March 31st, 2009
06:01 AM ET
9 years ago

Mrs. Obama heads to Europe

 Michelle Obama embodies a new American brand -- diversity and accomplishment.

Michelle Obama embodies a new American brand - diversity and accomplishment.

(CNN) - What can the First Lady accomplish when she accompanies her husband on his first trip to Europe? She can play a role in the re-branding of America.

President Obama has star power. We saw it when he traveled to Europe during the campaign. So does the first lady - when Michelle Obama accompanies her husband overseas this week, it's likely to double the wattage.

"I believe in this nation. And I believe in my husband," the first lady said in a recent interview on ABC's "Good Morning America."

President Obama remains a figure of hope to the world. But he is not immune from criticism, and his policies have been under attack abroad as well as at home.

"He talks about a large stimulus campaign by Americans. All of these steps, their combination and their permanency, is a way to hell," said Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek.

Some foreign leaders are resentful because the financial crisis that threatens to undermine the world economy started in the United States.

"It was a crisis that was created and spread throughout the world due to the irresponsible behavior of white people, blue-eyed people, that thought they knew everything but are now showing they knew nothing," said Brazilian President Lula da Silva.

President Obama's mission is to re-brand the United States as a force for change and hope in the world, just as John F. Kennedy once did. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was an important asset to JFK. Her charm and sophistication were a sensation overseas. Michelle Obama also embodies a new American brand - diversity and accomplishment.

While her schedule overseas has not been made public, CNN has learned that the first lady will venture out twice on her own. In London, Mrs. Obama will visit a school for underprivileged girls, many of them learning to speak English. She is likely to make a strong statement about women's rights, as she did recently when she brought together "Women of Courage" at the White House.

"The difference between a struggling family and a healthy one is often the presence of a strong woman or women at the center of that family," Mrs. Obama said.

The First Lady will also visit the Jewish quarter of Prague, which symbolizes the tragic history of a community that found success and influence in the United States.

An African-American First Lady will pay tribute to women and Jews. It's the new face of America.

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  1. Rob in Detroit Mi.

    The first lady of America will Represent.!

    March 30, 2009 07:16 pm at 7:16 pm |
  2. Lee

    She is absolutely gorgeous, the White House is made/built just for her. She would have made a better commander-in-chief.

    March 30, 2009 07:22 pm at 7:22 pm |
  3. bob from canada are one lucky bunch of got with the 2008 a first lady and pres that are intelligent...well spoken......well educated....very smart ... i could go on but you don't need me to tell you...... ........i'm impressed.......let's just hope you guys back him all the way thru the next guys need a leader and a fist lady all of the world can be proud....god speed

    March 30, 2009 07:23 pm at 7:23 pm |
  4. vladimir

    now this is what we have obama is the ceo in chief

    March 30, 2009 07:25 pm at 7:25 pm |
  5. Alison

    Good for her. She is as intelligent as she is lovely.

    March 30, 2009 07:27 pm at 7:27 pm |
  6. Dan, TX

    Michelle Obama is following in a long line of lovely and active first ladies. I am proud of the job Michelle is doing.

    March 30, 2009 07:34 pm at 7:34 pm |
  7. Sandra

    Both Mr. and Mrs. Obama will do a great job restoring the US reputation abroad.

    March 30, 2009 07:36 pm at 7:36 pm |
  8. ken

    I am proud she will represent me!

    March 30, 2009 07:44 pm at 7:44 pm |
  9. John in Tampa

    Go, girl.

    March 30, 2009 07:45 pm at 7:45 pm |
  10. Eva, VA

    GORGEOUS WOMAN...I love her!

    March 30, 2009 07:46 pm at 7:46 pm |
  11. Ann

    "What can the First Lady accomplish when she accompanies her husband on his first trip to Europe? "

    Show some bare arms, what else?

    March 30, 2009 07:48 pm at 7:48 pm |
  12. lescroc

    she look's terrible!

    March 30, 2009 07:49 pm at 7:49 pm |
  13. CMG

    Go, Michelle..............

    March 30, 2009 07:49 pm at 7:49 pm |
  14. Marge

    I did not support obama..but I think he is the best hope we have now to bring us out of this mess and we should ALL support him. And by the way what's wrong with Michelle going to Europe with her husband, since when is the first lady supposed to stay home. I notice that Laura Bush accompied George on his trips abroad. Barbara accompied her George on trips abroad.

    Why is it when obama does something that is normal the republicans have a field day slurring him and whinning.

    March 30, 2009 07:52 pm at 7:52 pm |
  15. Susan Louise

    I find Michelle a real woman...thoughtful, interesting and a giver...I hope she will have some dialogs with us; I believe she is already an inspiration. Not in clothes or arms but of the heart and mind and knowing we are in this together. Women are the heart of this Country. Let us have our own online women's town hall. Susan

    March 30, 2009 07:58 pm at 7:58 pm |
  16. sam

    This shows how wonderful this farst ladies, she represents the America we want other countries to see us as not as the far right extremist the republicans portray us as.

    March 30, 2009 07:59 pm at 7:59 pm |
  17. Christina

    I think that Michelle Obama is an outstanding role model. She is intelligent, accomplished, and beautiful. I love that she is a representation of the United States of America.

    March 30, 2009 08:00 pm at 8:00 pm |
  18. axl in iowa

    Hopefully Michelle will like it so much that they will both decide to stay. Bye-Bye.

    March 30, 2009 08:04 pm at 8:04 pm |
  19. franc

    Good luck President Obama and the First Lady.

    March 30, 2009 08:05 pm at 8:05 pm |
  20. neil

    How about staying home at the whitehouse and working on our problems, getting tired of all the flash, get to work thats what we voted for.

    March 30, 2009 08:08 pm at 8:08 pm |
  21. Tia

    I definitely think First Lady Michelle Obama's presence abroad will be the embodiment of hope, strength and courage that it is here in the U.S!

    March 30, 2009 08:13 pm at 8:13 pm |
  22. Bert from Houston

    I am excited to see that the President and First Lady are on their first trip abroad. It creates such excitment to seem together interacting with world leaders and their spouses. I will be following on their trip online!!

    March 30, 2009 08:15 pm at 8:15 pm |
  23. Barbara

    Mrs. Obama will make an impact on the European countries. She can relate to those people in an honest way, and not deceitful. As for the Czech Prime Minister and his off the wall comments, Get a life. Get some real understanding. The Brazilian President was on target. This is truly the new face of our country.I wish the first family well and success. We do not want the "ONE WORLD RULE" that the whites seem to want.

    March 30, 2009 08:17 pm at 8:17 pm |
  24. 2010 -

    Thank you President Obama and First Lady Michelle for bringing to America and the world a professionalism and charisma never before seen. With President Obama's election as U.S. President, America has gone from a sinister President Bush to one leader that commands respect and admiration throughout the world.

    This is so breathtaking to see our first couple of the United States catching these Republicans by complete surprise and it shows with the popularity of President Obama in America and the Limbaugh types not knowing what to do.

    I am thoroughly impressed.

    March 30, 2009 08:18 pm at 8:18 pm |
  25. Casey | Sebastopol, CA

    I'm sure she will WOW them across the pond, just like she's doing here. What an admirable and beautiful woman she is!

    March 30, 2009 08:24 pm at 8:24 pm |
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