September 21st, 2009
03:28 PM ET
9 years ago

Carville, Matalin react to mocking from SNL

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Sometimes even the fiercest political foes can put their partisan differences aside.

That’s exactly what happened on Sunday’s State of the Union when Democratic strategist James Carville and Republican strategist Mary Matalin gave the public a rare glimpse inside their marriage.

The moment came when CNN Chief National Correspondent John King played a clip from a recent “Saturday Night Live” special where Carville, who is known for his Cajun accent and his outspokenness, was spoofed on the legendary comedy sketch show.

In the SNL skit, a Carville impersonator was asked to comment on the recent political protests against the Obama administration. “These people are first class crazy,” the impersonator says, “and I should know because I’m as crazy as they come. I mean look at me. I see this in the mirror every mornin’ and I think ‘Yup, that’s a good look.’ I mean c’mon. I look like a Skeletor.”

Skeletor, the self-proclaimed Evil Lord of Destruction, is a villain from popular He-Man comic and animated series.

Before Carville, who was dressed like his SNL impersonator, could respond to the spoof, his wife chimed in with words of affection rather than the partisan barbs she usually directs at her Democratic husband.

“I love that look. I’ve always loved that look. You’re the most compelling, handsome manly, manly man,” Matalin said. “He looked like a girly girl,” she said of Carville’s SNL double.

“You’re my favorite Skeletor,” Matalin also told her husband with whom she has two daughters. “We’ve very proud of you. The girls and I are very proud of you for Saturday Night Live. That’s wonderful.”

“A beautiful wife and beautiful children,” Carville said as he flashed his wide trademark grin, “What can I say?”

“It’s ending on a soft, touchy moment,” observed King.

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