September 11th, 2008
08:20 PM ET
10 years ago

Live-blogging with The Best Political Team

Weigh in with CNN's analysts and contributors.

Weigh in with CNN's analysts and contributors.

(CNN) –On the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama each take the stage to discuss service and civic engagement in a forum at Columbia University.

What do you think of their ideas? How does the role of service determine what kind of nation we live in? What does national service mean to you?

Along with CNN Senior Political Correspondent Candy Crowley, CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider, CNN Political Analyst Roland Martin, and Republican strategist Bay Buchanan, thousands of you weighed in.

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  1. Keith

    The media does not want civil just watched the all the cable networks like Fox it's like waiting to be brainwashed by these entertainers which they seem more than reporters and they have no problems lying right to your face. Republics are the worst like they learned straight out of the Bush doctrines liar liar.

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  2. Adrienne

    McCain talks in simple mind catch phrases. Obama goes deeper with and explains actual paths to his plans.

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  3. michael

    instead of the pole which chandidate would you rather drink a beer with ask the question which candidate would you rather smoke a joint with
    thats a question ill awnser

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  4. Barbara

    At the end of the day, Obama really didn't answer any questions. He blabbed on and on about bigger government control on everything, specially in the seeing how it can motivate people to serve in order to get a perk like free college. Speak to the Cubans and they will tell you about the fundamental changes Castro spoke about and meant to do, and look at what they got.

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  5. Patricia

    Obama appeared to me to be somewhat tense. He gave a decent speech and I give him credit for that, however, I am still not comfortable with the idea that someone who has very little experience could running this Great Nation. Especially not at this very transitional time.
    Good show Obama.
    I'm voting for McCain this time around.

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  6. Paul Gillham

    Leah, no, like you I appreciate a serious, civil debate. I just thought the whole subject was a joke. The President is involved in so many important issues. Making sure the Salvation Army's doors are still open is way down on the list.

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  7. truethat

    women always ask for equal rights and never expect the consiquences, investigation will come, false comments will come, you are to show you are able to take it. remove your sensitivity, and accept equality.

    the mc mcain is the worse i have seen. i have never heard so much of the same thing, which mor i hear it sounds worse and the lies,

    mc cain is the candidate of change, changing his mind, was it not exprience e was running on?

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  8. Mike

    It appeared Obama had all the questions since he didn't studder in his answers. After reading the blogs, not all military are for Obama only ones who won't read about each person's history of service. For those in uniform and those who are not, World War I and II, Korea, Vietnam were all entered in while the Democrats were in office. Republicans watch included Granada, Gulf War and Iraq and Afganistan. In Obama's forum, how are we going to pay for everyone's College? There goes our taxes and bigger government.

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  9. David

    Leah, the venue didn't offer the opportunity for "mud-slinging." Needless to say, there's been plenty so far and more to come during the 50+ days.

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  10. VRM

    For a lot of people, the conventions and the subsequent reports on them were the first time they were introduced to the candidates. I think that the Republicans were ill advised to use snarky cracks at community service as Palin's hello to the world.

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  11. Jim - VA

    Bring back the draft! Three years mandatory service for everyone – starting with the quals for the Oval Office, Senate, Congress, etc.etc.etc.

    By the way – Obama started his young life as a Muslim. If you don't think so, stay in Disneyland.

    Undecided Independant "American" vet – no pathetic derivative, sensitive, "you owe me" person.

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  12. Janice Il

    Obama talks to much when asked a question, on and on by the time he is done you forget what the question was. Yes , no not in his vocabulary. To much Bull.

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  13. Angelique Louis

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! This forum, during this day, reminded my of why I served in the Army for 20 years, why I am serving our government today and why tomorrow I am going to go out and find a way to serve my community. To see two very special individuals talk about their experience in serving our country and how they plan to have people once again find a way to serve our great country, whether through federal service or community service was wonderful.

    There was a question posed about a President that inspired people to go out and serve their country and I believe both candidates missed one really important President – Franklin D. Roosevelt. The government stepped in during the era of depress and put the American people to work to build the infrastructure we have today. When WW2 occured, the government asked people to sacrifice and they did. Children help they parents build victory gardens so that our servicemen had food. Their sugar and other food goods were rationed. They bought US bonds to help fund the war. Hollywood stars did tours to entertain our servicemen. Business restructure so that they could build airplanes and warships. Women went to work in the factories there husband who went to war used to work at.

    That generation and the revolutionary genration is and was one of our nations the finest!!!!

