December 23rd, 2009
08:05 AM ET
4 years ago

Best government money can buy

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  1. The Lonely Libertarian of Liverpool NY

    Where are the choices? Where do the American voters look to for relief from the out of control Congress and the size of the government and the size of the debt? Who do we trust? The Democrats? The GOP? No both of these parties are no longer representing the people. Both of these parties are bought and paid for by the Special interest groups, PACs, Unions, Wall Street, banking, global Corporations are all contributing billions to re-election funds that undermine the people's representation.
    I say in 2010 ask who is funding you representative? Look to see where the money is coming from? If the money comes from outside your district then who do you think they will represent if they are re-elected or elected? We need to bring these professional politicians back into line. We will demand that you run on the sweat and money from individual contributions from within your district only.

    December 23, 2009 08:37 am at 8:37 am |
  2. precious

    Now that is change we can believe in!!!

    December 23, 2009 08:42 am at 8:42 am |
  3. southerncousin

    There is the change that you fools believed in. Obama is the biggest crook we have ever had as president, and this Congress should all be recalled and sent to jail.

    December 23, 2009 08:46 am at 8:46 am |
  4. unemployed by Obama and cannot find work

    time for the crooks in washington to go, especially that vote buyer Reid.

    December 23, 2009 08:50 am at 8:50 am |
  5. GI Joe

    What's new? This has been going on for decades. Why do you make it sound like it just started. Look at how big oil, Haliburton, Enron, etc. have done in the past (and that's the tip of the iceberg).

    Trying to be trouble-makers again, CNN?

    December 23, 2009 08:56 am at 8:56 am |
  6. strong

    Lobbyists - nothing more than corrupt bribers.

    So much for democracy ....

    December 23, 2009 09:12 am at 9:12 am |
  7. SimonSays

    The best government money can buy? You bet!

    It is interesting that even to our journalists – the supposed watch dogs of our government – the government's blatant graft and corruption is a joke. Can anyone else spell BANANA REPUBLIC?

    The only thing that ever changes is which party gets the take. This year it is the Democrats turn to rake in the $.

    When anything comes out of DC that actually is good for the country at large it was accidental.

    December 23, 2009 09:25 am at 9:25 am |
  8. Scott, Tucson

    All the more reason for term limits on ALL politicians, two terms and you're out and with no golden retirement too.

    December 23, 2009 09:32 am at 9:32 am |

    I I want the same MEDICAL INSURANCE that the SENATORs & CONGRESSMEN have, without having to pay out of MY POCKET.


    December 23, 2009 09:34 am at 9:34 am |
  10. Free Thinker

    Hope and Change, blah, blah, blah. Now I really want some hope and change – I hope we change out the government in 2010 and 2012!!

    December 23, 2009 09:38 am at 9:38 am |
  11. Randolph Carter, I'm no expert but....

    That's exactly right. Pop quiz time: What was the last piece of federal legislation passed that helped the American people at the expense of large corporations or the wealthy? I can't think of one, can you? Trickle down economics was the biggest income redistribution scam ever foisted on the American people. And the ignorant masses who ate it up now wonder where the middle class went. Hint: It's doing just fine.... in China. Have a nice day!

    P.S. Buy American this Christmas!

    December 23, 2009 09:47 am at 9:47 am |
  12. Carlos

    If this government is the best money can buy, I want a refund!

    December 23, 2009 09:52 am at 9:52 am |
  13. Blutarski

    Nothing new in this article, Washington has been bought and paid for a million times over.

    Why is it so critical to rush this Health Care Legislation through right now, when the people who need it the most THE UNINSURED, won't benefit from it at all until 2013? Why can't they receive immediate benefits?

    December 23, 2009 09:54 am at 9:54 am |
  14. JES

    I am so glad to see the big change Obama brings to Washington not.

    I feel like I am at a flea market with all the deals going on without anyone up that cares what we want or say.

