December 3rd, 2009
02:40 PM ET
4 years ago

Obama opens push for jobs

The vice president looked on as the president spoke about jobs Thursday.

The vice president looked on as the president spoke about jobs Thursday.

(CNN) - President Obama called on business leaders Thursday to help the administration kickstart hiring as policymakers contend with rising unemployment that’s weighing down the economy.

Some 130 executives, economists, small business owners and non-profit officials are gathering for the afternoon jobs summit at the White House on the eve of the government's November unemployment report. The nation is expected to have lost another 114,000 jobs, with unemployment remaining at 10.2%, the highest in 26 years, according to an economists' survey.

"I'm not interested in taking a wait and see approach when it comes to creating jobs," Obama said.

The employment picture is certainly grim. Nearly 16 million Americans are out of work, one-third of whom have been unemployed for more than six months. There are now six workers competing for every job vacancy.

President Obama and some lawmakers are searching for a way to stem this unrelenting loss of jobs, which is casting doubt on effectiveness of many of his economic programs, from his $787 billion stimulus plan to his $75 billion foreclosure prevention initiative.

Just how much Washington can do to boost hiring remains to be seen.

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  1. Stacie

    I can't wait to hear how the "no big government" crowd condemns the president for not doing enough to create more jobs.

    December 3, 2009 02:47 pm at 2:47 pm |
  2. J.P.

    Jobs will return ONLY when businesses, business owners and entrepreneurs are less afraid of the government than they are of business failure.

    So for Obama, this means jobs will not return on his four-year watch.

    December 3, 2009 02:48 pm at 2:48 pm |
  3. barbara

    cut taxes. cut taxes. cut taxes. not just for the wealthy (who, btw, provide jobs...never heard of anyone getting a job from a poor man) but for ALL people and businesses. When a business has more money they often hire more people who, in the end, PAY TAXES!. of course there is the case where some businesses wouldnt hire at all but if taxes get cut that act can happen with a disclaimer that basically says, take your extra money and hire folks!. makes no sense at all tto raise taxes on anyone or any business since the cost will trickle down to the poorest of workers.unless! it is the goal of our government to tax us into servitude. servitude. servitude. no i dont think i like that at all.

    December 3, 2009 02:49 pm at 2:49 pm |
  4. mfelder

    It seems to me that both Democrats and Republicans will have to put their heads together to fix this job crisis in this country. The Republican continue to say that the stimulus did not work. But, neither is the 2.5 trillion tax cuts we have out there for corporations and the rich is working either. The government can only create an environment that allows business to recoup while consumer spending is down. Big business need to show that they care about this country and the American worker.

    December 3, 2009 02:50 pm at 2:50 pm |
  5. Right wingnuts are the darlings of dementia

    The wingnuts approach to job creation is to eliminate all union jobs, and give taxcuts to the wealthiest Americans. While, if they were union, most republican congressmen would be fired for their unwillingness to work for the American people.

    December 3, 2009 02:50 pm at 2:50 pm |
  6. Stacie

    I'm glad to see business execs, small business owners and non-profit directors at this forum. We all need to work together to create an economic environment where people who want to work, can find a job. The government can and should only do so much.

    I do hope they're also talking about the millions of people who no longer have health insurance because they lost their jobs...the only way most of us can find affordable health insurance under the current system.

    December 3, 2009 02:51 pm at 2:51 pm |
  7. Bottom line........

    Obama is a community organizer with no business experience....HE HAS NO IDEA HOW TO CREATE JOBS........

    Obama is ONE and DONE.

    December 3, 2009 02:52 pm at 2:52 pm |
  8. Bedtime for Obonzo

    Here's an easy solution that I'm surprised no Democrat has proposed yet. Take the remaining $400 billion in unspent Porkulous Act money. Hire workers at $50,000 per year to dig holes, then fill them in again. Presto - 8 million new jobs!

    December 3, 2009 02:53 pm at 2:53 pm |
  9. oldtimer

    Unfortunately the government has allowed are jobs to be shipped overseas and will never come back. We are left to flip burgers and clean houses of the rich. Most manufacturing jobs that pay a living wage has been leaving our shores for twenty years. with the help of our own government.

