March 3rd, 2009
11:28 AM ET
6 years ago

Steele and Limbaugh speak


RNC chairman Michael Steele said he was "all good" with Rush Limbaugh after speaking with the conservative radio talk show host on Monday night. (Photo Credit: Getty Images/File)

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said Tuesday he has spoken with Rush Limbaugh about his comments regarding the conservative radio talk show host.

"We had a nice conversation last night," Steele said in a statement sent to CNN. "We are all good."

RNC officials described the call as private and did not elaborate on the details of the conversation between the two men.

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  1. Sharon - NC

    Rush Limbaugh is like Dick Cheney, except his location is not undisclosed and he doesn't care to be behind the scenes. He doesn't realize that most of his 22 million listeners tune in just to see what this trainwreck of a human dares to say next. It's a shame that Mr. Steele has sold out his principles just to keep a position that he, unfortunately, was put in just for effect instead of because of his talents (just like Palin – you think they'd learn). Even as a democrat, I thought that Mr. Jindal held such promise for the American people . . . until he gave the party line speech and interviews and said what Rush Limbaugh told him to say. In this day and age, how can Rush Limbaugh be relevant at all. Hopefully, very soon, he'll be a trivia question in the 'before Americans took back their country' category.

    March 3, 2009 12:18 pm at 12:18 pm |
  2. ronnie

    The head of the GOP is Rush. The heart and soul of a dysfunctional, egocentrical party of the "we are entitled". Who use the word Captialism as a badge of honor which essentially means to them "screw the people". That's right Rush...give em heck good ole boy. Don't let some uppity Obama wannabe tell YOU! You're a good ole boy and all is well in your world. Because if you and people like Sarah Palin are what the GOP wants as leadership now the GOP will soon cease to exist. Wake up Eric Cantor and Tim Pawlenty. You are both intelligent and have established yourselves as true leadership material. I am an independent thinker. Come correct or stay at home. The GOP is in jeopardy. Sounds like Rush is about to rush ya'll out of business.

    March 3, 2009 12:19 pm at 12:19 pm |
  3. C W

    Steele is not an Uncle Tom; black people, like all people, hold a variety of political, philosophical, religious, etc., etc., views. It's a matter of character, not race or other identity.

    March 3, 2009 12:22 pm at 12:22 pm |
  4. Unbelievable

    The Mike In Houstons of the world don't need much evidence to form their opionions; the litmus test is whether or not a statement agrees with those things they already want to beleive in. That is, by definition, "the truth."

    After all, you barely hear the rare broadcast from poor, victimized Rush Limbaugh anymore these days, right, Mike in Houston?

    March 3, 2009 12:22 pm at 12:22 pm |
  5. Some Guy

    Socialism, huh? Well, maybe we should privatize the fire dept. Those who pay for the gold membership get quicker response time. How about the public library. No one's making any money letting people borrow those books for free. How about roads and bridges. We could pay a toll for every bridge we drive across. What about the police dept.? Social security? The military (oh wait, we already did that, see Blackwater). How about the sewers? everybody could have pay toilets in their house. How about the national parks? We could auction them off to the highest bidder. They're not doing anything just standing there empty.

    March 3, 2009 12:23 pm at 12:23 pm |
  6. Steve (the real one)

    Peter (CA)
    You are correct in the sense that the south (both parties rejected this act). Overall, it was still democrats who had a difficult time with this acts a whole. My main point is blacks gave the dems the time to change and are now embraced by approx 95-97% of blacks. Yet they are unwiilling to do the same for the GOP.
    Democratic Party: 153-91 (63%-37%)
    Republican Party: 136-35 (80%-20%)

    March 3, 2009 12:23 pm at 12:23 pm |
  7. Proud American

    Only in the RNC could your have one republican Idiot going against another another republican Idiot for position in a party that has been rejected by Americans and have nothing to offer the American people.
    I just love those Morons, and keep it coming this is real funny.

    March 3, 2009 12:24 pm at 12:24 pm |
  8. John

    We all knew this was going to happen, I don’t think it had anything to do with Steele being black. Rush did the same thing to 2 white Congressmen from the south about 3 weeks ago and they backed down just like Steele did.

    And I think it’s going too far to say he (Rush) is the head of the GOP, I will say that he is the lead voice of the conservative party and if you wish to stay in POWER in the GOP you must not upset the almighty RUSH.

    It’s sad and down right frightful when you listen to the GOP’ers speak, the garbage they spew is hateful UNAMERICAN and they try to justify it but pulling the wool over the eyes of the conservatives by using FEAR TACTICS and big scary words like SOCIALISM, BIG GOVT., and the really scary thing is people believe them.

    They do not fear that a black man is in office, what they fear the most is that he won over 60% of the American vote and WHITE people voted for him and they fear the loss of POWER so they send out the lynch mob / kkk…only today the lynch mob / kkk is RUSH / Hannity and Colmes…Oh yes I can’t forget my buddy O’riley.

    I have hope and I think the past 8 years opened the eyes of the American people, you will never have another President run roughshod over this country with fear tactics, talking about the economy and telling you the truth about how bad it is not a fear tactic IT’S THE TRUTH that we as one nation face.

    March 3, 2009 12:24 pm at 12:24 pm |
  9. KLK

    Bachman was wrong. Mike Steele don't "be da man"

    March 3, 2009 12:25 pm at 12:25 pm |
  10. Matty

    Guess those of you who mention Rush's drug use have selective memories about our current president.

