December 19th, 2009
10:06 AM ET
4 years ago

Senate passes defense spending bill

Washington (CNN) - The Senate passed the $636 billion defense spending bill on Saturday by an 88 to 10 vote, and the measure is now headed to President Obama for his signature.

The legislation includes money for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but does not include the additional costs expected for the 30,000 U.S. troops the Obama administration announced it will send to Afghanistan next year. A separate request for those troops is expected to come up for a vote next spring.

The House of Representatives passed the spending bill 395-34 on Wednesday.

Democrats also tacked onto the bill short-term extensions of several programs set to expire at the end of 2009, including a two-month extension of unemployment assistance and health care coverage for those who have lost their jobs.

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  1. If you want something ruined, put a republican in charge

    The worthless republicans filibustered this yesterday, despite voting for more troops in Afghanistan. Using our troops as pawns is about the lowest thing a republican could do. It looks like McCain voted against our troops again yesterday, by not voting to end the filibuster. Thank God there were 3 republicans who removed their heads from their butts to bring this to a vote today.

    When McCain said "Country First," he merely meant that was his music preference.

    December 19, 2009 10:14 am at 10:14 am |
  2. If you want something ruined, put a republican in charge

    Republicans voted to send more troops to Afghanistan, and then filibustered against the defense appropriations bill so the trrops would not get necessary equipment. These elected republicans are the sickest, sorriest SOB's you wingnuts have ever elected.

    December 19, 2009 10:18 am at 10:18 am |
  3. If you want something ruined, put a republican in charge

    You don't get stories about the lack of support for our troops by the republicans for filibustering the defense appropriations from Lying Fox's Mini Me Beck and Fat Bastard Hannity.

    December 19, 2009 10:20 am at 10:20 am |
  4. Terry from West Texas

    Here is where our national debt came from folks.

    All of you Conservatives who have suddenly discovered that we have a national debt need to understand that this is where $7 trillion of our debt came from: the Bush Administration lowered taxes while it spent a trillion a year on these two wars. And, the cost of the wars was not included in the budget totals during the Bush years. We all just pretended along with Bush and Cheney that "deficits don't count" (or so Cheney declared). So all of you Conservatives voted to have the war, not to pay for it, to lower taxes, and to pass your debts along to your children.

    When Ronald Reagan became president, the debt was $1.5 trillion. When Bush Senior succeeded him it was $3 trillion. When Clinton took office after one Bush term it was $4.5 trillion (he didn't pay for his war either). Clinton added $1.25 trillion to the debt – but he was running a surplus and paying down the debt during the last two years of his term. Then Bush Jr. added $7 trillion to the debt and lowered taxes so our children will have to pay even more.

    In brief, the Reagan-Bush-Bush administrations added $10 trillion to the national debt during good economic years when we should have been paying down the debt. They engaged in wars and payed for them with borrowed money, passing the debt down to us today. And you Conservatives didn't say a word except "Lower MY taxes so I don't have to pay for any of the stuff I voted for."

    Now, you are all like old prostitutes who have joined the church and are pretending that your tawdry past doesn't exist.

    Have you no shame?

    December 19, 2009 10:33 am at 10:33 am |
  5. D. Tree

    No thanks to the GOP, who tried to stop the bill and some actually voted AGAINST it. Seems like Republicans will do or say anything to stop health care reform from passing.

    December 19, 2009 10:47 am at 10:47 am |
  6. Paul H

    "A separate request for those troops is expected to come up for a vote next spring."
    Yea they are going to try to pass another tax on top of us to cover these wars. Another tax that will never go away. It will change titles, and be used for other government things but it will never go away.
    We voted for change, and change is what they get. Change out of our pockets.

    December 19, 2009 10:47 am at 10:47 am |
  7. good

    healthcare is also a type of defense, what are you defending with out healthcare? a population bankrupt or sick from lack of affordable healthcare

    priorities gentlemen, priorities

    December 19, 2009 10:48 am at 10:48 am |
  8. h1jen1

    Another corruption..

    December 19, 2009 10:51 am at 10:51 am |
  9. Claudia, Houston, Tx

    Republicans used healthcare reform in an attempt to deny our military defense funding. Thank God for our troops and all the support we can give them, they deserve all we can give whether we are Republicans or Democrats and not political grand standing.

    December 19, 2009 10:54 am at 10:54 am |
  10. Chris

    So much for a President who is honest when he runs on a campaign to 'get the troops out' of Iraq. Guess all the liberals have come up with another lame excuse for this lie too!

    December 19, 2009 10:56 am at 10:56 am |
  11. sensible Cape Coral FL

    Whoop-de-do. The Republicans actually voted for something that HELPS people.

    December 19, 2009 11:03 am at 11:03 am |
  12. ggb

    Gee, the bill passed even though Harry Reid said it could not be addressed til health care was passed. Was that another dem tactic to force a vote?

    December 19, 2009 11:09 am at 11:09 am |
  13. Four and The Door

    This is just a big money-grab for those war-loving Democrats and their supporters, the military-industrial complex! Why can't they use these funds here at home where we have hungry children?
    ( Sorry, I couldn't resist the opportunity here for sarcasm)

    December 19, 2009 11:31 am at 11:31 am |
  14. Concerned Democrat


    Now the question is how much useless selfish pork spending was attached to this bill by those sneaks in Washington.

    December 19, 2009 11:44 am at 11:44 am |