February 13th, 2009
03:22 PM ET
6 years ago

Gregg to vote against stimulus bill

Gregg is opposed to Obama's first major piece of legislation.
Gregg is opposed to Obama's first major piece of legislation.

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Republican Sen. Judd Gregg is putting a final exclamation point on his withdrawal as Barack Obama’s designee for Commerce Secretary with a promise to vote against the president’s economic stimulus package.

Gregg’s office confirmed the decision Friday.

The New Hampshire senator cited the stimulus package as a primary reason for backing out of the job offer, calling the bill and potential changes to Census oversight “irresolvable conflicts for me.”

“We are functioning from a different set of views on many critical items of policy,” Gregg said in a statement Thursday.

The House approved the stimulus plan Friday afternoon, and a Senate vote is expected later in the day. Two weeks ago, Gregg voted against the Senate version of the bill.

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  1. ken

    As expected!

    February 13, 2009 06:19 pm at 6:19 pm |
  2. Terry, TX

    I find Senator Gregg.... and honorable man.

    President Obama was dishonorable to remove the Census from the Commerce Department to Rahm Emmanuel... on behalf of the Black and Hispanic Caucus... this is also the Black Caucus who was in bed with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.... Rep Waters, Rep Meeks, Rep Clay and Rep Davis....along with Barney Franks and Chris Dodds. The Black and Hispanic Caucuses are idiots. As an American Hispanic .... I am thoroughly disgusted with the lot of them.. It was this group along with NCAAP and LULAC who have allowed illegal aliens in the Pork Package. They are dismantling the E-Verify Illegal Alien Check....it's not in the Pork Package and they don't renew in March. Email your representative, senators and White House.

    February 13, 2009 06:19 pm at 6:19 pm |
  3. Anonymous

    What a phony Gregg is. He ran away with his tail between his legs after the republican terrorists yelled at him. He shouldn't be in a cabinet position for Dems or Reps.

    February 13, 2009 06:21 pm at 6:21 pm |
  4. person

    he has to vote against it otherwise there would be a horsehead in bed when he wakes up,

    February 13, 2009 06:22 pm at 6:22 pm |
  5. reg

    Greg was a simple GOP plant whose attempts at grabbing power throgh the Census were thrown off track. They throw words like "socialism" around to try to create boogiemen out of the Dems and President Obama. What conservative GOP members can't control, they try and destroy, and that includes America.

    February 13, 2009 06:23 pm at 6:23 pm |
  6. person

    inbreds in the right wing, that's all I have to say! Banjos playin in the background.

    February 13, 2009 06:27 pm at 6:27 pm |
  7. JJack Jodell

    Typical uncaring, uncooperative partisan Republican. I hope the voters of New Hampshire teach him a lesson next time!

    February 13, 2009 06:42 pm at 6:42 pm |
  8. Marlon

    Gregg is a coward! He's afraid to do the right thing. He wanted to support a cause because he believed in change, then overnight he changed his mind. Who influenced you Senator? Can you not stand on your own two feet? It was expected...it's the Republican way. First you outsource, then you backsource. Nevertheless, you really weren't independent enough to be on Obama's team anyway.

    February 13, 2009 06:44 pm at 6:44 pm |
  9. Vicki5

    I would sure like to know what the republicans had on Gregg. What a coward he is.

    February 13, 2009 06:45 pm at 6:45 pm |
  10. I Wonder

    Judd received a call this week from his fellow republicans and they ripped his backbone out of his body this is why he stepped down.He knew that this administration was for change when he accepted the position..who did he think Obama was Bush and nothing would change? Being in in the cabinet he knew he couldn't vote against the stimulus because the republicans were going to make him pay because he would have never been confirmed.One might wonder if they are holding something over him but on the other hand to go against his fellow republican senators is like going up against Al Capone this is how they work they would have never do anything not to see Obama succeed just look at how many republicans voted for this package even at the risk of the american people suffering for years to come.Shame on all of them and I hope they can't sleep at night

    February 13, 2009 06:53 pm at 6:53 pm |
  11. Scott L

    Gregg came to realize how liberal Obama really is.

