March 8th, 2009
08:30 AM ET
11 years ago

President names three new Treasury officials

(CNN) - Following weeks of congressional grumbling over the slow pace of staffing at the Treasury Department, the White House announced three new senior department officials Sunday.

President Obama has tapped three counselors to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to serve as assistant secretaries: lawyer David Cohen to address terrorist financing, Princeton Univerity professor and labor economist Alan Krueger for economic policy, and former Barclays Capital and Lehman Brother executive Kim Wallace for legislative affairs.

"With the leadership of these accomplished individuals and our whole economic team, I am absolutely confident that we will turn around this economy and seize this opportunity to secure a more prosperous future," the president said in a statement.

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  1. TCM

    wonder if he vetted them any better then he did Geithner...or, any better than the government vetted Obama? Probably not....

    March 8, 2009 08:36 am at 8:36 am |
  2. JK Ashburn, VA

    He should probably have also hired a personal tax advisor to make certain he does his taxes properly from now on.

    Seriously, I hope these fresh faces get Treasury going because they clearly are clueless about the current situation. Interesting - during the campaign, Obama said he had a plan to address the crisis. Doesn't appear that he has anything more in mind than reversing Bush executive orders. It would be nice to see some actual leadership rather than turning the whole country over to Comrade Pelosi.

    March 8, 2009 08:38 am at 8:38 am |
  3. Eddie

    Instead of Obama partying at the whitehouse, he should be getting our treasury filled with sound employees.
    What kind of government is this? I've never seen such amateurs 1 month into the role.

    March 8, 2009 08:38 am at 8:38 am |
  4. Bill G

    do we need/want a banker on the team (Barclays Capital and Lehman Brother executive Kim Wallace for legislative affairs), should bankers be rewarded with great new jobs?

    Obviously, I think the answer is a very loud *NO*.

    March 8, 2009 08:46 am at 8:46 am |
  5. Is that white powder around imam Obama's nose ?

    CNN's ardent love and affection for the imam Obama makes any story that comes out of the bowels of CNN not credible in the least bit. Show us his medical records. Show us his academic records. Detail CNN's knowledge of imam Obama's economic and social and religious beliefs. CNN has done none of this.

    CNN should not say "never mind" when the imam Obama chastises you for asking about vital records. You should pursue it until all is revealed. Your failure to do your job as you define your job makes you part of the Obama's slick attack on America.

    March 8, 2009 08:49 am at 8:49 am |
  6. Jeema

    And it is all Boooosh's fault. Maybe a little drug rehab would get this administration on track. I am just saying.

    March 8, 2009 08:52 am at 8:52 am |
  7. Jeema

    Have you noticed when the Obamist news outlets like ABC, CNN, MSPMS and NPR mention Bush they say Boosh? If most of these folks would quit snorting maybe they could talk correctly. I would have rather had a disaster like Bush knowing he was operating from a position of soberness than people like most of the Obamist who seem to be in a drug induced haze 99% of the time.

    March 8, 2009 08:56 am at 8:56 am |
  8. Jeema

    And if the Obamist half-wits who post here have a problem with people stating the obvious truth that the administration seems to be in a drug induced haze, THEN HAVE THEM ALL RELEASE THEIR MEDICAL RECORDS !!!!!! Simple as that, Obamatrons.

    March 8, 2009 08:58 am at 8:58 am |
  9. gee

    lehman no longer exists how can someone who worked there be a force to reckon with. What was he doing when lehmans went under

    March 8, 2009 09:07 am at 9:07 am |
  10. phoenix86

    We will see. So far, Obama has cost the US ecomony $1.5 trillion dollars. That is the amount of weath distroyed in the US since he took office.

    Investors are leaving the US as Obama institutes Castro and Chavez policies.

    March 8, 2009 09:15 am at 9:15 am |
  11. pat C.

    oh lord..i see the republicans have hired new attack dogs to blog on this page today. sorry guys, we don't care what you thnk!

    March 8, 2009 09:20 am at 9:20 am |
  12. Had It

    In my 66 years, I've never seen so many obsessed, ignorant people as comment on these blogs. Grow UP.

    March 8, 2009 09:22 am at 9:22 am |
  13. Bayousara

    Obama just can't please everyone.

    First, everyone gripes that he isn't thoroughly vetting his cabinet and other officials.