    December 3, 2009 02:53 pm at 2:53 pm |
  10. Right wingnuts are the darlings of dementia

    How did Newt's jobs program go yesterday? I would have thought that he would have fixed things by now.

    December 3, 2009 02:54 pm at 2:54 pm |
  11. single mom

    "I'm not interested in taking a wait and see approach when it comes to creating jobs," Obama said.

    But he sure took a wait and see approach when his commanding field general (hand-picked, as well) asked him for more troops.
    No voting 'present' anymore. Decision time started on 20 Jan 2009, but he seems to spend more time campaigning.

    December 3, 2009 02:55 pm at 2:55 pm |
  12. Travis

    Government isn't the solution, it is the problem. Get out of the way. Stop taxing and spending.

    December 3, 2009 02:59 pm at 2:59 pm |
  13. ICARE


    Whaere has all the brains gone too? Where are you Nobel Prize economists?

    December 3, 2009 03:00 pm at 3:00 pm |
  14. ICARE

    Second, halt all TECH jobs offshoring now!!!!!

    December 3, 2009 03:00 pm at 3:00 pm |
  15. ICARE

    Third, throw out your economic team and bring in new ones... smarter ones..

    December 3, 2009 03:01 pm at 3:01 pm |
  16. Middle class

    In order to get jobs back to American people, Government shall stimulate businesses hiring new employees, while those outsource American jobs shall pay additional taxes or put the tariffs on goods imported to USA from China and India.
    It may get some jobs move back to America.
    Are we so rich to buy junk commodities put it in garbage and go buy new to replace it with another junk., don' t think so.
    Greedy shareholders and greedy Exacutives – never enough profit.

    December 3, 2009 03:01 pm at 3:01 pm |
  17. Big Ed

    The President can only do so much. Job creation has more to do with banks starting to lend money again, allowing businesses to operate lines of credit to keep their cash flow needs met, businesses expanding or better yet creating new industries and new jobs. Regarless if you argee if there is Global Warming or not, using renewable energy sources, friendly to the enviornment and free of outside countries' manipulation, as we have seen in the oil industry only makes sense. Look at it from an economic standpoint. Investment in business and by business is really the only way to get the economy and jobs going again. President Obama can help influence this, but cannot make it happen by himself. Simple economics!

    December 3, 2009 03:02 pm at 3:02 pm |
  18. Obama = WORST president EVER

    How about someone new for Obama's job. Let's start there.

    December 3, 2009 03:09 pm at 3:09 pm |
  19. W l Jones

    The dept of American businessmen is a caring government both working together for American by American believe me. Nowhere in this world our business men and women if they put there mind to it can solve any problem come before them I always trust and will continue to trust them get us out of this debacle we call economic down turn.

    December 3, 2009 03:10 pm at 3:10 pm |
  20. Steve Lyons

    How's about the needed tax cuts to reward companies for Hiring Americans, instead of just adding taxes and mandates. About the only job Obama knows is a hand job.

    December 3, 2009 03:13 pm at 3:13 pm |
  21. Randolph Carter, I'm no expert but...

    Ending all H1B visas would be a start. And it wouldn't cost a dime. Have a nice day!

    December 3, 2009 03:14 pm at 3:14 pm |
  22. gt

    hey here a new idea ,,,, what about not letting all of our manufacture jobs leave to mexico ,, china,,,

    December 3, 2009 03:20 pm at 3:20 pm |
  23. seebofubar

    I have an idea Oworthless, quit. Then there will be one more job opening for someone with at least a clue on how to lead a country. You are the biggest dissapointment this country has seen since Benedict Arnold.

    December 3, 2009 03:27 pm at 3:27 pm |
  24. Forever Conservative

    Maybe I don't see the light here but as a business owner, if I need employees it won't take Barack to convince me to hire them. Who the hell needs or wants telling them how to run a business? Just because Barack says I should hire people I'm supposed to do it? Someone help me to understand it!

    December 3, 2009 03:27 pm at 3:27 pm |
  25. billincalif

    USING THIS ADMINISTRATION'S LOGIC all you have to do is introduce MORE TAXES and equally costly FEDERALLY MANDATED restrictions and guidelines. SIM-PLE!

    December 3, 2009 03:29 pm at 3:29 pm |
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