October 20th, 2008
05:00 PM ET
10 years ago

Obama lawyer calls for internal Justice Department investigation

The Obama campaign called Monday for an internal DOJ investigation in the wake of increased federal scrutiny of ACORN, a community organizing group.

The Obama campaign called Monday for an internal DOJ investigation in the wake of increased federal scrutiny of ACORN, a community organizing group.

(CNN) - Obama campaign general counsel Bob Bauer called Monday for a government investigation into whether the White House is working with John McCain’s campaign to raise allegations of voter fraud, telling reporters attorney general Michael Mukasey needed to step in to ensure investigators are "not misused for partisan purposes."

Read: Bauer's Monday letter to Mukasey

A special prosecutor is investigating similar charges against the Justice Department over the controversial dismissals of several U.S. attorneys, including David Yglesias, who said he was fired for resisting pressure to prosecute ACORN, the embattled community group at the center of a sustained Republican campaign alleging voter fraud among supporters of Barack Obama.

Bauer spoke with reporters on a Monday conference call days after news broke that the FBI is taking a closer look at ACORN. Last week, he said the special prosecutor’s mandate should be expanded to include the rising government scrutiny of the community group.

Listen: Obama lawyer calls for an internal DOJ investigation

On Monday, he sent a letter to Mukasey saying said that the inspector general needed to investigate, because the prosecutor didn’t have the jurisdiction needed to look into the department’s activities - whether it complied with its own policies.

ACORN has said it registered roughly 1.3 million voters this year, but has come under fire because some of the registrations turned in by contract workers hired by the group have contained false information.

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  1. julio, tx

    I love obama, my family is here in the u.s. and he will make us legal. dreams come true. there hands will be out when we get here, we only take bills

    October 20, 2008 05:39 pm at 5:39 pm |
  2. Latina for Obama (nj)



    October 20, 2008 05:39 pm at 5:39 pm |
  3. Why????

    Where is Sarah Palin medical records? Where is it?

    October 20, 2008 05:39 pm at 5:39 pm |
  4. Stan the Homeless Guy

    I just got my 72 voter registration cards today and Gloria from ACORN told me that not only will she be drive me to go vote, she will give me a beer voucher for every vote for O'Bama!


    October 20, 2008 05:40 pm at 5:40 pm |

    Hmmm the Republicans have been doing this for years and came close to being caught in 2000 and 2004 but managed to evade the sceen due to Partisan higher ups being allocated for the case.

    Let's talk about how GW Bush was given the election. It won't happen this year because voters have been well informed through the transparency of Obama's campaign.


    October 20, 2008 05:40 pm at 5:40 pm |
  6. Andy

    ACORN has been caught committing voter fraud in several states already. It is just a coincidence that the states they are most active in, that had a tremendous registration of Democrat voters is being investigated. It's a bigger coincidence that these states just happen to be the states in play this election cycle and the media already has Obama winning these states.

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck.

    October 20, 2008 05:40 pm at 5:40 pm |
  7. David, Silver Spring, MD

    Obama is right to push back on this. The attack against ACORN is politically-motivated.

    Like all voter registration organizations, ACORN had some forms come back with bogus information. By law, they were required to submit those, and marked all that appeared bogus.

    You can't hold a big voter registration drive without someone slipping in bogus forms, either through ignorance, malice, or a twisted sense of humor. The DoJ is pursuing ACORN at the behest of the White House while other similar organizations are being ignored.

    The McCain camp is in cahoots with the White House and is trying to tie Obama to ACORN.

    October 20, 2008 05:41 pm at 5:41 pm |
  8. Jerry

    Nothing new! Always the same strategy. Divert attention from the serious issues that have “dogged” Senator NObama's campaign from the beginning.

    Again, what else is new?

    Stay tuned!

    October 20, 2008 05:41 pm at 5:41 pm |
  9. Louie-Buffalo, NY

    The republicans are sore losers and FACISTS. The only way they know how to get into office, IS TO STEAL THE ELECTION. IE: 2000 in Florida and 2004 in Ohio. POOR, POOR LOSERS, with the emphasize on LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    October 20, 2008 05:42 pm at 5:42 pm |
  10. JJ

    Good thinking Barack....It might stop them from insinuating that your "landslide victory" was caused by a few suspicious voter registrations LOL....However, you know the Republican pitbulls will not want to let go....they never do.

    October 20, 2008 05:42 pm at 5:42 pm |
  11. Briana

    mccain is a sore loser

    October 20, 2008 05:42 pm at 5:42 pm |
  12. banderson

    This is an important step but not the end. Everyone must be vigilant in making sure that our democracy is not subverted by anyone that includes Democrats or Republicans. I do however find it interesting that the Republican party was not saying anything when Rush Limp was encouraging people to change their political affiliation so they could vote in the Democratic primary for "Operation Chaos". Where was the outrage from the right then?

