October 10th, 2008
09:15 AM ET
10 years ago

Bush hopes to reassure nation after economic woes

President Bush will discuss the economy Friday morning in the White House Rose Garden.

President Bush will discuss the economy Friday morning in the White House Rose Garden.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - President Bush has tried to strike an awkward balance between reassurance and reality about the nation's financial crisis. On Friday, he will do so again, but the repetition raises the question: to what effect?

Since September 15, the day financial giant Lehman Brothers failed, the president has commented on the nation's financial health 26 times, either through written, radio or on-camera statements.

White House Press Secretary Dana Perino says the president will let Americans know they "should be confident that every effort is being taken to stabilize our financial system."

Watch: Rescue plan will ' take a while,' Pres. Bush says

Perino announced the news after Thursday's astonishing 679-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, saying Bush would make his remarks "following the market's continued volatility this afternoon."

Perino also said Bush's speech at the White House Rose Garden is not expected to announce any policy decisions. In the past, Bush's statements have mostly been brief, as in Thursday's comments at the White House during a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration.

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  1. JB

    What a freakin' joke!!! Bush – install confidence, not likely!!!

    October 10, 2008 09:39 am at 9:39 am |
  2. Ohio Independent

    George Bush you are have led our country and the world into a mess. Can you tell McCain how we are going to get out of it. I can't wait to hear about Palin's involvment in Troopergate. What about her ties to the Alaska Independence Party. Now that is newsworthy...

    October 10, 2008 09:40 am at 9:40 am |
  3. bonnie

    all the talking the president is doing now is of no help or comfort. he should have been more aggresive in the past instead of trying to convince the nation that we were in a solid financial state. now it seenms like he is trying to cover his own mistakes.

    October 10, 2008 09:41 am at 9:41 am |
  4. Sue in MI

    Bush won't deliver any policy decisions, because he has none. The demise of this country can be traced to the fraudulent election of George Bush in 2000. If any Republicans go back to Congress, it will just compound the misery. All they know is "lower taxes " and keep the military engaged. Well, that all seems to have gone well. Wonder what it feels like to be leaving office as the worst leader in the history of the free world? Not as bad as those of us losing our retirement are feeling.

    October 10, 2008 09:41 am at 9:41 am |
  5. Gerry in Va. for Obama.

    I'm sure "things" will calm down when President Obama is in the oval office and we the people are confident in our political leaders once again.

    October 10, 2008 09:41 am at 9:41 am |
  6. Ethan Edwards

    George Soros & Obama are both both connected to ACORN.
    Soro's Democratic Alliance group funds ACORN.

    Could Soros also be manipulating the Stock Market for Obama's benefit?

    October 10, 2008 09:42 am at 9:42 am |
  7. Susan from Scotts Valley, CA

    I'm actually with him on this ONE. We need to give this some time to work. Then Obama will come in and finish the job.

    October 10, 2008 09:44 am at 9:44 am |
  8. Lawrence

    It's amazing how little responsibility is attached to this one! The only thing that could be worse than this is "this one" jr. or McBush!

    October 10, 2008 09:45 am at 9:45 am |
  9. GO SARAH!!


    October 10, 2008 09:45 am at 9:45 am |
  10. Pam

    McCain takes yet another page from BUSH.

    Swiftboating like BUSH in 2000.

    I was a sucker who fell for it........................look where that got you and I.

    You get what you buy into people!!!!

    October 10, 2008 09:45 am at 9:45 am |
  11. Maggie from Virginia

    Bush is the President. He should be held accountable for everything that happens on his watch.

    October 10, 2008 09:46 am at 9:46 am |
  12. JL

    That should be great for the markets, considering they have fallen sharply every time he has opened his mouth for the last year.

    I can't wait to get the hate and fear-mongering republicans out of leadership positions.

