November 3rd, 2009
05:38 PM ET
9 years ago

Rubio hopes Crist-Obama picture speaks volumes

Rubio wants this image to resonate with conservative voters.

Rubio wants this image to resonate with conservative voters.

(CNN) - Pictures can speak a thousand words.

At least that's what former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio hopes.

The conservative Republican battling Gov. Charlie Crist for the GOP Senate nomination in that state has unveiled a new Web site showing a single full-page image of Crist with President Obama at a rally for the president's stimulus package last February.

"Get the picture?" text under the image reads. "Donate now to stand up for conservative principles."

Crist was one of only a handful of Republican governors to extend some support to the president's $787 billion stimulus package - a move that rankled some conservatives in his home state and across the country.

Since the Senate primary race began last May, Rubio has become the favorite of conservative Republicans while national party leaders are openly supporting Crist. Recent polls suggest Crist holds a 15 point lead over Rubio, a margin that is down from more than 30 points last summer.

The picture of Crist and Obama could resonate with conservatives in a similar way an image of Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman embracing President Bush resonated with liberal Democrats in 2006. Lieberman lost his Democratic primary to a liberal challenger that year, though won the general election as an independent.

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  1. Howard

    I always vote a straight Democratic ticket. There are lot fewer Neanderthals on that side of the political divide.

    November 3, 2009 11:10 am at 11:10 am |
  2. SY

    Rubio is a Bush clone. Vote Crist. Rubio is the definition of government hater. Crist is about smart government.

    November 3, 2009 11:10 am at 11:10 am |
  3. MatthewDetroit

    The picture is not a big deal in either case.
    You have to work with the dirty likes of Barack to get things done.
    That is what politics has always been.

    November 3, 2009 11:11 am at 11:11 am |
  4. Dave From Philly

    If I was Charlie I would have taken the money too. Florida has a high rate of housing foreclosurers. The sooner you can get people back to work the faster the economy will begin to grow, the few foreclosurers.

    Then again maybe the right thing to do is let people starve.

    November 3, 2009 11:11 am at 11:11 am |
  5. mike

    I can't wait until 2010 ... the GoP, or what's left of it, is in for a rude awakening ...

    good bye GoP ...

    November 3, 2009 11:12 am at 11:12 am |
  6. odumber, 1 and a half year old maturity level...

    Republicans have no qualm with coming in last. They just need the opportunity to blame the guy for winning for not trying hard enough...

    November 3, 2009 11:12 am at 11:12 am |
  7. Chuck

    It's already obvious that Marco boy wishes to join the party of NO if , perchance, he succeeds to get elected to the U.S. Senate. He's got "obstructionist" written all over his face.

    November 3, 2009 11:13 am at 11:13 am |
  8. Kim

    Ever since Crist was elected governor, he's been gunning for a seat in the Senate...just as Susie said, he's a career politician, a do-nothing seat-warmer. He won the election because he promised big things, and now his hands are tied and he can't break through the special interest groups to get any real work done. Sound like someone familiar???

    November 3, 2009 11:13 am at 11:13 am |
  9. Keith in CA

    "Get the Picture?" If it means bi-partisanship and reaching across party lines to assist the nation's economic recovery are not acceptable conservative values, then yes, I get the picture. Limbaugh must be proud.

    November 3, 2009 11:14 am at 11:14 am |
  10. Orlando Voter

    Crist is way too much like Obama. He deserves to lose.

    November 3, 2009 11:14 am at 11:14 am |
  11. Carnell From The Motor City!

    Marco Rubio "The Great Big Boobio!" vs. Charlie "Cheddar Bacon!" Crist. It'll Be The Greatest Sports Entertainment/Wrasslin Match Ever...In History.

    November 3, 2009 11:14 am at 11:14 am |
  12. PaulMoATX

    HD – I'm right there with you. I'm neither Republican or Conservative and probably never will be either to be perfectly honest, but why the bashing from Rubio? I wholly support Crist for trying to bring federal dollars to the hard hit areas of Florida. I applaud him for doing his best based on his values. If Rubio wants to paint a picture of Crist working with the "devil", because he's on the "other side", so be it. To me, it's petty and tasteless and doesn't belong in politics and it's tending to be the same across party lines when politicians are trying to get ahead.

    November 3, 2009 11:14 am at 11:14 am |
  13. Jim

    I am an independent. I hate the fact that there is not a viable third party in this country. The only thing I think that is worse than a two party system is a one party system.

