January 14th, 2010
10:40 AM ET
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Democrats release new Web video on Brown

Democrats release new Web video on  Republican Scott Brown.

Democrats release new Web video on Republican Scott Brown.

Washington (CNN) – Senate Democrats criticized Republican Scott Brown Thursday with a new Web video over his policy positions and accused him of lying about his voting record.

"Despite Brown's claims, he voted in lockstep with Republican Leadership, stands with the Tea Party movement, is against mammograms for women and against contraception for rape victims," the DSCC charges in a research document that is wrapped around the video.

The Democratic Web video follows a Massachusetts Republican Party Web video I wrote about Wednesday that questions Democrat Martha Coakley's claims of independence from the health care industry.

Coakley and Brown are running in the special election for the late Sen. Edward Kennedy's seat.

A DSCC spokesman said the research document that accompanies the video will be updated in "real time" through the election. In the past few days, Republicans and Democrats have stepped up the distribution of opposition research on their opponent as they seek to shape the narrative of the race in the closing days of the campaign.

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January 14th, 2010
10:25 AM ET
8 years ago

Palin's favorite founding father

(CNN) - When it comes to the founding fathers, Sarah Palin appeared to have a difficult time on deciding which one is her favorite.

Asked by fellow Fox News commentator Glenn Beck who of this country's founders is her favorite, Palin said "All of them."

Calling that reply "Bullcrap," Beck pressed her to pick a favorite:

"So much diverse opinion, and so much diversity in terms of belief but collectively they came together to form this union. And they were led by, of course, George Washington. So he's got to rise to the top."

"Washington was the consummate statesman. He served, he returned power to the people," she continued. "He didn't want to be a king - he returned power to the people, then he went back to Mount Vernon, he went back to his farm."


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January 14th, 2010
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Obama to Haitians: 'You will not be forsaken'

Washington (CNN) - President Barack Obama promised $100 million in immediate American relief aid to Haiti on Thursday - an amount the president said will grow in the year ahead.

"This is one of those moments that calls out for American leadership," he said at the White House. "One of the largest relief efforts in our recent history" is now en route to Haiti.

Several elements of the U.S. military have already been dispatched to the stricken Caribbean country and ensured its airport is operating, he added. The "first waves" of U.S. rescue and relief workers are "on the ground and at work."

Among other things, he said, an airlift of water and medical supplies has been set up.

But roads in Haiti are still impassable, the country's main port is badly damaged, and its communications network is just starting to come back on line, he said.

"To the people of Haiti, we say clearly and with conviction, you will not be forsaken," he declared. "You will not be forgotten. In this, your hour of greatest need, America stands with you. The world stands with you."

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January 14th, 2010
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Blumenthal has big lead in Connecticut

Blumenthal has a big lead over his potential GOP opponents, a new poll suggests.

Blumenthal has a big lead over his potential GOP opponents, a new poll suggests.

(CNN) - The new Democratic Senate candidate in Connecticut has large leads over his Republican opponents in the battle to replace retiring Sen. Chris Dodd, according to a new poll.

A Quinnipiac University survey of registered voters in Connecticut indicates that state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal leads former Rep. Rob Simmons 62 to 27 percent, former professional wrestling executive Linda McMahon 64 to 23 percent and businessman Peter Schiff 66 to 19 percent in hypothetical general election matchups.

Blumenthal, Connecticut's attorney general for the past two decades, announced his candidacy on January 6, a couple of hours after fellow Democrat Dodd, a five term senator, announced he would not run for re-election this November. Dodd had been considered one of the most vulnerable Democrats seeking-re-election in 2010. The Quinnipiac poll was conducted January 8-12.

In the general election match-ups, the survey indicates Blumenthal is grabbing the support 9 out of 10 Democratic voters, around 6 out of 10 independents and around a third of Republican voters.


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January 14th, 2010
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Coakley endorsed by The Boston Globe

Democrat Martha Coakley was endorsed for U.S. Senate by The Boston Globe Wednesday.

Democrat Martha Coakley was endorsed for U.S. Senate by The Boston Globe Wednesday.

(CNN) - The Boston Globe endorsed Martha Coakley for Senate Wednesday, saying the Democrat is more qualified to serve in Washington than her Republican opponent Scott Brown.

"She is by far the more qualified candidate, in experience and judgment," the Globe contended in the editorial released on its Web site late in the afternoon.

The newspaper's endorsement argued that it would be misguided to think sending Brown to the Senate, ending the Democrat's filibuster proof majority in the Senate, would satisfy Americans' frustration with Washington.

"A vote for Brown is hardly a symbolic protest against congressional gridlock and the ways of Washington," the Globe contended. "It's a vote for gridlock, in the form of endless Republican filibusters, and for the status quo in health care, climate change, and financial regulation. That's what will happen if Brown gives the Republicans the additional vote they need to tie up the Senate."

Brown had previously been endorsed by the Boston Herald and Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

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January 14th, 2010
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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: January 14, 2010


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CNN: Obama pledges 'aggressive' relief effort
President Obama pledged Wednesday that the U.S. government would lead "a swift, coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives" in Haiti after that country's powerful 7.0-magnitude earthquake.

CNN: Democrats hold intense day-long negotiations on health care bills
What was expected to be a morning meeting with the president on health care turned into all-day, intense negotiations with Democratic leaders trying to find compromise on differences over House and Senate health care bills.

CNNMoney: Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission hears from bank CEOs
Four top bank chief executives told a panel probing the financial crisis Wednesday that they made mistakes but didn't realize how bad they were at the time.

Washington Times: EXCLUSIVE: Obama wins more cuts in spending than Bush
President Obama notched substantial successes in spending cuts last year, winning 60 percent of his proposed cuts and managing to get Congress to ax several programs that had bedeviled President George W. Bush for years.

Wall Street Journal: Former Congressman Campbell to Drop California Gubernatorial Bid
Former U.S. Rep. Tom Campbell plans to announce that he will end his bid for California's governorship and will instead enter the U.S. Senate race to try to unseat Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer, according to one of his donors and others familiar with Mr. Campbell's decision.

Boston Globe: Coakley supporter says he was 'a little too aggressive'
A supporter of Democratic US Senate candidate Martha Coakley has acknowledged that he acted too aggressively in an incident Tuesday night in which he jostled a reporter for a conservative magazine who was pursuing Coakley for a comment and the reporter fell to the ground.


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