May 8th, 2009
03:13 PM ET
9 years ago

Name 'Barack' soars in popularity, government says

The president's first name showed a dramatic leap in popularity from 2007 to 2008, according to the Social Security Administration.

The president's first name showed a dramatic leap in popularity from 2007 to 2008, according to the Social Security Administration.

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Then-Sen. Barack Obama's name may have been everywhere during the presidential campaign, but it did not make the top 1000 most popular picks for babies. Still, it gained popularity.

During 2008, the new president's first name ranked 2,409th on the Social Security Administration's annual list of the most popular baby names. That's a jump of more than 10,000 spots from the name's previous ranking in the 12,535th spot during 2007.

"President Obama's popularity peaks among Americans under the age of 30, who are, in turn, most likely to be having babies," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

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For more information about the Social Security Administration's annual rankings that were released Friday, click here.

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  1. James

    I never met a single black person names Kunta Kinte............

    No that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard

    May 8, 2009 02:44 pm at 2:44 pm |

    Better then Trig

    May 8, 2009 02:44 pm at 2:44 pm |
  3. Tien

    CF May 8th, 2009 12:08 pm ET

    At least its a better baby name than Track, Trig, Trip or Piper

    Very classy to pick on children. An specials need baby among them. Yeah the names aren't mainstream but they have personal meaning to the family.

    I'd rather have that then name my for more personal reasons than to copycat a celebrity, any celebrity. Or because I simply like the same. That said, while there are plenty of parents who just like the name, after all is has existed before this president, good for them. But some people are just choosing it because they are on a band wagon.

    May 8, 2009 02:45 pm at 2:45 pm |
  4. He's got the mojo!

    Let me pour a little bit of salt on that wound: Mount Rushmore, here he comes!!!!!

    ha ha ha ha!

    Get over it, you crazy, angry, Republicans

    May 8, 2009 02:46 pm at 2:46 pm |
  5. Farrell, Houston, Tx

    Be the president of your household and name your kid after you, the person your child will most identify with whether it's good bad or indifferent if you don't like the name Barack.

    May 8, 2009 02:50 pm at 2:50 pm |
  6. John

    George Bush and the GOP did more to destroy America in 8 years than Obama will ever do. Why do you think we are spending this money? If Barack had been elected after Clinton, or if Al Gore was allowed to take office, we wouldn't be in this situation. Or, I suppose if Bush senior had finished the job in Iraq instead of chickening out and asking his son to do it, we wouldn't have spent all that money there either. I really believe the oil guys recognized that if they were going to lead cows, they needed a cowboy, hence they sold you GOP cows on GBush. Now, even after all the evidence, you are still mooing down the slaughter house trail.

    May 8, 2009 02:50 pm at 2:50 pm |
  7. MaryJo Bruce Surprise, Ariz

    Obamas popularity soars the government says, because the government is run by liberal Democrates. A first grader can figure that out. Daaaaa! Being popular with those also that are 19 to 37 years old also. The give me all the goodies. Take care of me cradle to grave mentality for sure makes him popular. Give me socialized everything Obama and I like youuuuuuuuu. Your the best........Wait folks till it all hits ya in the wallet....

    May 8, 2009 02:50 pm at 2:50 pm |
  8. allen

    How horible. Can you see the poor parent 25 years from now trying to respond when Barack is getting into the world and asks mom and dad... Why the heck did you name me after the guy who put me in $80,000 of debt?

    May 8, 2009 02:52 pm at 2:52 pm |
  9. Patricia

    Wonderful! His name is biblical. Read Judges where Barak was victorious in winning the war. While you are being so critical of the man; know that he is a righteous man of God, and his mother knew that and named in Barack, as Barak in the bible won the battle. With this being said, President Barack Obama will win this battle that was set before him.

    May 8, 2009 02:53 pm at 2:53 pm |
  10. SlowGun

    As a Republican, I do what ever Rush tells me to do, (otherwise he'll say I'm not a real Republican).