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  14. Denise

    I pay not attention to the foolishness the media keeps broadcasting over and over again. Lipstick on a Pig...please, those who keep harping on this need to see the whole speech before jumping on the Plain defense wagon. I am concerned about the FACTS and our country is in a whole log of trouble. The facts on of our countries, economics, our nations security here at home more so that abroad, as well as how we as a nation is perceived abroad, education, civil rights for all people, government spending and the trillions of debt we are in, the housing crisis, plus some...the true issues. A candidate should be chosen based on how they stand on these issues not on how they look, how old or young they are and especially not based on their race and or their religious affiliation. RELIGION HAS NO PLASE IN GOVERMENT...hence the separation of Church and state. I think the GOP and the Evangelicals have forgotten that or maybe the thing Americans are stupid and will not notice. When a candidate spouts their religious beliefs as a major part of how they make their decisions to govern us (Americans), we all should perk up and get scared...can we say Iraq and the Iraq war. Not to say that being spiritual is not good thing I am very spiritual but not everyone in this country feels the same way religiously or worships in the same way. Our president needs to govern based on the whole country which is made up of many different people and religions. Our country was founded on the basis that all men should have the ability to worship as they pleased but it seems that the GOP have sided with the Evangelical Right and feel they can manage my religious life better than I can. Govern based on the many not just the few.

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  15. heather4Obama

    Bay Bay Bay you are not reporting just see red and swear it is wont even say it is crimson...come on Bay get a reality make my eyeballs hurt from rolling...Come on be honest.

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  16. Roger

    Why would Judy Woodruff bother to give McCain's answers to the questions to Obama, since undoubtedly he was allowed to listen to McCain's interview? Was that fair, or biased?

    Do you really think Obama would have been ready to answer the ROTC question had he not heard it in advance?

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  17. Obama-Biden 2008 and 2012

    Many people are getting a chance to see how great Sen. Obama would be as president. He will get many votes...many votes !

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  18. Jan

    I wonder if Palin and McCain use the same "coach" because they both used the words "inalienable rights" in their interviews today. You know, you don't get to hear those words everyday....and McCain said them twice tonight in the forum and Palin once (so far) with Charlie Gibson. Did you see her dance around the fact that she had NO CLUE what the Bush Doctrine was???
    If McCain knows exactly how to get Bin Laden (he brags every speech) then what is he waiting for? Isn't it his duty to tell the people who could go and get him?

    September 11, 2008 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |
  19. Kathy

    Tell me this is a joke! This woman isn't ready for this position. I can not believe how she stumbled all over the ABC interview.

    September 11, 2008 10:01 pm at 10:01 pm |
  20. San Diego Moon


    The media keeps reporting on the even split in the polls. It strikes me as odd that what we don't hear about very often is how far ahead Obama is in the projected electoral count–which is what matters right?

    Isn't it true that Obama is really leading this race by a more than comfortable margin?

    September 11, 2008 10:01 pm at 10:01 pm |
  21. jean from fort lauderdale

    Did you see the interview with Sarah Palin and Charlie Gibson? She
    just showed America how far out of her league she really is. Those
    scripted responses had George Bush written all over them. Even the
    pronunciation of "nukuler". Hopefully, next time she will be better prepared.

    September 11, 2008 10:01 pm at 10:01 pm |
  22. MaryAnn

    Obama is a breath of fresh air. We need a change. America can not afford a republican repeat.

    September 11, 2008 10:01 pm at 10:01 pm |
  23. Cheryl

    I honestly don't think these types of forums will help people who are undecided. What i do think that will be the ultimate thing that makes people decide is the people on the ground knocking on the doors, making the phone calls, the precint captains on election day and all the other volunteers. Obama has the people, gawd do we know we have the people, and McCain you never see pounding the pavements. So keep focused and maybe someone can report on what happens behind the scenes and in the field.

    September 11, 2008 10:01 pm at 10:01 pm |
  24. Laura

    Why no Democratic Strategist to offset Bay B. who is just a spokesperson for McCain?


    September 11, 2008 10:01 pm at 10:01 pm |
  25. manchild

    Its like McCain thinks he is owed the presidency because he
    got captured and was a prisoner of war. He and Palin are playing
    a brilliant game,but it will not work. They discuss everything but
    they're agenda for us Americans for the next 4 or 8 years. I cannot
    afford another 4 or 8 years of this same old...washington...
    high gas,food prices,energy prices etc. And you all are fools if
    you let this emperor and his new clothes back in the white house.
    I want a debate on the issues of Americans...our economy

    September 11, 2008 10:01 pm at 10:01 pm |
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