    About time someone woke up.

    February 13, 2009 06:53 pm at 6:53 pm |

    CNN, why are you not censuring my comments by refusing to post them? It's been weeks since you last allowed my comment to be posted. Yet, you allow some nutheads to post unintelligible comments all the time.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Gregg you are pathetic. Obama brought you to the cabinet position exactly because your different views will provide balance as he seeks to guide this country out the economic conundrum the GOP has put us in. Instead, you chickened out because the GOP saw you as a traitor? Shame on you for choosing party over country.

    February 13, 2009 06:57 pm at 6:57 pm |
  13. John

    Am I the only person who saw the smirk on Gregg's face when he made his announcement? Watch the video: he looks like the kid who just stole all the marbles and thinks he got away with it.. Let's be fair though, Ann says that the rules for the job were changed after he accepted it. If that is so then why isn't the GOP using this "fact" to further undermine the new administration? I do however have to disagree with posts that suggest President Obama is looking for people who will disagree with him. I don't think that makes sense politically.

    February 13, 2009 06:57 pm at 6:57 pm |

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Gregg you are pathetic. Obama brought you to the cabinet position exactly because your different views will provide balance as he seeks to guide this country out the economic conundrum the GOP has put us in. Instead, you chickened out because the GOP saw you as a traitor? Shame on you for choosing party over country.

    February 13, 2009 06:58 pm at 6:58 pm |
  15. Herbie


    February 13, 2009 06:59 pm at 6:59 pm |
  16. CAMI

    Well knock me over with a feather. Like I didn't see that coming. LOL I don't think that staying in lockstep with the partyline is going to stand them in good stead when the next elections come around. Vote your conscience and the individual issues people. That's what you have a brain for. Show some backbone and don't just follow out of fear of your own party leadership. They'll toss you out with the bathwater as soon as it suits them, regardless of whether you toady up to them now, or not.

    February 13, 2009 07:01 pm at 7:01 pm |
  17. mike

    I see Uhbama has his flag pin on.

    February 13, 2009 07:02 pm at 7:02 pm |
  18. Ben

    Gregg can go to hell!

    February 13, 2009 07:03 pm at 7:03 pm |
  19. William

    Gregg's position is one of the reasons our country is in the shape it's in. Let's just set back and do nothing and watch the rich get richer while everyone else starves to death. That's the Republican way. Set back and rake it in off the blood and sweat of hard working Americans ,and when times get tough give everyone a bonus and get rid of the actual workers. Let us not forget how much this war has cost American taxpayers. Where were these concerned Senators when they voted to keep sending money to rebuild a foreign country while ours was going down the crapper.

    February 13, 2009 07:06 pm at 7:06 pm |
  20. Matthew, Detroit

    Senator Judd Gregg has integrity.

    He thought he could believe in what Barack said but he found out it was not true.

    They tried to run a game on him and it did not work.

    Barack is taking over the census. Why?

    February 13, 2009 07:13 pm at 7:13 pm |
  21. unity

    so what?

    February 13, 2009 07:16 pm at 7:16 pm |
  22. Jen, Cali

    Dear Republican Senators:

    Please vote PRESENT on the so-called "stimulus" plan.

    February 13, 2009 07:17 pm at 7:17 pm |
  23. JSU-TIGER99

    Who is speaking for Gregg, Him or the RNC it is funny to see so call grown men act like little girls because they can not get a new dress,GOP members like Gregg say they want it their way or the highway they are the ones that put this country in the mess it is in now.

    February 13, 2009 07:18 pm at 7:18 pm |
  24. Chris

    Smart man – This bill is awful. ALMOST $800 BILLION!!! Are you kidding me? This doesn't even include other (bank, auto, etc.) bailouts. Ridiculous.

    February 13, 2009 07:22 pm at 7:22 pm |
  25. once upon a horse

    "DUH" and this is a surprise? And to all these people who think that this bill will not work, if it DOES work I guess you'll be unhappy with it, right? I just would like to hear an alternative that would work better than I guess more tax cuts for the wealthy.

    February 13, 2009 07:40 pm at 7:40 pm |
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