    But the route the Republicans are taking is unterly disheartening. If they continue this heard mentality, turning on anyone that does not follow suit, and completely trying to road block anything the Democrats are trying to propose even when they are making compromises, I just cannot vote for ANY Republican in good conscience.

    November 3, 2009 11:15 am at 11:15 am |
  14. rufus

    Listen people. We have to spend more money to make this country prosperous again. How hard is that to understand. Obama has pledged to spend what it takes. Crist knows this is the way to go. Forget about the debt that everyone whines about. Let the rich people pay it. They're the ones who got all the money.

    November 3, 2009 11:15 am at 11:15 am |
  15. Travis


    Look, I don't care which side of the fence anyone's on, this is just plain stupid. I pity anyone gullible enough to be swayed by this image.

    Government officials talking to each other? Oh nooooo! The horror. Americans need to get over this McDonald's vs. Burger King mentality and cease approaching their political leanings as if they were at a WWE event.

    These two men could have everything in common or nothing in common, but it shouldn't erase their concerns of "doing business". A simple image of a Governor and a President communicating should not be viewed as scary, even given the context of this particular image. The tactic behind this message represents so much of what is ailing in our political arena as well as our current frayed social fabric.

    We're Americans. Let's not forget that.

    November 3, 2009 11:16 am at 11:16 am |
  16. montag24

    More Republicans eating their own. The GOP's days are numbered. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    November 3, 2009 11:17 am at 11:17 am |
  17. ThinkAgain

    Party Before Country = GOP

    The stimulus plan would be working even better than it is if more Republican governors would either accept it or if they have accepted it, not sit on the money.

    How do these Republicans sleep at night, knowing they are hurting the people of their state, just so they can somehow regain political power?

    To everyone in these Republican governor states, think about it: This is what they're willing to do to you and your state, all for the sake of their own political gain.

    If this is how they treat you from the get-go, is it any wonder the last 30 years of Republican economic policies lead to the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression?

    Party Before Country = that's the GOP way!

    November 3, 2009 11:18 am at 11:18 am |
  18. FEDFL

    Every time I see the "new" Republicans purging anyone who doesn't swear a blood oath to their dogma of rule by wealthy WASP's ...

    I see the end of the Republican party drawing closer and closer.


    November 3, 2009 11:18 am at 11:18 am |
  19. Nick

    Charlie Crist is a man I respect for his common-sense. Instead of jumping on the inflammatory nonsense bandwagon of Cheney and the likes, he does what's right for Florida and America.

    November 3, 2009 11:18 am at 11:18 am |
  20. John

    OK a lot of Republican bashing here. A lot of talk of the Republicans not knowing who they are. Once they were the conservative voice in politics. That is not only socially conservative but also monetarily. Conservatives and Republicans were once synonymous and represented small government and a focus on the empowerment of "we the people". It is good to see the party turning back to its conservative roots. Once they have found their direction they can help restore the empowerment of "we the people" and remove the weight of all the governemet intervention and encroachment into our lives and pocketbooks.

    November 3, 2009 11:19 am at 11:19 am |
  21. Jessica

    Why does everything have to be an "Us vs. Them" thing? Don't grown ups need to compromise and work together? Unless you are throwing insults at the President, you are a bad little Republican?

    November 3, 2009 11:19 am at 11:19 am |
  22. W l Jones

    Mr. Governor Christ is to smart for conservative ....but he is the man for the rest of Floridian,.. which he put the welfare of this great state ahead of politic and party.

    November 3, 2009 11:19 am at 11:19 am |
  23. Billy in VA

    He was just grubbing for money he will be fine. We all grubbing for cold hard cash these days. I did hear he was a gay though and that's not cool.

    November 3, 2009 11:21 am at 11:21 am |
  24. bob

    I see a guy trying to work with the president for the betterment of the American people. So yes, I get the picture, and so will everyone else. This election will bring in even more democrats, just wait and see. GOP prepare for a huge disappointment.

    November 3, 2009 11:21 am at 11:21 am |
  25. Mike in Columbus

    Democrats and Republicans are both partners in crime! Neither are acting in the interests of the American people (except for a very small percetage). They only serve their side of the coorporate oligarchy. Take off the blinders and end the polarity in America... we are all on the same side... both liberals and conservatives love this country.

    Support an effort to audit the Federal Reserve. Let's find out who controls our money!

    Hope this makes it past the moderator

    November 3, 2009 11:21 am at 11:21 am |
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