    October 20, 2008 05:42 pm at 5:42 pm |
  13. Shane

    ...and the other shoe drops.

    It's a fair bet that anytime a bunch of (suspiciously organized) Republicans start frantically jumping up and down and gesticulating wildly at some cooked-up, cockamamie "scandal" – "Hey, everybody, look at THIS!!!" – they're likely doing something behind the scenes to help spin things as negatively as possible.

    Kudos to the Democrats for taking another pathetic and futile smear attempt by "Bush Cronies for McCain" and throwing it right back in their faces, while keeping their own campaign focused on the issues that matter most to Americans.

    October 20, 2008 05:42 pm at 5:42 pm |
  14. Independent but Leaning

    Hey Jon- if we call it conspiracy to commit voter fraud, does that make you happy?

    October 20, 2008 05:42 pm at 5:42 pm |
  15. My Border Collie is Smarter Than Pitbull Palin


    It is not Voter Fraud, it is Voter Registration Fraud. And Acorn is REQUIRED BY LAW to turn in EVERY registration card.

    October 20, 2008 05:43 pm at 5:43 pm |
  16. John in Virginia

    This is clearly a Republican tactic. ACORN has legitimately registered far more people legitimately than this allegation. What the articles are not telling people are that the actual numbers of questionable transactions are much less than what is being reported. Any time you hire very poor people to do a job and they are in dire need of money, a good number (not all) will do what they have to do to get as much as they can. So if you tell them they get more money for registering more voters, guess what they are going to do? That has nothing to do with Obama or the organization as a whole, other than they need to be more careful about who they hire. I seriously doubt you see some idiot try to vote 200,000 times under one name. How dumb would you have to be? Come on people; use your common sense. There isn't anything wrong with ACORN.

    October 20, 2008 05:43 pm at 5:43 pm |
  17. Deb

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. By law-ALL registrations MUST
    be turned in-even if they clearly contain false or incomplete information. So how come ACORN is under fire for complying with the law?

    October 20, 2008 05:43 pm at 5:43 pm |
  18. KS

    'Free-speech suppression'? What article did you read?

    I think the government should take any action necessary to ensure that everybody who wants to vote legally can do so. Phony registrations do not equal voter fraud. Nobody is going to go to the poll posing as 'Jimmy Johns' to cast a ballot. The McCain camp wants to use this to weed out many honest voter registrations because the majority of them are from democrats. Bush has shown he isn't above stooping to this level.

    October 20, 2008 05:43 pm at 5:43 pm |
  19. Gayle

    I am so glad that Jon exlained it because I find myself explainging the same thing to people. Its not voter fraud its an issue with registration. If a person does not show up to vote then DANG how can it be voter fraud. Get it right people because there is a different. By the way early voting has started in Texas. Obama/Biden

    October 20, 2008 05:43 pm at 5:43 pm |
  20. Hank

    Okay, call it registration fraud but what kind of Americans would do this? The kind that would vote for Obama!
    Everyone knows you are only supposed to register once.

    October 20, 2008 05:43 pm at 5:43 pm |
  21. Amy

    I wouldn't be surprised to hear the Bush administration is trying to help McCain so they can ensure their policies are continued...the same policies that got us into the terrible mess we are in.

    My fellow Americans please pay attention to the real issues: the economy, jobs, healthcare, Iraq/Afghanistan...

    October 20, 2008 05:43 pm at 5:43 pm |
  22. Louie-Buffalo, NY

    It will not work this time. Obama is better, smarter and tougher than ANY stupid loser republican.

    October 20, 2008 05:43 pm at 5:43 pm |
  23. Mel of Alexandria, Virginia

    How I am not hearing of the Keating Five which proves that McCain is not an honorable man. The way in which he treated his first wife was not honorable. It is obvious that John McCain has a serious character flaw.
    The ugliness which lurks within him he is trying to project on Obama.

    October 20, 2008 05:44 pm at 5:44 pm |
  24. Lauren

    Of course Obama wants to investigate. That way he can determine the outcome.

    Of course he wants to have someone on the inside so when it comes to be known that Obama IS involved with ACORN,,, that inside person can hide the info.

    October 20, 2008 05:44 pm at 5:44 pm |
  25. Red, Red WHINE!!

    Greg October 20th, 2008 5:36 pm ET

    Hey Red Red Whine you must of forgot about Clinton/Gore

    I'll take that to mean you agree that anyone that has been found GUILTY of unethical acts does not deserve to be in the white house.

    If that's your point, then I won't bother arguing that only one person in the two you mention was actually found guilty of anything. Granted it was Clinton, but Gore was not. So while I'll give you the one, TWO of them on the same ticket, BOTH having been found guilty....no argument, McCain/Palin vs Clinton/Gore: McCain/Palin TWO TIMES more corrupt!

    October 20, 2008 05:45 pm at 5:45 pm |
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