    October 10, 2008 09:46 am at 9:46 am |
  13. Nelson Colorado Springs Co

    President Bush and congress is going about this bail out the wrong way. They need stop the bail out and give the people the money we will spend it. Go Obama/Biden

    October 10, 2008 09:46 am at 9:46 am |
  14. Ken in NC

    McCain ran in 2000 and the Republicans selected Bush because it was their opinion that Bush was a better choice than McCain. So that being the case why would we want second best in there now. If he was not wanted then, he is not wanted now. Probably the only one that doesn't know it is McCain.

    I think "THAT ONE" is running a well managed campaign and staying on subject. It is clear he has surrounded himself with smart people and that is a sign of the level of his own intelligence to do that. A really smart person seeks out smart people.

    I think there is a lesson to be learned here by Senator McCain.

    October 10, 2008 09:46 am at 9:46 am |
  15. Ask God for Guidance John

    John McCain –

    Be man enough to admit that you don't have the interest in money and economic matters to be DRIVEN to solve America's economic malaise.

    We can all see it in your public appearances and statements. You are totally lost when it comes to this subject. Please put your PERSONAL AMBITIONS aside and defer to the Smart guys.

    You might be able to whip low information voters into enough of a frenzy about Barack so that they repeat the mistake of 2000 and 2004 when you elected Bush ... but don't.

    Let' your final moment in the sun be remembered for how you put the nation first during a time a national crisis.

    October 10, 2008 09:46 am at 9:46 am |
  16. Uncle Sam

    The media seem more concerned about McCain's strategy than investigating Obama's radical ties.


    October 10, 2008 09:46 am at 9:46 am |
  17. Tony

    There are those that would rather live as is or sink deeper before they would vote for Barack Obama. I ask you to think of the greater good for everyone and vote Democratic. Everyone has seen what the past 7 1/2 years has gotten us. Do you really want 4 more years of the same or worst.

    October 10, 2008 09:47 am at 9:47 am |
  18. r sisk, nevada

    Just the sight of this man and reading some of these posts makes me want to yak. What a disaster!

    Bottom-line: this entire fiasco was fueled by GREED. The greed was fueled by DEREGULATION. The deregulation was fueled by the GOP.

    Now we're screwed. If you're stupid or rich enough to want more, vote McCain. The majority of us, and it's showing in the polls, will vote for change. We are tired of the dysfunction.


    October 10, 2008 09:48 am at 9:48 am |
  19. PA voter

    I loved the part of SNL last night about George W. Bush never being right. Who anymore really cares what he says anymore? He's been a sitting duck for awhile now.

    October 10, 2008 09:48 am at 9:48 am |
  20. CD

    This lame-duck, very unpopular president is doing nothing to settle the markets. The American people are afraid and they don't trust this president. He needs to just keep a low profile. PS..I think he and his team were hoping to sit on this financial crisis until after the election so as not to hurt McBush.

    October 10, 2008 09:48 am at 9:48 am |

    I simply can not believe the stupid people on here. true republicans all ways blame some one else for their problems. it is totaly stupid to blame democrats for our moneytary problems. it is strictly a republican problem. tax cuts for the rich, borrow money to fight a illegal war. give the super rich bail outs. yep make it easy. blame the democrats. not bush, mc cain or phil gramm.

    October 10, 2008 09:49 am at 9:49 am |
  22. Michigan Voter

    It's not just the US, global markets everywhere are self-destructing. The entire world economy is in meltdown, and there seems to be no way to stop it.

    I'm sure Bush is just relieved that he can hole up at his ranch with his huge president's pension and ignore the coming recession/ depression.

    October 10, 2008 09:49 am at 9:49 am |
  23. Matt

    The market is crashing because investors see Obama being elected.

    Get out now, Obama is the problem, not the solution.

    October 10, 2008 09:50 am at 9:50 am |
  24. Marie

    What can he possibly say? He is a major part of the reason for the problems we all face today. He is counting the days until he goes and licks back at his ranch in TX, leaving his mess for someone else to clean. the legacy he will leave is of the worst president in American history. How does that man sleep at night?

    October 10, 2008 09:51 am at 9:51 am |
  25. Republican Voting OBAMA



    OBAMA/BIDEN 08/12

    October 10, 2008 09:51 am at 9:51 am |
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