    March 3, 2009 12:27 pm at 12:27 pm |
  11. Tina

    Steve (the real one) March 3rd, 2009 11:24 am ET

    i can firmly see the racist rants continue. Let me get this straight, any black man who fails to bow down at the alter is a token or uncle tom? Wonder why we can't progess as a people? We kill lthose (thru our words) who disagree with us! I hope your proud! What you fail to remember is the GOP is changing just like the Dems changed in the 60s and 70s. It was the dems who mostly voted against the Civil Rights Act of 64! Yet they are widely embraced by blacks. So don't fault the GOP for changing as well. But you will because it doesn't fit your liberal/socalist agendas!

    To Steve: we are not talking about 1964, we are talking about TODAY. the right wing of the Republican party holds racist viewsTODAY. Steele is a token, trotted out by the GOP to give the impression that they are inclusive. Saying that the GOP is inclusive is like saying that Fox news is "fair and balanced". Steeve, ask yourself why 4 out of 5 Klansmen and neo nazis support the republican party.
    WAKE UP!

    March 3, 2009 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm |
  12. Sniffit


    1980 – 1% of Americans took home approx. 12% of the total national income. Who was elected that year?

    2004, et seq. – 1% of Americans took home approx. 22% of the total national income.

    There's your wealth redistribution. There's your trickle-down fallacy. There's the widening of the wealth gap a la the GOP's failed economic policies. There's the GOP's grand plan for a United States of Hypocrisy.

    March 3, 2009 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm |
  13. Will-South Dakota

    Limbaugh has got to be gloating over this, he finally is in charge of the GOP agenda and will set GOP policy, Boehner , McConnell and Steele will fall into step.

    March 3, 2009 12:31 pm at 12:31 pm |
  14. Ghost

    Please. Everyone knows that these people are just spouting the latest republican talking points, but can't actually define many of them. Not to say that we don't have our fair share of not too bright people. The difference is that these idiots that are complaining bout socialism would probably benefit from it. They probably don't even make enough to be taxed at a higher rate and could probably use their dirt road streets paved and an interenet connection set out to their backwoods shack. Ok, that last part was kinda uncalled for, but so what? I get tired of stupid remarks that have about as much merit as Lush Limpballs getting a honorary degree in health sciences.

    March 3, 2009 12:36 pm at 12:36 pm |
  15. paul (staunch Moderate)

    That type of cowardly backtracking confirms who the Party leader is.

    March 3, 2009 12:38 pm at 12:38 pm |
  16. Dave

    Again, Libs must learn how to spell to effectively argue their points in an intelligent manner.

    March 3, 2009 12:38 pm at 12:38 pm |
  17. Dittohead

    good. make peace boys and lets go and get the real enemy – barry and company.

    March 3, 2009 12:38 pm at 12:38 pm |
  18. Debby

    Its sad to say when Limbaugh and Coulter make good points in their speech's our country is in bad shape.

    March 3, 2009 12:39 pm at 12:39 pm |
  19. dallas female

    "Matty March 3rd, 2009 12:27 pm ET

    Guess those of you who mention Rush's drug use have selective memories about our current president."

    nah, because Mr President was honest and upfront about it instead of going into hiding and trying to blame it on depression.

    March 3, 2009 12:39 pm at 12:39 pm |
  20. Sue

    I must really be uneducated because I really had a hard time understanding your writing. By the way, when you wake up from the transe Obama and your liberal friend have you in, you might want to look at a DOW chart covering the last two years of the Clinton years and the 6 years of Bush years prior to Liberal Pelosi and Reid taking over the congress. ------When you do that you will find that the downward trend in the Market started the last two years of Clinton and went even further down after A (not Bush) disaster of 9-11-01. Your dreaded Bush took the market from 8000 points to 14000 points before Pelosi & Reid started tearing it down to 8500 in the two years they starts ripping up America. Now Obama has taken it from 8500 points to 6800 and falling. Quit drinking the Kool-aid please.

    March 3, 2009 12:46 pm at 12:46 pm |
  21. Anne

    Mike and worriedmom: apparently you missed the memos from Bush's administration that said he had wide, wide latitude in restricting first amendment and fourth amendment rights. Thank goodness the person that wanted to restrict your freedoms has left the building!

    March 3, 2009 12:49 pm at 12:49 pm |
  22. Rob, AK

    Wow, talk about a complete loss of credibility.

    March 3, 2009 12:55 pm at 12:55 pm |
  23. Anonymous

    GOP is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we are in this mess because of GOP idiot did not regulate the market. get it!!!!!!!!1 get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! learn some economy and see why free trade is bad!!!!!!!!!!! GOP is done!!!!!!

    March 3, 2009 01:03 pm at 1:03 pm |
  24. Matthew, Detroit


    The guy lied when he said what he was doing.

    In less than 30 days he has caused more economic damage than

    all the 8 years of President Bush. President Bush was bad economically, but this guy is a joke.

    Playing basketball should not be a qualifier for being president.

    You should have to be able to lead.

    Give Michelle back the checkbook Barack.

    March 3, 2009 01:03 pm at 1:03 pm |
  25. luke

    I don't think that we will ever live in a color blind society. Comedians, politicans, journalists, everybody is into "calling colors". geez.

    March 3, 2009 01:03 pm at 1:03 pm |
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