    Rush thinks these people at stupid for naming their kids after Obama so, I guess I do to.

    Major dittos!

    May 8, 2009 02:53 pm at 2:53 pm |
  11. dixie

    I have to say, it is amazing that after a little over 100 days in office, Obama is being referred to as the worse president in history by some of the posters on this blog. WOW, way to go, to be supportive and a REAL American too. For heavens sake give up your politics and prejudices and enjoy the fact that we have a thoughtful, highly intelligent and caring man in office. We have not experienced this combination of attributes in a president for a very long time. God bless America and if my first grandson is named Barack, I will be proud.

    May 8, 2009 02:53 pm at 2:53 pm |
  12. Citizen KV

    Yeah, and the guy who named his daughter Sarah Palin without telling his wife was so smart...

    May 8, 2009 02:55 pm at 2:55 pm |
  13. mel in Fl

    Barack is a great name. Thank you Mr. President, you are the best.

    May 8, 2009 02:56 pm at 2:56 pm |
  14. Keith

    KC No chance that Obama will go down as the worst president in history. That position is already locked up!

    May 8, 2009 02:56 pm at 2:56 pm |
  15. Travis

    Nice to see the president taking time out of his day to visit the little ones that will be paying for his mistakes well into the future.

    May 8, 2009 02:58 pm at 2:58 pm |
  16. lvginclp

    "Poor kids. Growing up named after the worst President in the History of the United States is gonna be rough."

    Who, George?

    May 8, 2009 03:00 pm at 3:00 pm |
  17. Neil

    Why is this in the "political ticker?"

    May 8, 2009 03:03 pm at 3:03 pm |
  18. Libertarian

    I'm amazed more each day by the "Religious" folks here who claim to live theirs lives by the bible yet would hate so many people. Isn't that what the Taliban is all about?

    May 8, 2009 03:04 pm at 3:04 pm |
  19. Greg Smith, Clifton Heights PA

    Barrack is just a fad, it will go away when Americans realize what this guy is all about. 2012 is when he wiil be out of the public spot light.

    May 8, 2009 03:04 pm at 3:04 pm |
  20. PULEEEZZZ!! lets tell some truth

    Obama is a president we can be proud of.. At least he can speak english and reads books and has ideas to support the middle class UNIKE THE Horrendous BUSH CRIME FAMILY! YOU GO OBAMA!! 🙂

    May 8, 2009 03:04 pm at 3:04 pm |
  21. Robert

    I would like to be named Britney Spears Garcia. That's cool!

    Poor Republicans having to watch the media fawn over the champion of the left who defeated them so easily. Too bad you won't even have a party anymore if you don't start coming up with some ideas that aren't based in attack politics.

    The only way for the Republican party to survive is to stop being the Republican party. Screaming against gay rights and abortion rights won't get it done anymore. The demographics in the country are changing, and you can't win elections with that stuff in most of the country anymore.

    Watch out for that door on your way out.

    May 8, 2009 03:07 pm at 3:07 pm |
  22. Ensign Parker

    CNN, this is newsworthy? It must be a slow day there.

    May 8, 2009 03:07 pm at 3:07 pm |
  23. JT

    To Jackson, you sound like someone who is jealous and bitter for someone with a common name. To Leslie, if you grow a brain, you probably one of the millions that Obama's tax plan is benefitting.

    May 8, 2009 03:08 pm at 3:08 pm |
  24. MJM

    Hey Rebekah, you are right. Barack means blessing but to go along with that Hussein means Handsome abd last but not least at all, Obama means CROOKED!! So we have a president that is blessed and handsome and CROOKED as the day is long!!!

    May 8, 2009 03:11 pm at 3:11 pm |
  25. Bubba

    I named my dawg George Dubya, but it wouldn't hunt so I shot it.

    May 8, 2009 03:12 pm at 3:12 pm |
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