    The only change I see is how much of the American tax payers dollars can spend and how fast behind closed doors.

    Spend our money now and you become richer while we fund your giveaways 2010 is coming and I think you will see change you you get voted out.

    I just wished there was a way to sue all of you for mismanagement of our tax dollars.

    Merry Christmas you bunch of Criminals or at least you should be the way you act with our money. You sure don't listen to the majority of the people out here.

    December 23, 2009 10:01 am at 10:01 am |
  15. S Callahan- This is the 4th Week of Advent, light the candle for LOVE

    Lobbyists are on track to spend record amounts despite the economy. Lisa Sylvester reports

    Lisa you missed the 'title' of all should have read
    Lobbyists are on track to spend record amounts 'depleting' the economy.

    December 23, 2009 10:01 am at 10:01 am |
  16. michael armstrong sr. TX.

    The best that government money can buy isn't saying to much since the value of the American dollar has depreciated .

    December 23, 2009 10:02 am at 10:02 am |
  17. Pelosi's a see-you-en-tea

    "Best Government Money Can Buy"...isn't that what China calls America?

    December 23, 2009 10:05 am at 10:05 am |
  18. Annie, Atlanta

    It's too bad most of us aren't paying attention. Just look at the results of health care reform and it becomes apparent Congress is no longer working on behalf of our best interests, but of those with the most money. We need to pay attention and get the ones who are bought and paid for out every time we vote. Stay informed people. It's all we have to make the right choices in representation.

    Our jobs are disappearing overseas, our taxes are used to pay off gambling debts on Wall Street, and we keep voting the same people into Congress over and over again. Are we crazy?

    December 23, 2009 10:06 am at 10:06 am |
  19. Doug

    As a democrat, please shut down the Congressional Casino. Lobbyists who would be restricted in doing business with the government is what I voted for last year. It remains Obama's big lie, he is really their chief benefactor and cheerleader. Ihope they can get paid to go door to door next year because I won't. I say defeat them all.

    December 23, 2009 10:07 am at 10:07 am |
  20. mjm

    So instead of tax cuts for the rich we get bribes for the much better putting money in politician’s pockets instead.

    At least we finally know for sure that the Democrats are all about pay-to-play politics and selling out to the highest bidder.

    Unless you think somehow the lobbyist are bribing the Republican Party despite the fact that they can't control anything....

    December 23, 2009 10:07 am at 10:07 am |
  21. bobby

    This is how the government is run. It is not government by the people for the people it's government for corporate business, the people must stand in has really become quite disgusting! However it puts a lot of money in our representatives pockets so I guess it wont change until we the people won.t stand for it anymore...when will that be??????????

    December 23, 2009 10:14 am at 10:14 am |
  22. Dar

    And the Dems aren't done spending yet and putting the USA into bankrupcy. IM sure you heard about the BRIBS that reid is handing out to make sure HIS pig of a bill passes. I guess that is how Dems think, sit back and collect your goverment checks/food stamps and hope for more. Just like the senators are doing. Dems are all Slim bags.

    This administration is a joke and we all are going to pay dearly for it

    December 23, 2009 10:20 am at 10:20 am |
  23. Tommygunn

    This is OLD NEWS.....

    The money invested in lobbying should really go against the nations debt....but that's socialism.....and capitalism rules with the laws going to the highest bidder regardless of the AMERICAN true needs.

    At least if we are constantly notified of the dollars being spent in the lobbying efforts we can contrast the country laws to the Corporate greed.....and politicians loyalty.....

    December 23, 2009 10:22 am at 10:22 am |
  24. jeff jackson, alabama

    OH WAIT !!!
    We don't have to worry about lobbyists
    anymore....remember ?
    That was one of the C H A N G E S
    Obama promised.

    December 23, 2009 10:22 am at 10:22 am |
  25. Dean

    It appears we can buy the government but it certainly is not the best.

    December 23, 2009 10:27 am at 10:27 am |
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