomb bomb bomb.
    Print this CNN!

    August 16, 2008 10:14 pm at 10:14 pm |
  24. Terry Grant

    Ad nauseum. Dwelling on the past vs. looking forward to the future is not what we need.

    August 16, 2008 10:19 pm at 10:19 pm |
  25. Desmond Sequeira

    Self- praise is a good way to lose points for what may have been a truly noble action

    August 16, 2008 10:19 pm at 10:19 pm |
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