    Then, they all complain that he isn't vetting fast enough for Treasury officials.

    Thank God the president is allowed to be in office only eight years total. Then we can find someone else to rag on.

    And on and on.

    March 8, 2009 09:23 am at 9:23 am |
  14. Bayousara


    How about ObstructiPubs..................

    March 8, 2009 09:24 am at 9:24 am |
  15. MJ

    People should realize that this administration would like to have people who is not corrupted. In some jobs you never take a drug test or mental IQ test and later on in the job you are fired for use of drugs or a mental breakdown. Now which would you perfer here people. Screen out the possibitiy of someone not faithful to this country could control everything we do and also make them look good but how about you. Stop complaining people and offer some solutions. They President always say tell him what you think. Give him some suggestions as to who you may want on different committees or a job in the White House.

    March 8, 2009 09:26 am at 9:26 am |
  16. Lilarose

    I think there are many spoiled brats posting today.

    You expect things to happen six weeks' out............

    Instead of your endless criticizing, why not come up with some viable and intelligent options to save America?

    Aren't you supposed to be working?

    In church?

    March 8, 2009 09:26 am at 9:26 am |
  17. susie

    Have they paid their taxes???

    March 8, 2009 09:27 am at 9:27 am |
  18. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia in CA

    He needs to dump Geithner. The man has no clue. And, I don't think the government should be hiring bankers that have failed, like Lehman Brothers.

    Where is the accountability?

    March 8, 2009 09:28 am at 9:28 am |
  19. John

    Why is there so much hate all the time? When will people stop listening to the talk heads on TV and the wind pipes on the radio and make their own decision about something for once.

    March 8, 2009 09:30 am at 9:30 am |
  20. Shayne in NH

    Some pretty negative posts in here. People like you don't deserve a place in our great country. Since you Obama haters have the whole world figured out I'd like to see how you would do if put in the President's position.

    No, seriously. Pretend you are him for just six hours and literally having the weight of the world on your shoulders. It's the idiotic, retarded, and outright pathetic arguments you make that bring this country down. How do you live your lives? Do people at work talk about you? Are you so anti-social that people don't like you or talk to you? Is this your only outlet for hate and anger? I hope you don't have a wife and kids.

    I'm not drinking "Kool-Aid" either. I'm too smart to be a republican and to realistic to know that being negative is not going to improve the situation. I would think your parents would have brought you up better. Treat others as you would like to be treated--straight out of the Bible. You republican Christians should know this, but I fear you have lost your way. My guess is God, and yourself, know this to in your heart of hearts.

    CNN probably will not post this. It's not enough to create a contraversial online environment.

    March 8, 2009 09:34 am at 9:34 am |
  21. Lori

    Hurry up Geithner and Co. so that we can clean the mess that Bush and the Republicans made. The American people overwhelmingly know that this mess is not the President's and that the markets will recover in a few years (especially if the Republicans stop trying to undermine the President's policies out of bitterness and hate which they are).

    The only so-called 'Americans' gunning for Pres Obama to fail and America to suffer are the Republicans!

    March 8, 2009 09:49 am at 9:49 am |
  22. Larry

    to: Bayousara,Had It,pat C.,

    Not you guys,but most of the people that are paying attention to how totally inept the Obama administration is ,are disgusted with the crooks Obama surrounds himself with.I'm sure you will defend Obama all the way,he does give a good speech ,and he is African American,for many people that is all that is needed.

    March 8, 2009 09:53 am at 9:53 am |
  23. True Conservative

    Boy....the kool-aid drinkers must be sleeping in....More conservatives on here...Bravo!
    By the way...these 3 nominees are the Huey, Duey and Luey of the left...check them out.

    March 8, 2009 09:55 am at 9:55 am |
  24. Scott, Tucson

    Well that's three more jobs filled by Obama out of how many unemployed?

    March 8, 2009 09:58 am at 9:58 am |
  25. Pat F

    Shayne in NH, what a total crock of baloney. After eight years of endless hectoring and wailing and crying and insults about Bush, no Democrat has any right whatsoever to complain about any criticism of Barry. No right whatsoever, ever.

    Democrats can dish it out, but can't take it. Yeah, Shayne, you're a genius.

    March 8, 2009 10:04 am at 10:04 am |
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